www.CleaningFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.CleaningFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2018 CleaningFunStore.com Sat, 26 May 2018 06:23:52 -0500 Premium High Quality BlackBerry Curve 8900 LCD Screen Protector / Screen Guard, with Application Card and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-high-quality-blackberry-curve-8900-lcd-screen-protector-screen-guard-with-application-card-and-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Premium high quality three layers screen protectors by WimexTM. The screen protector is designed to OEM specification assuring exact fit. Depending on phone model, the screen protector may have hole cut out for speaker and/or power button. The screen protector is made of high durability, high transparent PET material. The high transparent material allows the screen protector to be invisible from your eyes while protecting the LCD. This screen protector is also touchscreen friendly, i.e. it will not affect the touchscreen functionality. Out of all the features, the most important characteristic of this screen protector is it can be removed without leaving any sticky residue to the LCD screen. Application Instruction: Composed of three layers, the middle layer serves as the core layer that protects the LCD screen. When applying, the first layer (indicated with Step 1 on picture) is removed to expose the middle layer which will then be applied to the LCD screen. An application card is then used to smooth out the surface. Please note that the third layer (indicated with Step 2 in picture) is covering the middle layer from the application card. Once surface smoothing process is completed, the third layer can then be peeled off leaving the middle layer to protect the LCD screen. Included with the screen protector are: 1 x application card, 1 x microfiber cleaning cloth. *30 days money back satisfaction guarantee by WimexTM* http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-high-quality-blackberry-curve-8900-lcd-screen-protector-screen-guard-with-application-card-and-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Ultra Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ultra-jewelry-cleaning-polishing-cloth.html <BR><BR>Ultra Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing Cloth<BR>This 8" by 10" Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing Cloth is made from a soft 100% cotton flannel material that is not abrasive and is soft enough for even your finest jewelry! You are really buying two cloths in one with this product! Take a closer look at the picture. The inner cloth (yellow) cleans jewelry with tarnish inhibitors and a special non-toxic formula to wipe away dirt, make-up, dead skin, body oils, food, finger prints, and any crud that gets on your jewelry! Then, the outer cloth (maize) polishes and shines your jewelry to have a luster and brillance like new! This cloth is formulated for all fine jewelry and will polish just about any metal. It comes in a re-sealable plastic bag. Safely Cleans Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper & Bronze JewelryCleans Flatware, Holloware, and Many Other Surfaces Non-Scratch, no mess, non-lint Surface Blitz Stock #93117<BR> * NOTE: ALL CLOTHS MEASURED OPEN AND FLAT http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ultra-jewelry-cleaning-polishing-cloth.html Car Power Adapter / Charger & USB Cable COMBO for Amazon KINDLE 1 or 2 or DX & SONY READER Digital Book w/ Bonus Micro USB cable for charging mobile phones and USB compatible devices *** Includes Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/car-power-adapter-charger-usb-cable-combo-for-amazon-kindle-1-or-2-or-dx-sony-reader-digital-book-w-bonus-micro-usb-cable-for-charging-mobile-phones-and-usb-compatible-devices-includes-micro-fiber-cleaning-cloth.html Powers and Charges your Kindle while in the car. You can also Run or charge your laptop, DVD player, Video Games, Camcorder, and more! Keep your children busy or run your mobile office ALL IN THE CAR ! Weighs only 5 oz and fits in your pocket. Unit req http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/car-power-adapter-charger-usb-cable-combo-for-amazon-kindle-1-or-2-or-dx-sony-reader-digital-book-w-bonus-micro-usb-cable-for-charging-mobile-phones-and-usb-compatible-devices-includes-micro-fiber-cleaning-cloth.html How to Start Your Own House And Apartment Cleaning Service http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/how-to-start-your-own-house-and-apartment-cleaning-service.html A report on How to Start Your Own House And Apartment Cleaning Service. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/how-to-start-your-own-house-and-apartment-cleaning-service.html Car Mount with Flexible Gooseneck + 3.5mm Aux Cable (5 Ft.) for the Sprint HTC Evo 4g - Incl. DBROTH Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/car-mount-with-flexible-gooseneck-3-5mm-aux-cable-5-ft-for-the-sprint-htc-evo-4g-incl.html Car kit includes the following,<br><br><b>1) Universal Adjustable Mount</b> <br><br>The easiest solution for your mobile phone within your car. Simply attach to your windshield, dashboard or clip to your vehicle's horizontal vents and view your device while driving. Decent and stylish design keeps your car neat.See who is calling right away, never fumble for your call in your car again.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br><br>* Powerful suction cup with lever to activate and release suction<br>* Easily adjustable to any angle for optimal viewing<br>* Cushioned side arms hold your device securely and safely<br>* Includes two clips to attach to horizontal vents<br>* Strong flexible neck for minimal vibration<br>* Adjustable width holds devices from 48mm to 118mm<br>* Quick release button on the resting pad to release the grip of your iPhone/PDA/GPS<br>* The swivel pedestal can be rotated 360 degree which is controlled by a sliding switch<br>* Easy to install, no tools required<br><br><b>2) 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable</b><br><br>This 3.5mm Male to Male stereo cable enables you to listen to your device thru your car's sound system, just plug one end into your device's headphone jack and the other end into the car auxiliary jack <br><br><b>3) DBROTH Microfiber Cleaning Cloth</b> - Keeps your touch screen nice 'n' clean at all times. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/car-mount-with-flexible-gooseneck-3-5mm-aux-cable-5-ft-for-the-sprint-htc-evo-4g-incl.html Festool 454769 Universal Cleaning Set http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/festool-454769-universal-cleaning-set.html ToolKing.com is authorized to sell Festool products only to customers residing the United States and its territories. ToolKing.com promotional discount codes or coupons are NOT valid on Festool products. The Festool 454769 is a CT Universal Cleaning Set. The set is Type D 36 DIY-RS, Universal cleaning set in Systainer 4. Features: Designed to clean Festool Dust Extractors CT22 and CT33. What's In the Box: Festool 454769 CT 22 & CT 33 Dust Extractor Universal Cleaning Set #4 Systainer with deep drawn insert SYS TZE-RS Standard Suction hose #452881: D 36 x 11.5 (3.5m) Curved hand tube: D 36 HR-K Extension tube: D 36 VR-K 3x Floor nozzle: D 36 BD 300 Crevice nozzle: D 36 FD Carpet nozzle: D 36 FD Upholstery nozzle: D 36 PD Suction brush: D 36 SP http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/festool-454769-universal-cleaning-set.html Cables Unlimted ACC-FIBER6 Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (6 Pack) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cables-unlimted-acc-fiber6-ultra-absorbent-microfiber-cleaning-cloths-6-pack.html Cables Unlimited's Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces. These high-tech microfiber cloths grab hold of dirt, grease, dust and grime and locks onto them. Use these cloths to clean just about any hard surface around your home or office including computer equipment, monitors and workspace areas. Reuse over and over by simply throwing them into the laundry and washing them along with your clothes. 6 Pack http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cables-unlimted-acc-fiber6-ultra-absorbent-microfiber-cleaning-cloths-6-pack.html Ruger Vaquero: Disassembly, Reassembly, Cleaning & Maintenance w/ Master Gunsmith Larry Crow [VHS] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ruger-vaquero-disassembly-reassembly-cleaning-maintenance-w-master-gunsmith-larry-crow-vhs.html Ruger Vaquero: Disassembly, Reassembly, Cleaning & Maintenance w/ Master Gunsmith Larry Crow [VHS] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ruger-vaquero-disassembly-reassembly-cleaning-maintenance-w-master-gunsmith-larry-crow-vhs.html Cleaning Da Vault [Explicit] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-da-vault-explicit.html Cleaning Da Vault [Explicit] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-da-vault-explicit.html How to Cheat at Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/how-to-cheat-at-cleaning.html <DIV>Do you really think Martha Stewart never swept a little dust under the carpet seconds before guests arrived? Oh, how we've been damaged by the myth of perfectionism! We are slaves to microscopic specks of lint, hard-water smudges, and the relentless pursuit of dust bunnies. Brainwashed by Hollywood and slick photo spreads, we chase after unrealistic expectations. "How to Cheat at Cleaning" will change all of that. Part how-to bible and part liberating manifesto, this volume rewrites the housekeeping rules our mothers taught us. It does for housekeeping what Casual Friday did for office life. Learn the extreme shortcuts for cleaning your house from attic to basement. Learn about cutting-edge tools and technologies that will slash your housekeeping chores in half. Learn how to get family members-and even Santa Claus-to pitch in. And learn which backbreaking cleaning tasks you can walk away from forever. While most cleaning books are as dull as, well, dishwater, "How to Cheat at Cleaning" is a joy to read. Delivered in a swingy, conversational, irreverent style, this book is peppered with quick-read recurring boxes, including amusing anecdotes, easy cleaning formulas, great cleaning gear, cleaning emergencies, and eliminating dirt through design.</div> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/how-to-cheat-at-cleaning.html Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-6848 22-Piece Paint Gun Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/advanced-tool-design-model-atd-6848-22-piece-paint-gun-cleaning-kit.html Easily remove paint from spray guns and cups. Includes various brushes and cleaning solution. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/advanced-tool-design-model-atd-6848-22-piece-paint-gun-cleaning-kit.html Sony LTO CLEANING TAPE-ALL DRIVE MANF ( LTXCL ) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sony-lto-cleaning-tape-all-drive-manf-ltxcl.html Cleaning Cartridge - LTO Ultrium LTO-1 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sony-lto-cleaning-tape-all-drive-manf-ltxcl.html Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/drinkwell-pet-fountain-cleaning-kit.html The Drinkwell Cleaning Kit provides product owners with a convenient and easy solution to keep their fountain clean! Now with new, improved, features such as a plastic molded handle, a flared sponge tip for deep cleaning and vinyl wraps to protect the wire shaft from rust. The Cleaning Kit works with all fountains! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/drinkwell-pet-fountain-cleaning-kit.html MSC International Mr Potato Vegetable Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/msc-international-mr-potato-vegetable-cleaning-brush.html Clean your potatoes in a jiffy with this Mr. Potato brush, truly a potato oustanding in his field! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/msc-international-mr-potato-vegetable-cleaning-brush.html Vivitar Alcohol & Ammonia Free Screen Cleaning Kit for 3D TV, LCD, LED, Plasma TV and Computer Screens http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/vivitar-alcohol-ammonia-free-screen-cleaning-kit-for-3d-tv-lcd-led-plasma-tv-and-computer-screens.html Vivitar Screen Cleaner provides a Safe & Clean surface for superior streak-free reflection and vivid picture From Your TVs and Video Equipment <P> When it comes to cleaning your TVs, iPad, Camcorders, Camera Screens & Lens surfaces, iPhones, Smartphone's, Computers Screens, high definition monitors, 3D Glasses, and other video displays, you may actually be damaging your equipment and harming quality - especially if you use an everyday window cleaners. While these cleaners can remove most dirt and fingerprints, they usually leave distracting streaks and even leave permanent scratches or marks. Every day Window cleaners can also drip all the way down a screen and into your equipment's electronics before you can wipe it off. This can cause harm/damage, and even total equipment failure. <P> With Vivitar Screen Cleaner superior, drip-free cleaning solution, is designed to clean without leaving annoying streaks, while the included scratch-free microfiber cloth buff and brush dusts and cleans screens and lenses for an ultimate clarity and color. Instead of smudges and scratches, you'll see a clear, vibrant picture with ultra-sharp definition. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/vivitar-alcohol-ammonia-free-screen-cleaning-kit-for-3d-tv-lcd-led-plasma-tv-and-computer-screens.html MicroFiber Rejuvenator Microfiber Cleaning Detergent Concentrate (16 oz) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/microfiber-rejuvenator-microfiber-cleaning-detergent-concentrate-16-oz.html Microfiber-Wash removes stains and restores the cleaning properties of microfiber with every wash.Micro-Wash is not thick shampoo, it is a uniquely formulated concentrated aqueous mixture of hospital grade surfactants, hard water softeners emulsified with a d-limonene Citric stain and spot extractor, formulated to eliminate stains and spots rapidly without jeopardizing individual fibers http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/microfiber-rejuvenator-microfiber-cleaning-detergent-concentrate-16-oz.html Chemex Coffee Maker Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/chemex-coffee-maker-cleaning-brush.html This generous, long handled brush makes easy work of cleaning a Chemex coffeemaker or cup. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/chemex-coffee-maker-cleaning-brush.html Mentadent Fluoride Toothpaste Advanced Cleaning 5.25-Ounce Refills in 2-Count Boxes, Packaging May Vary (Pack of 3) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mentadent-fluoride-toothpaste-advanced-cleaning-5.html Mentadent Fluoride Toothpaste Advanced Cleaning fight cavities and removes plaque with proper brushing. Not only does this toothpaste offer the ingredients dentists recommend most for the care ofteeth and gums, but it's also clinically proven long-lastin http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mentadent-fluoride-toothpaste-advanced-cleaning-5.html 3 x LG KP500 Cookie Screen Protector Lcd Shield with Cleaning Cloth + FREE SF Planet Neckstrap ! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/3-x-lg-kp500-cookie-screen-protector-lcd-shield-with-cleaning-cloth-free-sf-planet-neckstrap.html Protect your LG KP500 Cookie with a high quality screen protector. Made of a special micro thin polymer, this screen protector reduces glare and improves clarity. It truly is the ultimate solution in protecting your screen from fingerprints,dirt, scratches, smudges, and grease. It is custom designed to fit your LG KP500 Cookie perfectly. Once applied to the device, the screen protector adheres completely and does not slide or move. Easy to remove - simply peel it off and replace with a new one when needed. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/3-x-lg-kp500-cookie-screen-protector-lcd-shield-with-cleaning-cloth-free-sf-planet-neckstrap.html Capture Deep Cleaning Powder 8lb http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/capture-deep-cleaning-powder-8lb.html Capture is the safe way to a healthier home. *Capture helps rid your home of harmful spots, stains and odors - The deep cleaning powder absorbs allergens and breaks down stains. *Tiny particles work like sponges to capture dirt and significantly reduce allergens unlike wet carpet cleaning systems. *Capture lets you clean like a professional and enjoy a healthier home. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/capture-deep-cleaning-powder-8lb.html Marklin Z Scale Type Eaos Gondola Track Cleaning Car with 2 Replacement Pads http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/marklin-z-scale-type-eaos-gondola-track-cleaning-car-with-2-replacement-pads.html Marklin Z Scale Type Eaos Gondola Track Cleaning Car with 2 Replacement Pads http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/marklin-z-scale-type-eaos-gondola-track-cleaning-car-with-2-replacement-pads.html Sunshine Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sunshine-cleaning.html Sunshine Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sunshine-cleaning.html The Great American Detox Diet: Feel Better, Look Better, and Lose Weight by Cleaning Up Your Diet http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-great-american-detox-diet-feel-better-look-better-and-lose-weight-by-cleaning-up-your-diet.html <DIV><I>Here, for all those eagerly awaiting the paperback edition, is the detox plan featured in the hit movie</I> Super Size Me<I>the program that reversedthe damage filmmaker Morgan Spurlock did to his body in a month of gorging on nothing but fast food<BR></I><BR>Alex Jamieson, a certified holistic health counselor and vegan chefpresents the everymans version of the detox plan that helped Spurlock lose 14 pounds in 8 weeks. Flexible and easy to follow, this 8-week strategy lays out a step-by-step plan for not only ridding the body of harmful toxins but also ending addictions to sugar, fats, and carbohydrates that damage both mental and physical well-being. Filled with 100 unique, delicious, and healthy recipes, <I>The Great American Detox Diet</I> can help anyone begin a lifetime of wellness and good health and regain control of their body and lose weight.<BR><BR></DIV> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-great-american-detox-diet-feel-better-look-better-and-lose-weight-by-cleaning-up-your-diet.html Sonic Wave Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner - Cleans Jewelry, Optics, Eyeglass, and Other Delicate Items + Blitz Jewelry & Gem Cleaner (Concentrate 8oz.) + Professional 100% Cotton Flannel All-in-one Jewelry Cleaning, Buffing and Tarnish Shielding Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sonic-wave-professional-ultrasonic-cleaner-cleans-jewelry-optics-eyeglass-and-other-delicate-items-blitz-jewelry-gem-cleaner-concentrate-8oz.html <br><br> Clean your fine <b>jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, electric shaver heads, Photo or Video Lenses, Eyeglasses, Retainers,</b> and many more household items with this Proffesional Ultrasonic Cleaner. <br>The stainless steel cleaning chamber has a 16-ounce capacity and uses ordinary tap water. <br><br><b><i>Simply fill the tank with water and and get professional cleaning results. <br><br></b></i>The quiet, solid state circuitry creates <b> 42,000 ultrasonic energy waves per second,</b> bringing your items to a clean, bright shine without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing. <br>The extreme vibrations created by the device cleans even the toughest dirt or grime. <br>Millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles clean in ways no hand or brush could match ! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sonic-wave-professional-ultrasonic-cleaner-cleans-jewelry-optics-eyeglass-and-other-delicate-items-blitz-jewelry-gem-cleaner-concentrate-8oz.html Aladdin Syst SPRING CLEANING FOR WINDOWS ( SCW3BX10 ) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/aladdin-syst-spring-cleaning-for-windows-scw3bx10.html Aladdin Syst SPRING CLEANING FOR WINDOWS ( SCW3BX10 ) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/aladdin-syst-spring-cleaning-for-windows-scw3bx10.html Aqua Quick Swimming Pool Cleaning Vacuum Tool Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/aqua-quick-swimming-pool-cleaning-vacuum-tool-kit.html The AquaQuick Spa & Pool Vacuum is the all in one cleaning tool! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/aqua-quick-swimming-pool-cleaning-vacuum-tool-kit.html Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers, Pink http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/slipper-genie-microfiber-cleaning-slippers-pink.html Whether you have tile, linoleum or wood floors, you know how hard it is to keep them clean. With the Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers, cleaning is as easy as walking across them. Slippers feature microfiber fingers that catch hair, dust and dirt. Plus, because of the size and shape, the Slipper Genie Slippers can go where mops cannot. Cleans faster, easier and better! Slippers do not have any hard edges so they're safe to use on all floors. One size fits most. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/slipper-genie-microfiber-cleaning-slippers-pink.html Giottos CL1001 Large Cleaning Kit with Small Rocket Blaster http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giottos-cl1001-large-cleaning-kit-with-small-rocket-blaster.html Large Cleaning Kit includes small Rocket Blaster and retractable two-position goat's hair brush as well as a dye-free microfiber cleaning cloth. Includes 30ml alcohol -free cleaning solution and 10 cotton swabs also. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giottos-cl1001-large-cleaning-kit-with-small-rocket-blaster.html German AK47 Cleaning Kit Used http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/german-ak47-cleaning-kit-used.html German AK47 Cleaning Kit Used http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/german-ak47-cleaning-kit-used.html g-maher Vibrating Facial Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/g-maher-vibrating-facial-cleaning-kit.html A vibrating skin cleaning and massage system that will change and improve the way you take care of your face and body.<br /> <br /> This vibrating, multi-purpose microdermabrasion kit is going to revolutionize the way you clean and take care or your face and body to give you noticeably softer, smoother skin after just one use. The hand held water-proof, battery operated cleaning and massage kit performs better than ordinary manual cleaning methods. At the touch of a button a gentle vibrating motion massages your cleansing foam deep into pores to remove more dirt, oil and make-up. The water proof unit can be conveniently used at the sink, bath or in the shower. After just one use it helps to reveal softer, smoother skin and it is gentle and easy enough to use every day. The pad doesn't spin, just a nice gentle vibration. All you need to do is give the pad a little rub with your finger to get the suds happening and your set to go. Gently move it all around your face, neck and body. Comes with 5 applicators for normal brush application, deep hydration, and 3 different massaging heads. <br /> <br />*Note: Creams or skin care products are not included. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/g-maher-vibrating-facial-cleaning-kit.html Hoppe's Cleaning Kit for .40, 10mm Caliber Pistol, with Aluminum Rod, Clam http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hoppe-s-cleaning-kit-for.html Clamshell Kit w/Aluminum Rod - 40 10mm Caliber PistolManufacture ID: PCO40BContains Hoppe's No. 9 solvent lubricating oil patches pistol rod knob and slotted ends and brushes.Warranty: Warranted against manufacturers defects. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hoppe-s-cleaning-kit-for.html Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/motorized-grill-cleaning-brush.html Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush. No scrubbing, no chemicals! The Brookstone Motorized Grill Brush is the effortless way to keep your grill's cooking surface clean. A powerful motor and two brass-bristle rotary brushes quickly strip away cooked-on food residue. It does the tough job of removing grime so you don't have to. A built-in stainless steel scraper lets you work on extra-tough buildup. Full-size, well-balanced handle reduces wrist strain. Push-button control is located on top of handle, enabling one-handed operation. Uses 4 C batteries (not included). Rugged and practical, our Motorized Grill Brush saves time, helps increase the lifespan of your grill surface, and even helps make food taste better. Makes the perfect BBQ grill gift. Order yours today. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/motorized-grill-cleaning-brush.html Cleaning Law http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-law.html When a janitor falls in love with a beautiful attorney, all bets are off. But between dirty floors and dirty cases, can love be the cleaning solution? http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-law.html Transitional Lens Red Baron Motorcycle Aviator Riding Goggles Googles Day Night With Photocromatic Transition Lenses (Almost Clear to Smoke) Boxed and Includes Micro Fiber Pouch for Storage and Safe Cleaning. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/transitional-lens-red-baron-motorcycle-aviator-riding-goggles-googles-day-night-with-photocromatic-transition-lenses-almost-clear-to-smoke-boxed-and-includes-micro-fiber-pouch-for-storage-and-safe-cleaning.html New in box transition lens motorcycle goggles.Called the Eliminator 24.Made by Global Vision. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/transitional-lens-red-baron-motorcycle-aviator-riding-goggles-googles-day-night-with-photocromatic-transition-lenses-almost-clear-to-smoke-boxed-and-includes-micro-fiber-pouch-for-storage-and-safe-cleaning.html How To Start a Foreclosure Cleanup-Property Preservation Business: EARN UP TO $100,000 per Year CLEANING OUT FORECLOSED HOMES http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/how-to-start-a-foreclosure-cleanup-property-preservation-business-earn-up-to-100-000-per-year-cleaning-out-foreclosed-homes.html RIDE THE WAVE OF FORECLOSURES TODAY! LEARN HOW TO START A FORECLOSURE CLEANUP-PROPERTY PRESERVATION BUSINESS NOW! Banks desperately NEED vendors to Clean, Repair, & Maintain their Foreclosed Homes! Banks Pay Literally Millions Of $$$ Each & Every Year For Foreclosure Cleaning & Property Preservation Services! The Average Vendor Cleans 8-20 Homes per Week and the Average Pay Ranges from $250 to Upwards of $2500 Per Property!!! EXCELLENT Hombased Business! Start Your New Business Part-Time or Full-Time! Become Your Own Boss and Set Your Own Hours! There is HUGE Income Potential in the Booming Foreclosure Cleaning Business! GET STARTED NOW! How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup-Property Preservation Business book teaches you how to Successfully Start & Run a Foreclosure Cleaning Business Immediately! It provides step by step detailed instructions for rekeys, boardups, lawn maintenance, trashouts, and more. Learn how to price your foreclosure cleaning bids for success! It comes complete with Over 40 REO Bank Direct Contacts to Sign Up with to get you up and running right away! Also, included in this book guide: *Top of the Line Industry REO Contacts *Expert Marketing Tips to Grow and Expand your New Business *Teaches you how & where to get the Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts *Includes HUD Guideline Tables to help you accurately price your bids This booming business has been showcased on Oprah, 20/20, & many news stations across the US! DON'T WAIT-Banks NEED People Now To Work On Their Foreclosures! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/how-to-start-a-foreclosure-cleanup-property-preservation-business-earn-up-to-100-000-per-year-cleaning-out-foreclosed-homes.html Capresso 63801 Cappuccino Cleaning Concentrate 3-Pack Bottle 250ml for All Frothing Systems http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/capresso-63801-cappuccino-cleaning-concentrate-3-pack-bottle-250ml-for-all-frothing-systems.html <p>Capresso Auto Cappuccino Concentrate Liquid cleaning agent is used to keep your cappuccinatore (auto frother) milk frothing device sanitary and properly performing. Ideal for Impressa X7, S90, X90 and Jura Capresso home superautomatic espresso machines like the Z5, Z6, S9, S8, S7 or espresso makers with frothXpress or cappuccinatore systems. Also works on steam wands. Made in Switzerland by Jura.</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/capresso-63801-cappuccino-cleaning-concentrate-3-pack-bottle-250ml-for-all-frothing-systems.html Airform Leather Case for NDS Lite Nitendo Console (5 Color to choose from) + Crystal Clear LCD Protector with Cleaning Cloth (Black 2nd Edition) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/airform-leather-case-for-nds-lite-nitendo-console-5-color-to-choose-from-crystal-clear-lcd-protector-with-cleaning-cloth-black-2nd-edition.html Airform Leather Case for NDS Lite Nitendo Console (5 Color to choose from) + Crystal Clear LCD Protector with Cleaning Cloth (Black 2nd Edition) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/airform-leather-case-for-nds-lite-nitendo-console-5-color-to-choose-from-crystal-clear-lcd-protector-with-cleaning-cloth-black-2nd-edition.html Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Lens & Filters & Lens Cleaning Kit & 7 Year Warranty for Canon SLR http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/1.html This Sigma 30mm F1.4 EX DC HSM lens, built for professional use, is a high quality prime lens suitable for professional use delievering outstanding optical performance for the discerning photographer. As a large aperture standard lens for digital cameras with a fast 1.4 aperture makes handheld shooting in dim light possible. 30mm corresponds to the diagonal of the imaging sensor found on most small ship cameras and as such, functions as a "normal" lens closely replicating the human eye's field of visionand now with the 7 year warranty extension and 5 Piece cleaning kit you can protect and enjoy the lens for many years to come! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/1.html Deluxe Fashion Cleaning Set http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/deluxe-fashion-cleaning-set.html 10 pieces , broom, sponge cloth scrub sponge etc. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/deluxe-fashion-cleaning-set.html Peugeot Bilbo Decanter Cleaning Beads http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/peugeot-bilbo-decanter-cleaning-beads.html For more than a century, the Peugeot name has been synonymous with French gourmet cooking. Recently, an opportunity arose for Peugeot to bring its penchant for quality and innovation to a family of wine products. Since then, Peugeot has offered a wide range of corkscrews, specialized decanters, tasting glasses and service accessories to wine aficionados worldwide. Peugeot's stainless steel Bilbo cleaning beads allow you to easily clean wine decanters. Cleaning glass decanters can be challenging because of their unique shapes and fragility. You should not use detergent when cleaning a decanter, as it may leave soap traces that could affect the flavor and aroma of decanted wine. Using cleaning beads is an effective way to remove tannin sediment and limestone traces. To use the Bilbo beads, fill the wine decanter (not included) half full with hot (not boiling) water. To avoid thermal shock, make sure the decanter is warm before adding the hot water. Remove the Bilbo's flask cap and gently pour all beads into the decanter. Replace flask cap and set Bilbo flask aside while you swirl the cleaning beads and water in the wine decanter. Take care not to shake the beads in the decanter, as the steel can break the glass. Once the decanter is clean, take the Bilbo flask and unscrew and remove the flask's base, then pour entire contents of decanter - water and beads - directly into the open end of the Bilbo flask. The flask acts as a funnel and strainer: catching the stainless steel beads and letting the cleaning water drain out. Once water is finished draining, screw the base back onto the flask, turn flask upright, remove the flask cap and run hot water through the beads. The slits and holes are engineered to allow water to rinse over the beads and pass through the flask; also providing ventilation for the beads to dry. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/peugeot-bilbo-decanter-cleaning-beads.html Carl Browning Cleaning Shop (1946-12-31) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/carl-browning-cleaning-shop-1946-12-31.html Carl Browning Cleaning Shop (1946-12-31) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/carl-browning-cleaning-shop-1946-12-31.html TETRA AQUARIUM CLEANING SYSTEM STAYCLEAN AQUARIUM WIPES 12PACK http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/tetra-aquarium-cleaning-system-stayclean-aquarium-wipes-12pack.html Tetra aquarium cleaning system stayclean aquarium wipes 12pack http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/tetra-aquarium-cleaning-system-stayclean-aquarium-wipes-12pack.html Complete Set of House Cleaning Tools http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/complete-set-of-house-cleaning-tools.html These child-scaled, cleaning tools consist of an angle broom, a 27 1/2 L. "corn" broom, a plastic dust pan and brush, a yarn dust mop and a sponge mop. All store in a wooden stand. 7 pc. Set. Ages 3 yrs. +." http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/complete-set-of-house-cleaning-tools.html Cleaning Up the Streets http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-up-the-streets.html Cleaning Up the Streets http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-up-the-streets.html Festool 456736 Compact Cleaning Set http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/festool-456736-compact-cleaning-set.html Packed into Festools smallest standard Systainer, this kit is a great accessory to keep docked on your CT for quick and easy access. Compatible with CT Mini Dust Extractor, CT Midi Dust Extractor, CT 22 Dust Extractor, and the CT 33 Dust Extractor. Includes: Systainer, 36 mm Plastic curved hand tube, 36 mm Plastic extension tubes, 36 mm Plastic interchangeable floor nozzle, 36 mm Plastic crevice nozzle, and 36 mm Plastic upholstery nozzle. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/festool-456736-compact-cleaning-set.html Keanall Cleaning Brush Stainless Steel Bristles http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/keanall-cleaning-brush-stainless-steel-bristles.html Keanall Cleaning Brush Stainless Steel Bristles Universal Drill Bit Attachment For Any Drill Discovery Acc, Hwu All items sold new in original packaging http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/keanall-cleaning-brush-stainless-steel-bristles.html 200 Flents Wipe N Clear Lens Cleaning Cloths http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/200-flents-wipe-n-clear-lens-cleaning-cloths.html Flents Wipe N Clear Lens Cleaning Cloths dries instantly, streak-free and anti-static. It lifts off grease, dust and lint quickly and conveniently without scratching. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/200-flents-wipe-n-clear-lens-cleaning-cloths.html Allen Company Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit for 22, 25, 38, 9mm, 44, 45 (11-Inch) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/allen-company-universal-pistol-cleaning-kit-for-22-25-38-9mm-44-45-11-inch.html Allen Company Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit for 22, 25, 38, 9mm, 44, 45 (11-Inch) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/allen-company-universal-pistol-cleaning-kit-for-22-25-38-9mm-44-45-11-inch.html EcoCloath Glass & Polishing Cleaning Cloth, Each http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ecocloath-glass-polishing-cleaning-cloth-each.html Thanks to millions of tiny fibers made possible by highly specialized fabrication, the Glass & Polishing Cloth produces uncommon cleaning results. What makes these results even more impressive is that absolutely no harmful household chemicals are used just E-cloth and plain water. The cloths special texturing penetrates and removes light grease and dirt leaving all shiny surfaces (windows, mirrors, stainless steel, etc.) streak-free and sparkling clean, without chemical residue. Cleaning tha http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ecocloath-glass-polishing-cleaning-cloth-each.html Brushtech B122C Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/brushtech-b122c-hummingbird-feeder-cleaning-kit.html Cleans hummingbird feeder bottles and nectar sockets http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/brushtech-b122c-hummingbird-feeder-cleaning-kit.html Fog Machine Cleaning Fluid http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/fog-machine-cleaning-fluid.html Use at the end of your season when you will not be using your fog machine for some time. It will clean out any remaining fog solution so your machine will be ready for the next season. One quart size. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/fog-machine-cleaning-fluid.html Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for Apple Macbook, Macbook Air Laptop 13.3-Inch Widescreen LCD http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-reusable-lcd-screen-protector-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-for-apple-macbook-macbook-air-laptop-13.html Compatible with: Apple MacBook 13.3" Widescreen [16:9] LCD screens. NOTE: Please apply the screen protector gently in order to avoid too much pressure onto the screen http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-reusable-lcd-screen-protector-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-for-apple-macbook-macbook-air-laptop-13.html EZPass & iPass Toll Pass Mounting Strips - 8 Pack with Cleaning Pad http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ezpass-ipass-toll-pass-mounting-strips-8-pack-with-cleaning-pad.html Whether you have a new vehicle or a just s new windshield you want your toll pass up and working. You know that holders wiith suction cups just are not as reliable as what came with your pass. You want what came with your pass, you want TollTape. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ezpass-ipass-toll-pass-mounting-strips-8-pack-with-cleaning-pad.html Premium High Quality BlackBerry Curve 8300 8310 8330 LCD Screen Protector / Screen Guard, with Application Card and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-high-quality-blackberry-curve-8300-8310-8330-lcd-screen-protector-screen-guard-with-application-card-and-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Premium high quality three layers screen protectors by WimexTM. The screen protector is designed to OEM specification assuring exact fit. Depending on phone model, the screen protector may have hole cut out for speaker and/or power button. The screen protector is made of high durability, high transparent PET material. The high transparent material allows the screen protector to be invisible from your eyes while protecting the LCD. This screen protector is also touchscreen friendly, i.e. it will not affect the touchscreen functionality. Out of all the features, the most important characteristic of this screen protector is it can be removed without leaving any sticky residue to the LCD screen. Application Instruction: Composed of three layers, the middle layer serves as the core layer that protects the LCD screen. When applying, the first layer (indicated with Step 1 on picture) is removed to expose the middle layer which will then be applied to the LCD screen. An application card is then used to smooth out the surface. Please note that the third layer (indicated with Step 2 in picture) is covering the middle layer from the application card. Once surface smoothing process is completed, the third layer can then be peeled off leaving the middle layer to protect the LCD screen. Included with the screen protector are: 1 x application card, 1 x microfiber cleaning cloth. *30 days money back satisfaction guarantee by WimexTM* http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-high-quality-blackberry-curve-8300-8310-8330-lcd-screen-protector-screen-guard-with-application-card-and-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Preparing Fish & Wild Game: The Complete Photo Guide to Cleaning and Cooking Your Wild Harvest http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/preparing-fish-wild-game-the-complete-photo-guide-to-cleaning-and-cooking-your-wild-harvest.html About This Book: Preparing Fish and Wild Game is a complete book of dressing, cleaning and cooking techniques for preparing fish and all types of wild game, including big and small game animals, game birds, waterfowl, and wild turkey. The recipes were selected for simplicity in ingredients, low to moderate preparation time and wholesome nutrition. Nutrition information is included with each recipe. This book stands as the cornerstone book for the Complete Hunter and Freshwater Angler brands.<br> Highlights: <P>Contains more than 400 recipes and more than 600 color photos. <P>Explains how to fillet, skin, dress and clean all types of fish and game. <P>Includes more than 100 cooking tips for fish and game. <P>Contains recipes for preserving, smoking, appetizers, salads and main dishes. <P>Includes recipes for indoor and outdoor cooking that work for a variety of situations: deer camp, shore lunch or gourmet cooking. <P>Sidebars offer value-added tips for preparing and making sauces that complement the dishes. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/preparing-fish-wild-game-the-complete-photo-guide-to-cleaning-and-cooking-your-wild-harvest.html Capresso 1151.13 25-Pack Cleaning Tablets for All Capresso/Jura Automatic Coffee Centers - Capresso 115113 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/capresso-1151.html Capresso 1151.13 25-Pack Cleaning Tablets for All Capresso/Jura Automatic Coffee Centers - Capresso 115113 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/capresso-1151.html Griot's Garage 11354 Microfiber Glass and Window Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/griot-s-garage-11354-microfiber-glass-and-window-cleaning-kit.html Perfectly clean, haze-free glass--it's a simple thing that makes driving safe and fun, but it isn't always easy to achieve. Perfectly clean windows also allow your windows to defrost much quicker. Griot's Garage window cleaner contains no dyes, perfumes, or any other chemicals to contaminate your window surface. This is very important, as contaminants contribute to hazing. When used with the included microfiber window cloths, there is not another system that will give you a cleaner, clearer, lint-free view. These washable microfiber cloths grab and trap dirt and grease, and are reusable so they're environmentally friendly. This kit includes a 35-ounce bottle of window cleaner, the finest Griot's Garage sprayer, and four microfiber cloths. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/griot-s-garage-11354-microfiber-glass-and-window-cleaning-kit.html The Cleaning Crew http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-cleaning-crew.html The Cleaning Crew http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-cleaning-crew.html Cleaning Trolley http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-trolley.html Let's push the trolley around the room - can we find a spot that needs to be cleaned? We can sweep the floor, brush it into the dust pan and then mop the floor clean. We can also spray the windows and polish the furniture with our invisible potions that make everything sparkle. Housework is much more fun when we do it together! <p>At Early Learning Centre, we do all we can to help moms help children grow into happy, self-confident people. We create fantastic toys - toys that help develop vital skills, toys that help children get off to the best possible start, and toys that are tremendous fun.<p>All our toys are designed to help children explore the boundaries of their imaginations and creativity, to make learning fun and help children be all they can be. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-trolley.html Gardus RCH-205 Chimney Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gardus-rch-205-chimney-cleaning-system.html SootEater rotary chimney cleaning system cleans wood stove and fireplace flues. Spinning chimney whip removes dangerous soot and creosote buildup better than a brush. Helps prevent flue fires. Unique trim to fit design fits multiple flue sizes. Will work on round from 5 to 18'' in diameter; 12'' x 12'' square, rectangle or oval flues up to 8 x 12''. Won't scratch metal flues like a steel brush. Fits through tight areas. Fits on any drill and spins forward and reverse. Cleans from the bottom up without getting on a ladder so you can DIY and save money. Includes (6) 3' long flexible rods with reversible bottom link quick connect system. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gardus-rch-205-chimney-cleaning-system.html Advanced Car Mount System FM Transmitter & Charger for Creative Zen MP3 Players - Mosaic / MX / X-Fi / ZEN / Stone / V / V PLUS - Manufactured by Accessory Power *Includes Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/advanced-car-mount-system-fm-transmitter-charger-for-creative-zen-mp3-players-mosaic-mx-x-fi-zen-stone-v-v-plus-manufactured-by-accessory-power-includes-micro-fiber-cleaning-cloth.html <h2>AUTHENTIC INNOVATIVE FLEXSMART TECHNOLOGY</h2> <h3>SOLD ONLY BY ACCESSORY GENIE</h3><h1>The Accessory Power Go Groove FLEX-SMART</h1><br><h3>Play, Charge, and Mount your CREATIVE ZEN MP3 Player</h3><h2><b><i>Play Music Through Your Car Speakers!</i></b></h2>Sound quality is <b><i>SUPERIOR</b></i> to most any FM Transmitter on the market. A <i><b>Well-Designed Display</b></i> and <i><b>Easy To Use Frequency Finder</b></i>, makes tuning into your Music simple!<br><br><h2><b><i>Flexible Neck and Rotating Head Provides a Perfect Fit in Nearly ANY Car!</i></b></h2>The <b>FLEX-SMART</b> plugs into your <b>DC Car Outlet (Cigarette Lighter Socket)</b>. With its <b>Flexible Neck</b> and <b>Rotating Head</b>, you can adjust it in seconds to fit nearly ANY vehicle!<br><br><h2><b><i>Holds Your MP3 Player Securely</i></b></h2><b>Adjustable Locking Arms</b> with <b>Cushioned Rubber Grips</b>, and a <b>Non-Slip Rest</b> make this FM Transmitter the best at securely and conveniently holding your device. <br><br><h2><b><i>Innovative USB Charging Port</i></b></h2>Leading the Industry with new innovations, <b>Accessory Power</b> has included a USB Charging Port. Not only can you charge your <b>Creative ZEN</b>, but ALSO Charge a <b><i>Cell Phone, PDA, MP3 Player, Bluetooth Headset, and MANY OTHER USB ENABLED DEVICES!</b></i> <h3>Compatible with:</h3><b>Creative ZEN :</b> MX / X-Fi / Stone / Stone Plus / MOZAIC / V / V PLUS / 2GB / 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB <br><h1><i><b>The Go Groove FlexSMART is the PERFECT Accessory for an ON-THE-GO Lifestyle!</b></i></h1>BACKED BY AN INDUSTRY LEADING 3 YEAR WARRANTY! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/advanced-car-mount-system-fm-transmitter-charger-for-creative-zen-mp3-players-mosaic-mx-x-fi-zen-stone-v-v-plus-manufactured-by-accessory-power-includes-micro-fiber-cleaning-cloth.html Embroidered Infant Rib Knit Beanie with the image of: cleaning supplies http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-cleaning-supplies.html <ul><li>4.7-ounce, 100% rib knit ring spun combed cotton</li><li>One Size Fits Most</li><li><b>Please note in the diagram that the picture that will be embroidered is the one blown up in the diagram - not the small image on the item.</b></li></ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-cleaning-supplies.html Canon PowerShot A495 Digital Camera (Blue), 10.0 MP, 3.3x Optical Zoom, w/ Digpro Deluxe Carrying Case, 3pc. Lens Cleaning Kit, 8 GB Memory Card, Hi-Speed SD USB 2.0 Card Reader, Mini Tripod, Screen Protectors, 4 2900mah AA Batteries w/ Charger http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/digpro-deluxe-carrying-case-3pc-lens-cleaning-kit-8-gb-memory-card-hi-speed-sd-usb-2.html With its streamlined silhouette and smoothly-curved edges, the Canon PowerShot A495 has the compact sophistication and relaxed simplicity that make it a natural for beginners and everyone else who craves style and convenience. The 10.0 Megapixel resolution and 3.3x Optical Zoom make it easy to capture the action in dazzling color and brilliant detail. The DIGIC III Image Processor keeps it all looking sharp. To help you make the most of your creativity, new Scene Modes make your photographs standout. A bright, bold 2.5-inch LCD makes shooting and playback a genuine pleasure. Plus, choose from any of three dazzling colors. Easy to use, powerful A-Series camera has 10.0 Megapixels and 3.3x Optical Zoom makes picture taking a snap! Smart AUTO will do the work for you by intelligently selecting the proper settings for the camera based on 18 predefined shooting situations. New Scene Modes such as Super Vivid for additional bursts of color, and Poster Effect for a unique artistic look, which gives the shooter more creative freedom to capture images their way! Large, clear 2.5-inch LCD makes taking and viewing images a breeze. This AA battery-powered camera enables you to easily power up on the go! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/digpro-deluxe-carrying-case-3pc-lens-cleaning-kit-8-gb-memory-card-hi-speed-sd-usb-2.html MiniChlor Hot Tub and Spa Chlorine Generator With Self Cleaning, Adjustable Power Output, and Salt Level Indication http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/minichlor-hot-tub-and-spa-chlorine-generator-with-self-cleaning-adjustable-power-output-and-salt-level-indication.html The MiniChlor hot tub chlorine generator is in the same family as the ColorChlor and TechniChlor without all the features. The MiniChlor has no buttons, no moving parts, and is very easy to install. The MiniChlor system works as a convection cell that produces sanitizer (either chlorine or bromine) with a micro-bubble action that causes water to enter the bottom part of the cell as the bubbles leave the top. The MiniChlor includes 6 levels of chlorine production, salt level indicator lights and automatic cleaning of the titanium plates. The standard MiniChlor will sanitize any portable spa or hot tub up to 600 gallons.The titanium plates are coated with Ruthenium Oxide for 7500 hours of chlorine production.It can be a challenge to to keep the water in your spa or hot tub crystal clear and smelling nice. If you forget to add chlorine or bromine for a single day or the chlorine feeder runs out that could lead to spa problems. Due to the higher temperature of the water the chemical balance is critical to be continuously maintained to keep it safe. Proper spa maintenance leads to your spa being safe when you want to use it. Even if the water looks good you should measure the chemical balance before use. Spa chlorine generators can greatly reduce spa problems and spa maintenance as they continuously make chlorine (or bromine) every day so you don't have to. The MiniChlor makes chlorine on a 6 hour cycle. Every 6 hours it starts making chlorine, and based on the power level it will turn off at some point in that 6 hours and remain in standby mode, then at the next 6 hours it will start again. The MiniChlor is our most economical spa chlorine generator and lacks some of the features found in the TechniChlor and ColorChlor. It does not have boost mode so the spa water will need to be shocked more often and the MiniChlor does not measure temperature or have light shows. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/minichlor-hot-tub-and-spa-chlorine-generator-with-self-cleaning-adjustable-power-output-and-salt-level-indication.html Dyson Home Cleaning Accessory Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dyson-home-cleaning-accessory-kit.html Make the most of your Dyson vacuum with this set of 3 Dyson-designed tools for a cleaner home. The tools attach quickly and easily to the wand or hose of your Dyson upright or canister vacuum. The dusting brush directs powerful Dyson suction through soft bristles to gently dust delicate surfaces, and is also great for keeping blinds and keyboards dust free. The multi-angle brush twists into different positions for easy high-reach cleaning, ideal for use on ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and high furniture pieces. Dislodge ground-in and stubborn dirt with the stiff bristle brush to keep your floors looking like new. The tools come packaged in a handy case. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dyson-home-cleaning-accessory-kit.html Palm Pre / Palm Pre Plus / Palm Pre GSM OEM Sprint Microfiber Cleaning Pouch Carrying Case Skin http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/palm-pre-palm-pre-plus-palm-pre-gsm-oem-sprint-microfiber-cleaning-pouch-carrying-case-skin.html This Palm Pre Cleaning Case with the embossed Palm Logo. This is the original case that comes standard in the box. This handy carry case keeps your phone clean. <br><p> This Palm Pre micro fiber pouch is a great way to protect your Palm Pre or other Palm Devices ! Made of soft micro fiber, when you slip your devices into the pouch, it wipes things clean. Or polish them with it as a cloth. Wipe off grease effortlessly. Clean jewels, camera lenses, glass, LCD screens, and more with ease. <br><p> <b>Product Description</b><br> As an Palm Pre user, every time after you use your device, you see grease or fingerprints on your phone. A good quality micro fiber cleaning cloth is ideal to clean your Palm Devices. You can put it in your pocket or purse to prevent scratches on your Palm Pre. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/palm-pre-palm-pre-plus-palm-pre-gsm-oem-sprint-microfiber-cleaning-pouch-carrying-case-skin.html IRON CLEANING KIT ROWNTA http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/iron-cleaning-kit-rownta.html Includes 1 oz. soleplate cleaner, application cloth, polishing/finishing cloth and instructions. Can be used for model Nos.: DM-273 (SKU # 6026124), DM880/DE871 (SKU # 6000061), DM253 (SKU # 6067839) and DM580 (SKU # 6069736). Boxed. Made in United States http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/iron-cleaning-kit-rownta.html Style Asia HW5200 Electric Grill-Cleaning Brush with 3 LED Lights http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/style-asia-hw5200-electric-grill-cleaning-brush-with-3-led-lights.html The Style Asia electric grill cleaning brush works with easy one touch operation. The strong 12V high torque motor gives plenty of power to remove food residue and grease from your grill. The protective brush shield keeps splatter to a minimum. The three built in LED lights give added visibility in dim conditions. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/style-asia-hw5200-electric-grill-cleaning-brush-with-3-led-lights.html iRobot 12101 Looj Electric Gutter Cleaning Robot http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/irobot-12101-looj-electric-gutter-cleaning-robot.html Reduce ladder work and over-reaching while cleaning your gutters. Gutters need to be cleaned regularly to avoid water damage, overspills and ice dams. Plus, dirty gutters create a breeding ground for carpenter ants, mosquitoes and other pests. Now you can avoid climbing and repositioning a ladder multiple times while juggling tools and over reaching from dangerous heights. iRobot Looj makes regular gutter cleaning faster and easier. The iRobot Looj cleans up to 80 feet of gutter in minutes, not hours,it's the easiest way to keep gutters free-flowing all year round! Gutter cleaning is a dirty, unpleasant job. You have to repeatedly climb and move ladders, and reach from dangerous heights. But no more! Now you can do it all by remote control with the amazing new Looj robot gutter cleaner from iRobot. At just 2 1/4" tall, Looj propels itself easily under gutter straps and over downspout holes. Its three-stage, high-velocity auger breaks up clogs, lifting out leaves, pine needles and other wet or dry debris while brushing gutters clean. Wireless remote control has a 75-ft. range, moves the Looj forwards and backwards, and changes the rotational direction of the auger to ensure complete debris removal. Looj attaches to an included belt clip to free up your hands and make it easier for you to climb a ladder. Uses a high power, rechargeable battery pack (included). Remote uses two AAA batteries (not included). http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/irobot-12101-looj-electric-gutter-cleaning-robot.html Auntie Maggies Remedy - Chinese Laundry Blues - When I'm Cleaning Windows http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/auntie-maggies-remedy-chinese-laundry-blues-when-i-m-cleaning-windows.html Auntie Maggies Remedy - Chinese Laundry Blues - When I'm Cleaning Windows http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/auntie-maggies-remedy-chinese-laundry-blues-when-i-m-cleaning-windows.html The Sadness of a Cleaning Woman at Midnight (Institutional Use - Library/High School/Non-Profit) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-sadness-of-a-cleaning-woman-at-midnight-institutional-use-library-high-school-non-profit.html "The Sadness of a Cleaning Woman" is an early quasi-reality film about a Serbian cleaning woman who loses her way home from work one night when she falls asleep on a subway train. She spends the rest of the night with a cab driver trying to find her way home, which remains just beyond reach.<br/><br/>The film emphasizes naturalistic settings and casting. A real cleaning woman and cab driver were cast in their respective roles. The stories that they tell are autobiographical, and the dialogue is based on their own words.<br/><br/>Milo Yelesiyevich's directorial treatment interprets the story and characters in film noir style, which resonates against the naturalism of the casting and dialogue, and gives them unexpected depth and timelessness.<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-sadness-of-a-cleaning-woman-at-midnight-institutional-use-library-high-school-non-profit.html Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner (28 oz), Scraper and 9 Cleaning Pads Combo Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cerama-bryte-ceramic-cooktop-cleaner-28-oz-scraper-and-9-cleaning-pads-combo-kit.html This kit includes (1) 28 oz bottle of Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner, (1) Cerama Bryte Scraper and Pad Combo, and (2) Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Pad 4-packs. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cerama-bryte-ceramic-cooktop-cleaner-28-oz-scraper-and-9-cleaning-pads-combo-kit.html Ahh-Some Jetted Bath Bio & Pipe Gunk Cleaner (2oz) - 12 Cleanings/Applications @ $1.75/Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/applications-1.html <p><b>Ahh-Some Jetted Tub Bio Cleaner (2oz)</b></p><p>Ahh-Some Jetted Tub Bio Cleaner (2oz) The most effective bio cleaner for jetted tubs, Whirlpool Tubs, Jacuzzi Spas, American Standard Baths, etc. This 2oz bio cleaner container has a minimum of 12 teaspoons cleanings and with an average of one jetted tub cleaning per week, you have enough to spare for some good initial cleanings and still have enough for one year. </p><p>There are millions of jetted bathtubs in the USA that are literally breeding grounds for bacteria, bio-film waste and other contaminants that are you and your family should be aware of. Sad to say but many of the manufacturers really don't inform their customers as to what the potential hazards of simply bathing in a jetted tub that is not cleaned or purged on a regular basis. Many of these same manufacturers are advising customers to clean their jetted tubs or whirlpool baths with products that really don't work that well, and sometimes, even make the situation worse. </p><p>The Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner products use a proprietary mixture of unique properties that are used in everyday products. The product is environmentally safe, and considered green. It is safe for humans, people swim and relax in the bio cleaner (hot tubs & pools) and is great for septic systems since it continues to work in the home piping and septic tank, breaking down particles. </p><p>The Ahh-Some bio cleaner combats microbials, algae and mold quite effectively, has water clarification properties, water conditioning and reacts to, in the case of the Jetted Tub Bio Cleaner fast moving water which creates the foaming and scraping action. </p><br><p>All of this and still plenty safe for all of us. </p><p>It's Science, Not Magic.</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/applications-1.html Beer Faucet Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/beer-faucet-cleaning-brush.html Very sturdy, 8.5 inches overall. For cleaning faucets when you disassemble them. Keeps mold from growing. Video: Learn How to Clean Your Draft Beer Lines. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Measures 8.5" L. Soft bristles for safe cleaning. Removes build up. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/beer-faucet-cleaning-brush.html Coffee Pot Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/coffee-pot-cleaning-brush.html Achieve the ultimate clean with this coffee pot brush! Made with a curved head for scrubbing the hard to reach surfaces on the inside of the pot, this coffee cleaning brush tackles stains out and prevents the discoloration of your glass. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Curved brush head. Handle made of easy to grip plastic. Easy to use. Cleans coffee pots better than ever. Prevents stains and discoloration of the glass. . Specs: Dimensions: 4"W x 11"H x 1"D. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/coffee-pot-cleaning-brush.html Outdoor Edge SS-10 Steel Stick Pivoting Steel Bar To Spread Brisket Completely Open for Easy Cleaning Complete with Nylon Belt Sheath http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/outdoor-edge-ss-10-steel-stick-pivoting-steel-bar-to-spread-brisket-completely-open-for-easy-cleaning-complete-with-nylon-belt-sheath.html Must have for every big game hunter. Pivoting steel bar spreads the brisket for easy field dressing. Allows better access to the abdomen, enables quicker cooling of fresh game meat. Comes complete with a nylon belt sheath. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/outdoor-edge-ss-10-steel-stick-pivoting-steel-bar-to-spread-brisket-completely-open-for-easy-cleaning-complete-with-nylon-belt-sheath.html Embroidered Infant Terry Bib with the image of: cleaning logo http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-terry-bib-with-the-image-of-cleaning-logo.html <ul><li>6.5-ounce, 65/35 poly/cotton terry</li><li>Hook and loop neck closure for easy on/off</li><li><b>Please note in the diagram that the picture that will be embroidered is the one blown up in the diagram - not the small image on the item.</b></li></ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-terry-bib-with-the-image-of-cleaning-logo.html Maxell CD-305 CD Cleaning Cloths, 50 Pack http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/maxell-cd-305-cd-cleaning-cloths-50-pack.html Maxell CD Cleaning Cloths (Dry) 190009 Cleaning Kits http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/maxell-cd-305-cd-cleaning-cloths-50-pack.html LAUREN FLUTE CLEANING ROD 2720 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lauren-flute-cleaning-rod-2720.html A flute cleaning rod is a long metal rod with a loop in one end! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lauren-flute-cleaning-rod-2720.html iRobot Roomba Pet Series 562 Vacuum Cleaning Robot http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/irobot-roomba-pet-series-562-vacuum-cleaning-robot.html iRobot Roomba Pet Series 562 Vacuum Cleaning Robot - Roomba 562 and Irobot Roomba VacuumThe iRobot Roomba Vacuum is designed especially for the hairy situations that pet owners face. That's why we designed the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series especially for pet owners. You'll be amazed at the amount of pet hair, kitty litter, paw prints, dirt, dust and debris that Roomba for pets picks up from your carpets and hard floors. The Roomba 562 systematically cleans up to four* rooms on a single charge and gets into hard-to-reach areas like wall edges and beneath furniture while avoiding stairs and other drop-offs. The 562 Roomba cleans on schedule, allowing you to preset up to seven cleaning times per week for Roomba to automatically vacuum wherever and whenever you want. iRobot Roomba Vacuum automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors and back again. Auto Virtual Walls (2), designed to always be on, block Roomba from entering off-limit areas. When the cleaning is complete, or if the battery is running low, Roomba returns to its compact Home Base to dock and recharge. Two interchangeable cleaning bins - a Vacuuming Bin and a High Capacity Sweeper Bin - provide the option for everyday vacuuming or heavy duty cleaning in hairier, dirtier, high-traffic areas. A Replacement Brush Kit - an extra Bristle Brush, an extra Beater Brush and an extra Sidebrush - allows for easy replacement and cleaning of the brushes. Using clean, hair-free brushes ensures that Roomba for pets always cleans at peak performance. Two brush cleaning tools - a cylindrical tool and a bladed comb - provide fast and efficient removal of hair and debris from Roomba's brushes. Two replacement filters help trap dirt, dust and dander inside the robot.What's in the Box:1 iRobot Roomba 5622 Auto Virtual Walls (Each requires 2 C batteries, not included)1 Compact Self-charging Home Base1 Vacuuming Debris/Dust Bin1 High Capacity Sweeper Bin2 Brush Cleaning Tools1 Extra Bristle Brush1 Extra Beater Brush1 Extra Sid http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/irobot-roomba-pet-series-562-vacuum-cleaning-robot.html Hw Alto Recorder Cleaning Swab http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hw-alto-recorder-cleaning-swab.html This swab is sized for the alto recorder and uses a proprietary ultra wicking microfiber to effectively pull damaging moisture from the bore and tone holes of the recorder. The fiber then quickly lets the moisture evaporate. It will not leave fibers in the bore of your instrument. This product is washable and gets better with use. If you are serious about keeping your recorder clean you need this product. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hw-alto-recorder-cleaning-swab.html Brand New Stanton Vc-1 Advanced Record Cleaning Kit with Cleaning Fluid and Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/brand-new-stanton-vc-1-advanced-record-cleaning-kit-with-cleaning-fluid-and-cleaning-brush.html Brand new Stanton VC-1 advanced record cleaning kit with cleaning fluid and cleaning brushFeatures:Safely cleans vinyl records Kit includes cleaning fluid and brush Keep your records in top shape! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/brand-new-stanton-vc-1-advanced-record-cleaning-kit-with-cleaning-fluid-and-cleaning-brush.html Falcon Compressed Gas (152a) Disposable Cleaning Duster 3 Count, 10 oz. Can (DPSXL3) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/falcon-compressed-gas-152a-disposable-cleaning-duster-3-count-10-oz.html Falcon Dust-Off Aerosol Compressed (152a) Disposable Cleaning duster 3 count 10oz. Contains a bitterant to help discourage inhalant abuse http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/falcon-compressed-gas-152a-disposable-cleaning-duster-3-count-10-oz.html Charcoal Companion Monster Grill Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/charcoal-companion-monster-grill-cleaning-brush.html Cleaning the grill is easier than ever with the Dual Handle Monster Grill Cleaning Brush from Charcoal Companion. Unique two handle design gives extra leverage for scrubbing. Heavy duty black plastic body. Replaceable brush has stainless steel bristles and scraper. Stainless steel hook for hanging. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/charcoal-companion-monster-grill-cleaning-brush.html 23 PC SPRAY GUN CLEANING KIT - Perfect for Air Tools http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/23-pc-spray-gun-cleaning-kit-perfect-for-air-tools.html Comes in Handy Storage Case - Includes: 3 Pc Large Brush, 5 Pc Mini Brush, 2 Pc Aluminum Holder, 3 Pc Mini Straight Brush, 1 Pc Brass Brush, 6 Pc Micro Needle, 1 Pc Large Cleaning Brush, 1 Pc Lubrication Bottle. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/23-pc-spray-gun-cleaning-kit-perfect-for-air-tools.html Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues, 16-Count Tissues (Pack of 12) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bausch-lomb-sight-savers-pre-moistened-lens-cleaning-tissues-16-count-tissues-pack-of-12.html Pre-moistened lens cleaning tissues are individually packaged tissues treated with special surfactants to clean all glass and plastic lenses. Choose from the following non-silicone, anti-static or silicone, anti-fog tissues http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bausch-lomb-sight-savers-pre-moistened-lens-cleaning-tissues-16-count-tissues-pack-of-12.html Cleaning out the Closet of your Mind http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-out-the-closet-of-your-mind.html Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth is a series of 8 CDs designed to allow you to relax, release, and let go of old negative beliefs that have held you back from living a life of financial success and unlimited abundance. With the power of proven, successful techniques, this series will enhance your ability to succeed. By removing blocks to your success, releasing old ideas and beliefs, gaining freedom from fears, and letting go of the past, you can capitalize on the space you've created by bringing in new, powerful, positive beliefs and experiences that will accelerate your success at creating wealth and abundance. Attracting Abundance, #5 in a series of 8, is designed to help you eliminate the struggle from achieving your goals to bring you abundance in all areas of your life. By using the power of the process of attraction, you will be able to tap into the forces that will naturally draw what you desire to you. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-out-the-closet-of-your-mind.html Shop-Vac<reg> 906-23 1-1/4" Accessory Household Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/shop-vac-reg-906-23-1-1-4-accessory-household-cleaning-kit.html This is a great all-purpose basic accessories kit that can add versatility to your vac. The pair of Extension Wands, ten inch Combination Nozzle, Round Brush, and Crevice Tool will allow you to tackle endless tasks with your vac. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/shop-vac-reg-906-23-1-1-4-accessory-household-cleaning-kit.html iKlear iPod, iPhone & MacBook Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/iklear-ipod-iphone-macbook-cleaning-kit.html <p>This kit contains everything you need to clean, protect, and preserve your Apple Products at home or on the go. Use the 2 oz. Pump Spray Bottle of iKlear and Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth for all of your heavy-duty cleanings at home, or bring them along in your Laptop Bag with the included iKlear Travel Singles on all of your travels. As always, the iKlear formula by Klear Screen is 100% alcohol, ammonia, and sodium lauryl sulfate free, non-toxic, non-damaging, and non-flammable.</p><p>iKlear's unique formula and Micro-Chamois cloths are made from the finest materials to meet the specific cleaning needs of all your Apple Products. The revolutionary new washable and reusable Micro-Chamois cloths are optical grade quality. Unlike other cleaners, iKlear's anti-static, alcohol and ammonia-free formula is safe to use on all your Apple Products.</p><p>iKlear is the only cleaner recommended by Apple Tech Support and used by Apple Care.</p><p><b>Kit Includes</b><ul><li>1- 2 oz. iKlear Pump Spray Bottle</li><li>1- Large Micro-Chamois Cloth</li><li>1- Travel Size Micro-Fiber</li><li>6- iKlear Step 1/Wet Travel Singles</li><li>1- Antibacterial Microfiber Cloth</li></ul></p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/iklear-ipod-iphone-macbook-cleaning-kit.html Children are cleaning the family car http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/children-are-cleaning-the-family-car.html Children are cleaning the family car http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/children-are-cleaning-the-family-car.html Blue Motorola Droid 2 A955 Premium Phone Protector Hard Cover Case + Bonus 5.5 inch Baby Blue Phone Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/blue-motorola-droid-2-a955-premium-phone-protector-hard-cover-case-bonus-5.html Blue Motorola Droid 2 A955 Premium Phone Protector Hard Cover Case + Bonus 5.5 inch Baby Blue Phone Cleaning Cloth. This protector case is custom made for your device. It is made of a high quality light weight plastic that provides great protection for your device. It comes with cutouts that are perfectly designed so that you are able to utilize every function of your phone. This case is perfect for those who want to add some visual flare to their device and at the same time have the benefit of superb protection! Make your friends envy your new phone.... http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/blue-motorola-droid-2-a955-premium-phone-protector-hard-cover-case-bonus-5.html The Minimalist Cleaning Method http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-minimalist-cleaning-method.html Have you ever looked around a home and envied the open, spacious, super-clean look? This look is obtained by minimizing the amount of personal possessions on display, and reduces the amount one is forced to work maintaining the home.<br><br>By reducing not only your possessions but your cleaning supplies as well you can minimize both your cleaning time and expenses. <br><br>The Minimalist Cleaning Method was researched by the author and provides a variety of cleaning recipes and methods that will enable you to reduce your cleaning to a minimum.<br><br>Written by a frugal living expert who practices Minimalism, this book provides practical tips and a lighthearted look at Minimalism and the Minimalist Method of house cleaning. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-minimalist-cleaning-method.html Giardinelli I Love My Saxophone Cleaning Mitt http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giardinelli-i-love-my-saxophone-cleaning-mitt.html Clever and easy to use, the I Love My Saxophone polishing mitt is ideal for the young student. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giardinelli-i-love-my-saxophone-cleaning-mitt.html Dry Cleaning Ray http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dry-cleaning-ray.html Features Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dry-cleaning-ray.html Is There Life After Housework?: A Revolutionary Approach to Cutting Your Cleaning Time 75% http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/is-there-life-after-housework-a-revolutionary-approach-to-cutting-your-cleaning-time-75.html The first edition has sold more than half a million copies! IS THERE LIFE AFTER HOUSEWORK? 2nd Edition, A Revolutionary Approach to Cutting Your Cleaning Time 75%.<BR> Written in Dons practical, "you-can-do-it" style, this essential guide is chock-full of clever, efficient strategies that show readers how they can maximize results while minimizing effort, including: <BR> <LI>Solid cleaning advice for every room in the house, from the basement to the attic <LI>How to involve the entire family--and make clean-up fun <LI>Cleaning schedules that work for you no matter how busy your lifestyle <LI>Stain charts and spot removers <LI>When you need professional helpand how to get what you pay for http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/is-there-life-after-housework-a-revolutionary-approach-to-cutting-your-cleaning-time-75.html 3 Pack Premium Ultra Clear Reusable 4.3" / 4.-Inch GPS LCD Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for Garmin Nuvi 200W, 205W, 250W, 260W, 600, 610 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/4.html NOTE: Please apply the screen protector gently in order to avoid too much pressure onto the screen.Custom designed to fit 4.3" GPS LCD Screen. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/4.html Clean-Rite 7-645 3-Pk Microfiber Cleaning Mitts http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/clean-rite-7-645-3-pk-microfiber-cleaning-mitts.html For Auto, Home, Office, Marine and Janitorial, these 3 Multi-Purpose, Microfiber Mitts are great for all types of cleaning. The innovative microfiber design allows you to clean virtually any surface without sprays, polishes or chemicals. The towel has thousands of tiny fibers that lift & trap, dirt & dust and is safe to use on all surfaces. Keep one mitt in your car for cleaning dashboards, windshields & chrome. Keep one in your home for cleaning furniture, mirrors & television screens. Keep one in your office for cleaning computer screens & glass. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/clean-rite-7-645-3-pk-microfiber-cleaning-mitts.html GSI Super Quality Photo Package for Apple iPhone's Camera - Long Focal 8x Zoom Optical Telephoto Extended 30x70mm Lens - Includes Velvet Case and Cleaning Cloth - Turn your iPhone 4-4G into a High-End Camera! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gsi-super-quality-photo-package-for-apple-iphone-s-camera-long-focal-8x-zoom-optical-telephoto-extended-30x70mm-lens-includes-velvet-case-and-cleaning-cloth-turn-your-iphone-4-4g-into-a-high-end-camera.html GSI Super Quality Photo Package for Apple iPhone's Camera - Long Focal 8x Zoom Optical Telephoto Extended 30x70mm Lens - Includes Velvet Case and Cleaning Cloth - Turn your iPhone 4-4G into a High-End Camera! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gsi-super-quality-photo-package-for-apple-iphone-s-camera-long-focal-8x-zoom-optical-telephoto-extended-30x70mm-lens-includes-velvet-case-and-cleaning-cloth-turn-your-iphone-4-4g-into-a-high-end-camera.html Spring Cleaning 10 (Mac) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning-10-mac.html Spring Cleaning 10 improves your Mac's performance by searching through the clutter and helping you reclaim your disk space. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning-10-mac.html SIGG Cleaning Brush with Red Bristles http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sigg-cleaning-brush-with-red-bristles.html Now that you've purchased a SIGGnificantly better water bottle, protect your investment and spring for SIGG Cleaning Brushes. Clean your SIGG bottles with ease with this high quality set of cleaning brushes. The bristles are designed so every corner of the bottle can be reached. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sigg-cleaning-brush-with-red-bristles.html Hoppe's Gun Cleaning Patch for .38 - .45 Caliber .410 - 20 Guage No. 4, 40 Pack, Poly Bag E/F http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hoppe-s-gun-cleaning-patch-for-38-45-caliber-410-20-guage-no.html In reusable polyethylene bag. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hoppe-s-gun-cleaning-patch-for-38-45-caliber-410-20-guage-no.html Bissell 2X Ultra Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, 24 Ounces, 78H6 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bissell-2x-ultra-professional-deep-cleaning-formula-24-ounces-78h6.html 2X professional deep cleaning formula: superior cleaning outcleans all other formulas. Effective removal of tough stains and odors. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bissell-2x-ultra-professional-deep-cleaning-formula-24-ounces-78h6.html The Window Cleaning Business http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-window-cleaning-business.html This book is packed with information about the window cleaning business. Whether you are starting a window cleaning business, gaining customers, organizing paperwork, bidding jobs, hiring employees, and more, this book is a great resource of information. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-window-cleaning-business.html Cleaning Station http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-station.html The Aztek Airbrush Cleaning Station is the most convenient and environmentally sound product for airbrush cleaning ever devised. An airbrush is inserted in the adjustable neck. Solvent is then blown through the airbrush and trapped in the jar. New adapter allows any manufacturers airbrush to be cleaned. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-station.html Weber 7409 One-Touch Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/weber-7409-one-touch-cleaning-system.html Replacement One-Touch cleaning system kit, 22-1/2-inch http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/weber-7409-one-touch-cleaning-system.html PARTS CLEANING BASKET LARGE FOR ULTRASONIC CLEANERS http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/parts-cleaning-basket-large-for-ultrasonic-cleaners.html Holds small parts during cleaning. For our complete line, visit our Amazon site: http://b2bprofessionaltools.net http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/parts-cleaning-basket-large-for-ultrasonic-cleaners.html Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-8072-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-8072-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Nintendo Nes 72 Pin Connector & Pro Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nintendo-nes-72-pin-connector-pro-cleaning-kit.html Make your NES Nintendo system work like new again by installing a brand new 72 pin connector into your NES console You must Professionally clean each of your games also to remove years of dirt and oxidation build up or you will transfer the dirt and oxidation from your games to your new 72 pin connector and you will quickly have the same problems you had before.This kit will allow you to open up each of your Nintendo games with the special security tool bit required to open up all Nintendo games and clean each of your games like they were new with our None static game cleaning cloths and our video game cleaning paste. THIS KIT INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING 1 NEW 72 pin Connector 1 Nintendo Security Key required to open up all Nintendo games (You will also be able to use this to open up all Gameboy ,Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 cartridge games and Professionally clean them 3 Non static video game cartridge cleaning cloths 1 2OZ Bottle of Video game cleaning past 1 2OZ Bottle of residue cleaner Enough cleaning fluids are provided to clean hundreds of games http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nintendo-nes-72-pin-connector-pro-cleaning-kit.html Black Neo-Cushion Protective Cover Sleeve for Amazon Kindle Wireless ebook Reader (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle) ***Includes Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth** http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/black-neo-cushion-protective-cover-sleeve-for-amazon-kindle-wireless-ebook-reader-fits-6-display-latest-generation-kindle-includes-microfiber-screen-cleaning-cloth.html Keep your new <b><i>Amazon Kindle</b></i> E-Reader looking as good as the day you bought it with the <i>USA Gear</i> <b>Kindle</b> cover.<br><br>This neoprene sleeve is a great way to protect and store your <b><i>Amazon Kindle</i></b> E-Reader.<br>Made out of dense neoprene that protects your <b>Kindle</b> E-Reader from bumps, drops, scratches, and scrapes.<br>It also comes with an additional accessory pocket that can fit tons of your accessories like memory cards, card readers, chargers and charging accessories <br>The sturdy handle on the back allows for easy transportation. Protect your delicate <b>Amazon Kindle</b> E-Reader and buy our neoprene sleeve today! <b><i><br><br><br>Fits Barnes & Noble NOOK, Amazon Kindle (latest generation), and Sony PRS</i></b><br><br>Dimensions: 8.25"L x5.5"W http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/black-neo-cushion-protective-cover-sleeve-for-amazon-kindle-wireless-ebook-reader-fits-6-display-latest-generation-kindle-includes-microfiber-screen-cleaning-cloth.html Otis All Caliber Cleaning Patches (100) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-all-caliber-cleaning-patches-100.html The all-caliber cleaning patches are unique in that one patch cleans all firearms from .22 caliber to 12/10 gauge. Each patch is 100% cotton and can be used up to 6 times, offering 6 new clean surfaces. When attached to the slotted tip, they form a perfectly circular cleaning swab to allow for 360 degree coverage! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-all-caliber-cleaning-patches-100.html Nintendo Ds Lite Retail Packing Premium Reusable LCD (Upper and Lower Screens ) Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth By Ikross ( 3 Packs ) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nintendo-ds-lite-retail-packing-premium-reusable-lcd-upper-and-lower-screens-screen-protector-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-by-ikross-3-packs.html NOTE: Please apply the screen protector gently in order to avoid too much pressure onto the screen http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nintendo-ds-lite-retail-packing-premium-reusable-lcd-upper-and-lower-screens-screen-protector-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-by-ikross-3-packs.html BRUSH .5 GALLON/16", EA, 13-0849 CARLISLE FOODSERVICE PROD CLEANING BRUSHES http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/brush.html * Sparlon bristles are wire wound in place on a 100% "Soak Proof white plastic handle * Effectively cleans shaped glass http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/brush.html Start Your Own Cleaning Business http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/start-your-own-cleaning-business.html <p><b>Sweep Up the Profits</b></p> <p>If it can be cleaned, chances are people will pay you to clean it. Houses, carpet, upholstery, windows the list goes on and on. A vast majority of dual-income families use cleaning services, which means your market is huge. Startup is easy and requires little initial investment.</p> <p>Allow our experts to teach you everything you need to know to start three of the most in-demand cleaning businesses<b>residential maid service, commercial janitorial service and carpet/upholstery cleaning</b>including:<ul> <li>Current statistics and trend forecasts that keep you ahead of the curve <li>The ins and outs of finding customers <li>New ideas for hiring and training employees <li>What equipment and supplies youll need (and where to find them) <li>How to use technology to make your business competitive <li>Up-to-date legal, tax and insurance requirements <li>How to avoid common pitfalls <li>Surefire tips for growing your business <li>And more</ul> <p>Plus, learn answers to frequently asked questions, and access an appendix of additional resources and checklists to guide you through each step of the startup process.</p> <p>With the help of our experts, youll become a squeaky-clean success in no time!</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/start-your-own-cleaning-business.html Nikon EN-EL14 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery with Cleaning Kit for Coolpix P7000 & D3100 Digital SLR Camera http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-en-el14-rechargeable-li-ion-battery-with-cleaning-kit-for-coolpix-p7000-d3100-digital-slr-camera.html <P><B>Kit includes:</B><BR> 1) Nikon EN-EL14 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery<BR> 2) Precision Design Deluxe 6-Piece Lens & Digital SLR Camera Cleaning Kit<BR> 3) Digital Camera LCD Monitor Screen Protectors<P> Provide your camera an extra <b>1030mAh of power</b>, this spare <b>EN-EL14</b> will not put constraints on how you want to shoot and can be typically charged over 1000 times. <p>This <b>6-piece cleaning kit</b> contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including a Hurricane Air Blower, Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Brush and Cotton Swabs. <p>Reduce glare, enhance your view, and prevent scratching with this set of <b>LCD screen protectors</b>. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-en-el14-rechargeable-li-ion-battery-with-cleaning-kit-for-coolpix-p7000-d3100-digital-slr-camera.html David, Goliath and the Beach Cleaning Machine: How a Small California Town Fought an Oil Giant and Won (Capital Currents) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/david-goliath-and-the-beach-cleaning-machine-how-a-small-california-town-fought-an-oil-giant-and-won-capital-currents.html In the tradition of "A Civil Action" and "Erin Brockovich"the true story of a determined young lawyer who takes on a multinational oil company to save a rustic California beach and its eclectic residents from environmental disaster. <P>During an early morning run, Saro Rizzo, a young attorney from Avila Beach, California, stumbled yet again over picnic debris, and determined to get his little town a beach-cleaning machine. Ringed by mountains and nestled between Santa Barbara and Monterey, Avila Beach was an isolated little oil town of some four hundred aging hippies, scattered professionals, and active octogenarians. It was not a community of protestors. Rizzo innocently began his crusade by requesting a donation from the local oil giant Unocal. Through a series of events rich in deceit, controversy, and greed, a massive oil spill and an environmental disaster were exposed. Written by Pulitzer-prize-nominee Barbara Wolcott, David, Goliath and the Beach-Cleaning Machine is the hard-charging story of this heroic quest started by a son of immigrants, only two years out of law school, who rallies his town of fierce independents to take on a corporate giantand win big to the tune of $18 million in damages as well as an estimated $100-200 million for clean-up. Rizzos suit was the first of nearly sixty, including some filed by Ed Masry of Erin Brockovich fame. As a result of the massive clean-up, beautiful Avila Beach has been almost totally leveled and the townspeople are fighting to save those buildings that represent their history and sense of place. Now that the town is in the spotlight as a model of environmental rescue, the beach-cleaning machine has arrived! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/david-goliath-and-the-beach-cleaning-machine-how-a-small-california-town-fought-an-oil-giant-and-won-capital-currents.html Garmin 3.5" LCD Screen Protector (Non-Widescreen Edition) Shield With Cleaning Cloth (GPS NOT Included) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/garmin-3.html Compatible with Garmin Nuvi 200, 205, 250, 255, 260, 265T, 270, 275T, 350, 360, 370, 500, 550 and Garmin StreetPilot c330,c340, c530, c550, c580. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/garmin-3.html Apple IPhone 3G Replacement Front Glass and Digitizer -2 Tools, Suction Tool, Adhesive and Exclusive Microfiber Super Deal Cleaning Cloth Included - Repair Your Cracked Glass http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/apple-iphone-3g-replacement-front-glass-and-digitizer-2-tools-suction-tool-adhesive-and-exclusive-microfiber-super-deal-cleaning-cloth-included-repair-your-cracked-glass.html Apple IPhone 3G Replacement Front Glass and Digitizer -2 Tools, Suction Tool, Adhesive and Exclusive Microfiber DBROTH Cleaning Cloth Included - Repair Your Cracked Glass - with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/apple-iphone-3g-replacement-front-glass-and-digitizer-2-tools-suction-tool-adhesive-and-exclusive-microfiber-super-deal-cleaning-cloth-included-repair-your-cracked-glass.html <b>Citranox </b> Cleaning Detergent, one-gallon bottle http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/b-citranox-b-cleaning-detergent-one-gallon-bottle.html White powder Alconox, Alcojet, and Terg-A-Zyme cleaners rinses off completelywith no residue. Alconox cleaner is biodegradable; Alcojet cleaner is low-sudsing; Terg-A-Zyme cleaner combines the original Alconox power with protein enzymes. Liqui-Nox cleaner is biodegradableuse to remove soil, grease, blood, chemicals, and solvents. All cleaner are safe, odorless, and FDA certified. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/b-citranox-b-cleaning-detergent-one-gallon-bottle.html Yamaha Pad Papers (100-pack, Cleaning Papers) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/yamaha-pad-papers-100-pack-cleaning-papers.html Yamaha Pad Papers (100-pack, Cleaning Papers) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/yamaha-pad-papers-100-pack-cleaning-papers.html Gun Cleaning Step-by-Step http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gun-cleaning-step-by-step.html <P>Cleaning your gun is the most important thing you can do to keep it in good condition and ready to fire when you need it. Simply oiling your gun is not enough. You must learn how to take apart your weapon and clean each and every part after you use it. In this Vook, certified NRA gun instructor Mark Cortis will teach how to dissemble, clean and reassemble a glock. You'll also learn what you need to have in a cleaning kit and how to choose the best cleaning materials.</P> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gun-cleaning-step-by-step.html Zwipes 7-Piece Microfiber Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/zwipes-7-piece-microfiber-cleaning-kit.html Zwipes microfiber is a great new technology, with many applications that includes your automobile, boat, RV or motorcycle. Cleaning with microfiber products is fast, easy and environmentally friendly. It is sometimes described as having a magnetic attraction to dirt and dust. Zwipes products attract and instantly remove dust like a magnet. From Glass, stainless steel, chrome, paint, plastic, and wood you can clean with a simple rubbing motion. The miraculous fiber eliminates the need for cleaning solutions. Microfiber contains over 90,000 fibers per square inch, and is the softest and thickest of all microfibers. It is especially effective for trapping particles with static electricity, thus eliminating the need for cleaners and detergents. It is designed to adhere to a surface, literally clinging to grease, oils and film. Kit contents include: (1) Detail Dusting Mitt, (1) Side Scrubber Sponge, (1) 3-Pack of 12" x 16" Cleaning Cloths, (1) 2-Pack 11" x 13" Windshield & Glass Cloth. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/zwipes-7-piece-microfiber-cleaning-kit.html Armor All Cleaning Wipes 25-Count Plastic Canister (Pack of 6) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/armor-all-cleaning-wipes-25-count-plastic-canister-pack-of-6.html Your car's delicate surfaces are too important to trust to a household cleaner. Get that natural, "just detailed" look with Armor All Cleaning Wipes from the most trusted name in quality car care. Meticulously engineered for your car's special needs, they lift away dirt and debris, revealing your car's rich, natural beauty without harming delicate automotive surfaces. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/armor-all-cleaning-wipes-25-count-plastic-canister-pack-of-6.html Houseworks: Cut the Clutter, Speed Your Cleaning and Calm the Chaos http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/houseworks-cut-the-clutter-speed-your-cleaning-and-calm-the-chaos.html America's leading housekeeping expert shows you how to de-clutter, organize, and clean your home, with easy-to-remember tips for every job, from keeping your bathroom clean and doing the laundry to sorting out paperwork and organizing the family photo album. Where there is hope, there is help. You can win the chore wars! <ul> <li> Author, founder, and editor of the top-ranked website OrganizedHome.com <li> Introduces easy-to-remember tips for organizing the home <li> Step-by-step photographs throughout show how easy it is to reach your goal </ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/houseworks-cut-the-clutter-speed-your-cleaning-and-calm-the-chaos.html Lighthouse Cleaning Bath for Copper & Brass Coins http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lighthouse-cleaning-bath-for-copper-brass-coins.html Please note that cleaning coins may decrease their value. We advise you to contact a numismatic professional prior to using any chemical or cleaning product on a coin. If assured that using the product will not adversely impact the coin, follow the instructions precisely and exercise extreme caution. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lighthouse-cleaning-bath-for-copper-brass-coins.html Lighthouse Cleaning Bath for Coins http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lighthouse-cleaning-bath-for-coins.html Please note that cleaning coins may decrease their value. We advise you to contact a numismatic professional prior to using any chemical or cleaning product on a coin. If assured that using the product will not adversely impact the coin, follow the instructions precisely and exercise extreme caution. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lighthouse-cleaning-bath-for-coins.html Splat SPLAT-AC-3J Orange Auto-Clean Cleaning Putty - 3 oz. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/splat-splat-ac-3j-orange-auto-clean-cleaning-putty-3-oz.html Splat Auto Clean is a high viscosity gel which is applied to your cars nooks and crannies. Simply press and peel Splat and it will catch the dust and debris that collects in those hard to reach areas. Also works on leather, vinyl and upholstery. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/splat-splat-ac-3j-orange-auto-clean-cleaning-putty-3-oz.html Pampers Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pampers-cleaning-brush.html INDICATIONS: Nipple brush in handle. Strong suction base, brush stands upright away from germs. Durable scrubbing bristles reach hard to clean areas. To help reduce germ build up, bottle brushes should be replaced every 30 45 days. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pampers-cleaning-brush.html Laptop Cleaning Kit w/ Open-Top Cover http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/laptop-cleaning-kit-w-open-top-cover.html Product Description<p></p>Laptops are real fingerprint magnets. Even if you aren't carrying it around that much, finger prints and smudges tend to show up just from the regular screen adjustments and typing. Sitting still exposes your machine to airborne dust and carrying it around puts it in contact with even more opportunities to get dirty. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/laptop-cleaning-kit-w-open-top-cover.html Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS Digital ELPH Camera (Silver) 4214B001, 12.1 Megapixel, 4x 28-112 mm Equivalent UA Zoom Lens, 2.7" LCD, DIGIC 4 Image Processor, 4 GB Memory Card, Digpro Camera Case, Lens Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/canon-powershot-sd1300-is-digital-elph-camera-silver-4214b001-12-1-megapixel-4x-28-112-mm-equivalent-ua-zoom-lens-2.html It's all about the power of contrast. Color that defies convention. Sleek, gentle curves that merge art and technology into a camera designed to inspire. The PowerShot SD1300 IS Digital ELPH camera captures your world as much as it expresses your originality, with bold innovations that include remarkable Low Light performance. Everything looks right. Hold it...and everything feels right, too. With 12.1 Megapixel resolution it makes it a breeze to print large size images with clarity and detail. Capture each one of your family and friends in every shot with a 28mm Wide-Angle Lens, 4x Optical Zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer. Equipped with a bright, clear 2.7-inch PureColor System LCD for taking and reviewing pictures. Smart AUTO mode intelligently selects the proper settings for the camera based on 18 predefined shooting situations.Just set the Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS to Smart AUTO and you're ready for maximum enjoyment from your picture-taking every time. It's a relaxing and satisfying way to shoot because you can completely concentrate on your subject knowing that the camera has the technical details covered. Advanced Canon technology intelligently analyzes your situation and shooting conditions. Then it automatically selects an appropriate setting from 18 specially defined settings. So whether you're photographing flowers, a captivating sunset, or your friends at the park, you can be confident that you're getting dramatic, memorable images. Shoot in Low Light mode for dimly-lit situations.With an ISO of 400 - 6400, the Low Light mode takes the Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS boldly into the shadows! Now even scenes notorious for having insufficient light, such as those lit by candles, fire, or street lamp, come through in fantastic color and clarity, with less noise. You can keep the feel of the scene intact without adding additional light, so the result will be scenes with the visual accuracy, depth and clarity you expect from a Ca... http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/canon-powershot-sd1300-is-digital-elph-camera-silver-4214b001-12-1-megapixel-4x-28-112-mm-equivalent-ua-zoom-lens-2.html Opteka Battery Pack Grip / Vertical Shutter Release with Charger, 2 LP-E5 Batteries (3600 mAh Total), Wireless Remote, Cleaning Kit, & Mini Tripod for Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i & XSi http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/opteka-battery-pack-grip-vertical-shutter-release-with-charger-2-lp-e5-batteries-3600-mah-total-wireless-remote-cleaning-kit-mini-tripod-for-canon-eos-digital-rebel-t1i-xsi.html Opteka is one of the world's leading producers of high-performance batteries and accessories. Opteka believes there is no limit to the potential of portable power and as a company they will always strive to find innovative and efficient ways to power your life in the future! The Opteka BG-XSI holds 6 AA Batteries or 2 LP-E5 batteries. This provides an extremely extended shooting time. Vertical shutter release also makes shooting with the camera in a verticalposition just as comfortable as shooting horizontally. Compatible with Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS, XSi, and T1i only. The Opteka LP-E5 rechargeable lithium-ion 1800mAh battery is a replacement for replacement for Opteka LP-E5. It features lithium technology, which ensures maximum battery life and maximum power. It also features no memory effect that lets you recharge partially drained batteries without reducing performance. The new Opteka RC-4 remote control makes taking group photos easy by allowing you to take pictures away from the camera. The RC-4 allows the selection of either a 2-second shutter delay or instant shutter release. The RC-4 is completely dedicated to the Canon EOS Digital Rebel, XT, XTi, XSi, T1i, T2i, Elan 7ne, 7n, 7e, T2, K2, 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 7D, & 5D Mark II http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/opteka-battery-pack-grip-vertical-shutter-release-with-charger-2-lp-e5-batteries-3600-mah-total-wireless-remote-cleaning-kit-mini-tripod-for-canon-eos-digital-rebel-t1i-xsi.html Shark XL Microfiber Cleaning Pads for the Steam Pocket Mop, Set of 2 , XLT3501 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/shark-xl-microfiber-cleaning-pads-for-the-steam-pocket-mop-set-of-2-xlt3501.html The open area mop head replacement pads have 33-percent more surface cleaning area than the all purpose cleaning pockets. It is the perfect application for cleaning large rooms and larger floor areas. The absorbent micro-fiber pocket loosens lifts and locks in dirt. When you are finished just toss the reusable mop head in the washer. The included finger loops make it easy to put on and remove the mop head. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/shark-xl-microfiber-cleaning-pads-for-the-steam-pocket-mop-set-of-2-xlt3501.html Krups XS3000E Cleaning Tablets. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/krups-xs3000e-cleaning-tablets.html The Krups espresso machine cleaning tablets are designed to be used during the cleaning cycle of the Krups Fully Automatic espresso machines. Use the cleaning tablets on a regular basis to ensure increased longevity for your espresso machine as well as delicious coffee. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/krups-xs3000e-cleaning-tablets.html Black & Decker S700E ScumBuster Xtreme Cleaning Tool with 3-in-1 Extension Handle http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/black-decker-s700e-scumbuster-xtreme-cleaning-tool-with-3-in-1-extension-handle.html The Black and Decker S700E ScumBuster Extreme with 3 in 1 extension handle cleans 4x faster than conventional methods and 2x faster than previous ScumBusters. The S700E has a unique roller brush design so that you can clean easily and quickly in corners and crevices for a deep down clean. The 3 in 1 extension handle gives you the versatility of accepting the cleaner of your choice, rinsing capability and extended reach. The ScumBuster Extreme's powerful 3.6V rechargeable battery gives you 25-30 minutes of runtime and does all of the scrubbing for you. The S700E is ideal for cleaning your tub, shower, shower walls/doors, sinks, countertops, hard to reach areas and floor. The S700E includes roller brush, all purpose scour pad, scour pad holder, 3 in 1 handle and charger. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/black-decker-s700e-scumbuster-xtreme-cleaning-tool-with-3-in-1-extension-handle.html Embroidered Infant Bucket Cap with the image of: window cleaning logo http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-bucket-cap-with-the-image-of-window-cleaning-logo.html <ul><li>Protect sensitive skin with this cute bucket cap.</li><li>100% cotton brushed twill</li><li>Jersey lining</li><li>Chin straps with hook and loop closure</li><li>One Size Fits Most</li><li><b>Please note in the diagram that the picture that will be embroidered is the one blown up in the diagram - not the small image on the item.</b></li></ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-bucket-cap-with-the-image-of-window-cleaning-logo.html <b>Liqui-Nox </b> Cleaning Detergent, one gallon bottle http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/b-liqui-nox-b-cleaning-detergent-one-gallon-bottle.html White powder Alconox, Alcojet, and Terg-A-Zyme cleaners rinses off completelywith no residue. Alconox cleaner is biodegradable; Alcojet cleaner is low-sudsing; Terg-A-Zyme cleaner combines the original Alconox power with protein enzymes. Liqui-Nox cleaner is biodegradableuse to remove soil, grease, blood, chemicals, and solvents. All cleaner are safe, odorless, and FDA certified. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/b-liqui-nox-b-cleaning-detergent-one-gallon-bottle.html Imation 111.00209 VXA Packet Tape Cleaning Cartridge for VXA-320, VXA-2, and VXA-1 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/imation-111.html Cleaning Cartridge - VXA http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/imation-111.html PLAYERS FLUTE CLEANING ROD PLASTIC CRFL http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/players-flute-cleaning-rod-plastic-crfl.html A flute cleaning rod is a long metal rod with a loop in one end! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/players-flute-cleaning-rod-plastic-crfl.html Sandflex Tool Cleaning Block - Fine http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sandflex-tool-cleaning-block-fine.html No home or tool box should be without this unique cleaning and polishing tool. Uses are endless - from cleaning rust and tarnish from metal surfaces, to polishing stainless steel sinks and water spots from ceramic pots. Made of a semi flexible rubber compound with abrasive grits impregnated throughout the block. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sandflex-tool-cleaning-block-fine.html Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 Software Full Version + Nikon Cleaning Kit & Spudz + Blower for D3s, D3x, D3, D7000, D300s, D300, D60, D40, D3000, D3100, D5000 & D90 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-camera-control-pro-2-software-full-version-nikon-cleaning-kit-spudz-blower-for-d3s-d3x-d3-d7000-d300s-d300-d60-d40-d3000-d3100-d5000-d90.html <P> <B>Kit includes:</B><BR> 1) Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 Software<BR> 2) Nikon 3-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit<BR> 3) Nikon Microfiber Lens Cloth with Neoprene Pouch<BR> 4) Precision Design Deluxe Hurricane Blower<p> <b>Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.0 software </b>remotely controls most functions of Nikon digital SLRs from a computer</b> that is connected via USB cable or though wired or wireless LAN using a wireless transmitter. Advanced functions of the D3 and D300 cameras such as the Viewer for preview and selection of images prior to transfer, LiveView function and PictureControl System are also supported, along with the workflow of Nikon's exclusive photofinishing software Capture NX and the browser and viewer software View NX.<p> The <b>Nikon Lens Cleaner Kit </b>contains everything you need to keep your lenses,<b> optical equipment and other gear fresh and clean.</b> Includes 1 fl. oz. Spray Bottle of Liquid Lens Cleaner, Pack of 3 Moist Lens Cleaning Cloths and a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.<p> Want to keep your lenses, LCD and other products clean no matter where you go? Then this 6x6-inch <b>Microfiber Lens Cloth</b> from Nikon is for you! Ideal for field work, general outdoor photography, bird watching, hunting or even shooting pictures from the comforts of home, this soft cloth will <b>remove smudges and other surface grime</b> from your delicate optics. <p> The <b>Precision Design Deluxe Hurricane Blower</b> is very powerful and easy to use cleaning system. The super air stream <b>blows off dust particles</b>, even those attracted by static electricity, <b>without any physical contact</b>. It works great when used on digital camera sensors, lenses, telescopes, computer keyboards, microscopes, communications equipment, musical instruments and much more.<p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-camera-control-pro-2-software-full-version-nikon-cleaning-kit-spudz-blower-for-d3s-d3x-d3-d7000-d300s-d300-d60-d40-d3000-d3100-d5000-d90.html Otis Professional Pistol Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-professional-pistol-cleaning-system.html The Professional Pistol Cleaning System is specifically designed to clean pistols and sub guns from 9MM through .45 caliber. This kit includes three Memory-Flex cleaning rods, a .30 caliber slotted tip, a NATO adapter, heavy panoply patches, a t-handle obstruction remover, a bore reflector/flag safety, and Otis O85 Ultra Bore Solvent. Other components, which are key for precision cleaning, include items from the brass scraper set. The brass scraper can be used to remove carbon and other deposits from flat surfaces such as the spring guide rod, and the handy straight pick is engineered to clean the upper receiver. The pin punch can be used to push the pins out of handguns held together with a pin system. The end brush is designed to lubricate the components, and the short all purpose receiver brush can be used to clean that hard to reach top slide. The female rod handle can attach to any of the brass scraper components to increase its length. Use Otis to ensure that you dont miss out on the hunt of a lifetime! - Caliber/Gauge: 9MM - .45 Caliber Pistols & Sub Guns http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-professional-pistol-cleaning-system.html Barska Gun Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/barska-gun-cleaning-kit.html Gun Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/barska-gun-cleaning-kit.html Jura-Capresso Cleaning Tablets for Automatic Coffee Centers http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/jura-capresso-cleaning-tablets-for-automatic-coffee-centers.html These Jura-Capresso Cleaning Tablets are for all Capresso Fully Automatic Coffee Centers (Models: C1000, C1300, C1500, C2000, C3000, E8, F Series, S Series and Z5) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/jura-capresso-cleaning-tablets-for-automatic-coffee-centers.html Nikon 7072 Lens Pen Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-7072-lens-pen-cleaning-system.html Nikon Lens Pen Cleaning System 7072 Cleaning Kits http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-7072-lens-pen-cleaning-system.html Twist Loofah Cleaning Sponge (12x2 OZ) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/twist-loofah-cleaning-sponge-12x2-oz.html Twist 12X 2 Oz Loofah Cleaning Sponge. Sometimes It'S An Easy Job, Like A Sandwich Plate Or A Soup Pot. But When We Bake A Lasagna Or A Glazed Ham, It'S Time For The Loofah Scrubby. It'S Got Sponge On The Inside, And Super Scrubby Loofah On The Outside.: . http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/twist-loofah-cleaning-sponge-12x2-oz.html Paradise Horse Stable Cleaning Set http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/paradise-horse-stable-cleaning-set.html The Paradise HorsesTM Stable Cleaning Set has all the tools necessary to keep your horse's stall clean and the barn tidy. The set includes a wheelbarrow, muck tub, manure and bedding fork, broom and shovel, and scrub brush (not shown). Ages 5+ years Size: 6.5" http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/paradise-horse-stable-cleaning-set.html Swab-its 6" Flexible Cleaning Foam Swab: 71-4505 (Bag of 50 Swabs) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/swab-its-6-flexible-cleaning-foam-swab-71-4505-bag-of-50-swabs.html Bag of 50 Swabs: Item Number 71-4505. The Swab-its 6-inch foam-tip flexi swab. Perfect for auto and aviation, industrial solutions, and printer head and printer dies cleaning. Recommended by many printing manufacturers. 50 swabs per-bag at the price of $15.47. Each swab will cost .31 cents. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/swab-its-6-flexible-cleaning-foam-swab-71-4505-bag-of-50-swabs.html Cleaning and Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-and-cleaning.html Cleaning and Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-and-cleaning.html Samsung Reality U820 Premium Rubberized Blue Snap-On Hard Cover Case + Screen Protector with Small Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/samsung-reality-u820-premium-rubberized-blue-snap-on-hard-cover-case-screen-protector-with-small-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Samsung Reality U820 Premium Rubberized Blue Snap-On Hard Cover Case + Screen Protector with Small Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. This protector case is custom made for your device. It is made of a high quality light weight plastic that provides great protection for your device. It comes with cutouts that are perfectly designed so that you are able to utilize every function of your phone. This case is perfect for those who want to add some visual flare to their device and at the same time have the benefit of superb protection! 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