www.CleaningFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.CleaningFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2017 CleaningFunStore.com Wed, 22 Nov 2017 13:48:42 -0600 I Hate Cleaning Laser Etched Italian Charm http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/i-hate-cleaning-laser-etched-italian-charm.html Authentic Clearly Charming Italian Laser Charms are premium quality stainless steel Italian charm links with official corporate stamp on reverse. They are all laser engraved in the United States for superior quality. It will make a great addition to your Italian charm bracelet or a perfect personalized gift. Add Clearly Charming premium quality modular Italian Charm links to your bracelet to create a lasting memory of special occasions, unique moments, and loved ones or simply show off your personality with a few of your favorite things. Fits all major brands of Italian Charms. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/i-hate-cleaning-laser-etched-italian-charm.html Tooluxe 23-Piece Complete HVLP Air Spray Gun Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/tooluxe-23-piece-complete-hvlp-air-spray-gun-cleaning-kit.html Keep your spray paint guns clean and ready to use! Designed to keep spray guns clean and in good condition Use with any thinners or solvents Helps clean away paint residual and sludge. Designed for use with HVLP or regular High Pressure guns. Package includes one long handle angle wire brush, one long handle straight wire brush, one medium size brush, one brass brush, six micro needle set with handle, five fine brush, two hobby knife holder, one plastic handle tooth brush, three mini straight brush and one bottle of lubrication. Storage case included. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/tooluxe-23-piece-complete-hvlp-air-spray-gun-cleaning-kit.html E-Wipe Cleaning Pad for Optics 24per/box http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/e-wipe-cleaning-pad-for-optics-24per-box.html Safe for use on monochrome CCD's, scanners, optical mirrors and other sensitive electronic and photographic image-forming surfaces when used as directed. e-wipe combines an ultra pure lint-free wipe and a precise pre-measured amount of an ultra-pure, highly refined alcohol mixture. This convenient packaging prevents over useage and contamination which can destroy an expensive component. As originally sealed, this packet contains not more than 5 parts per million of contaminants and when used, will dry instantly leaving absolutely no residue! To use, tear open a packet at notch and remove wipe. With a gentle flick of the wrist, the pad will unfold. This should be done with one hand to minimize handling. Lightly wipe across the surface to be cleaned in a single direction only. Do not go over a previously cleaned area with the same wipe, or re-use a wipe at any time, as the dirt collected can cause severe damage. Recommended by manufacturers of digital cameras, scanners and other devices with critical cleaning requirements. This product meets or exceeds SEMI standards. Not for use with Dye-On CCD chip. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/e-wipe-cleaning-pad-for-optics-24per-box.html HTC HD2 T8585 DIGITIZER + 5PC TOOL KIT + MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/htc-hd2-t8585-digitizer-5pc-tool-kit-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Scratch your Screen on your HTC Droid HD2 T8585? Touch function is slow and not responding well? Here's the replacement part. Brand New Genuine OEM Parts (HTC logo and Tmobile logo) Save your phone and money by using these parts Best replacement for your HTC HD2 Content: OEM Touch screen grade A (no bubbles) Tested and ensured 100% working<br><br>Use this tool kit for all your repair replacement iPhones or iPods. Remove iPhone 3G front display screen in less than 30 seconds with this tool kit. MAGNETIZED screw driver tips will come in handy when handling small parts / screws. Complete Tool Kit included Cross hair screw driver torx specially designed to work with iPhone / iPod Touch housing / case repair works. T6 torx screw driver, this is not any regular T6, it is designed to give you the most reliable and very user friendly, it's long, and the body turn-able. Plastic plying tools, including two pieces, you will need both of these pieces to help you open the housing much easier and safe. Suction Cup Vacuum opener, adhere this plastic vacuum opener on your screen and it'd stick strong enough so you can pull out the screen easily. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/htc-hd2-t8585-digitizer-5pc-tool-kit-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Nikon Starter Digital SLR Camera Case - Gadget Bag with Tripod + Cleaning Kit for D7000, D5000, D3100, D3000, D60, & D40 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-starter-digital-slr-camera-case-gadget-bag-with-tripod-cleaning-kit-for-d7000-d5000-d3100-d3000-d60-d40.html <p><b>Kit includes:</B><br> 1) Nikon Starter Digital SLR Camera Case - Gadget Bag<br> 2) Precision Design Deluxe Camera Tripod with Carrying Case<br> 3) Precision Design Deluxe 6-Piece Lens & Digital SLR Camera Cleaning Kit<p> <p>Protect your valuable photography equipment with this <b>sturdy, water-repellant carrying case</b> from Nikon. Constructed from <b>durable, ballistic nylon</b>, this compact system case is ideal for storing your Nikon D40, D40x, D60, D3000, D5000 or other similarly-sized digital SLR camera, plus lenses and accessories. Features padded dividers in the main compartment to secure your equipment, and includes numerous zippered and mesh pockets for smaller items.</p> <p><b>Key Features:</B><br> Made from durable, water-resistant, ballistic nylon<br> Thoroughly padded for impact protection<br> Numerous accessory pockets for batteries, memory cards, filters and more<br> Padded, adjustable shoulder strap<br> Accommodates 1 compact digital SLR camera, up to 2 lenses, 1 flash unit and accessories<br> Internal Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.5 x 5 x 5 inches (21.6 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm)<br> External Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.5 x 6.7 x 6.5 inches (24.1 x 17.1 x 16.5 cm)<br> Weight: 1.14 pounds (517g)<p> <p>Avoid camera shake and achieve maximum image quality by setting your camera on this sturdy, <b>lightweight 57-inch tripod</b>.</p> <p>This <b>6-piece cleaning kit</b> contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including a Hurricane Air Blower, Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Brush and Cotton Swabs.</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-starter-digital-slr-camera-case-gadget-bag-with-tripod-cleaning-kit-for-d7000-d5000-d3100-d3000-d60-d40.html New Trademark Cordless Motorized BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush Sure-Grip Ergonomic Handle For Comfort http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/new-trademark-cordless-motorized-bbq-grill-cleaning-brush-sure-grip-ergonomic-handle-for-comfort.html This cordless motorized BBQ grill cleaning brush is the fastest and easiest way to clean your grill. You will never have to clean your grill one stroke at a time with this brush, just push the button and heavy duty rotating brass bristles quickly polish away your normal cookout residue. For extra-tough buildups, the motorized brush comes with a built in stainless steel scraper to get that grill extra clean. BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush is fast, clean and convenient to use with its one touch button and sure-grip ergonomically designed handle. Stop slaving over a hot grill and let the Cordless Motorized BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush do the work for you! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/new-trademark-cordless-motorized-bbq-grill-cleaning-brush-sure-grip-ergonomic-handle-for-comfort.html Trio of Sunshine¬ Jewelry and More Cleaning Cloths http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/trio-of-sunshine-jewelry-and-more-cleaning-cloths.html Soft, effective Sunshine Cloths clean, polish, and brighten jewelry and a whole lot more! Special non-scratch micro-abrasives and a gentle chemical cleansing agent make these cloths safe to use on silver, gold, copper, bronze, flatware, brass lamps, tile, hardwood and many other surfaces to effectively remove tarnish, grime, and fingerprints. If one is great, then three are even better to keep your keepsakes looking great! Set includes three Sunshine Cloths, each measuring 7-1/2" L x 5" W. Made in Japan. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/trio-of-sunshine-jewelry-and-more-cleaning-cloths.html Daily Eye Cleaning Pads 50 Count http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/daily-eye-cleaning-pads-50-count.html Blum Naturals Daily Eye Cleaning Pads 50 pads Contains Organic Aloe Vera extract Cleanse Balance Restore Blum Naturals Daily Eye Cleansing Pads are infused with natural and organic botanicals that remove eye & face make-up. These thick pads keep your skin looking and feeling smooth, refreshed, and moisturized. Aloe Vera Extract known as Aloe Barbadensis is derived from the leaf. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, & proteins. By choosing Blum Naturals you are avoiding synthetic fragrances, preservatives and parabens. Hypo-allergenic and pH balanced. Not tested on animals http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/daily-eye-cleaning-pads-50-count.html 18 Bonghit Cleaning Party (feat. The Talking Pomegranate) [Explicit] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/18-bonghit-cleaning-party-feat.html 18 Bonghit Cleaning Party (feat. The Talking Pomegranate) [Explicit] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/18-bonghit-cleaning-party-feat.html Reliable 7TPAC0200 Cloth Cleaning Pad for Enviromate Steam Floor Cleaners, 2 Count http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/reliable-7tpac0200-cloth-cleaning-pad-for-enviromate-steam-floor-cleaners-2-count.html Steam carpets to freshly restored brilliance with the help of these innovative cloth cleaning pads. Designed for use with the Reliable T-Series Enviromate carpet steamers, the soft cloths offer chemical-free, easy-to-use protection for carpeting of all kinds, even expensive and fragile Oriental-style rugs. Simply vacuum the floor to remove surface dust and dirt, then wrap a cleaning pad around the steamer's brush before operating to ensure gentle cleaning without damage to the carpet fibers. The pad absorbs dirt and debris loosened by the combination of pressure and steam from the cleaner. Repeat the process with a second, clean cloth for drying. The fluffy cloths reinvigorate and renew carpet fibers, helping to return them to their original beauty. Hardworking and effective, the set of two replacement cloths measures approximately 6 by 6-inches. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/reliable-7tpac0200-cloth-cleaning-pad-for-enviromate-steam-floor-cleaners-2-count.html Spin 'n' Clean 2 in 1 Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spin-n-clean-2-in-1-cleaning-kit.html The Spin 'n Clean from dreamGEAR is just what you need to make sure your discs are clean and free from build up. Sometimes a small finger print can cause a disc to skip or run improperly, so keep your disc playing smooth and running clean with the disc cleaner cartridge, console lens cleaner with voice instructions and extra soft cleaning cloth. Cleans all video game discs, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and HD-DVDs. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spin-n-clean-2-in-1-cleaning-kit.html DRAFTSMAN'S (DRY) CLEANING PAD 3oz http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/draftsman-s-dry-cleaning-pad-3oz.html Professional Draftsmans Cleaning PadsPowdered gum erasers in a mesh fabric pad that gently removes dirt and smudges from drafting media without abrading the surface SuppliesNet item (1248) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/draftsman-s-dry-cleaning-pad-3oz.html Cleaning His Gun http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-his-gun.html Cleaning His Gun http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-his-gun.html EcoCloath Glass & Polishing Cleaning Cloth, Each http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ecocloath-glass-polishing-cleaning-cloth-each.html Thanks to millions of tiny fibers made possible by highly specialized fabrication, the Glass & Polishing Cloth produces uncommon cleaning results. What makes these results even more impressive is that absolutely no harmful household chemicals are used just E-cloth and plain water. The cloths special texturing penetrates and removes light grease and dirt leaving all shiny surfaces (windows, mirrors, stainless steel, etc.) streak-free and sparkling clean, without chemical residue. Cleaning tha http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ecocloath-glass-polishing-cleaning-cloth-each.html The Minimalist Cleaning Method http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-minimalist-cleaning-method.html Have you ever looked around a home and envied the open, spacious, super-clean look? This look is obtained by minimizing the amount of personal possessions on display, and reduces the amount one is forced to work maintaining the home.<br><br>By reducing not only your possessions but your cleaning supplies as well you can minimize both your cleaning time and expenses. <br><br>The Minimalist Cleaning Method was researched by the author and provides a variety of cleaning recipes and methods that will enable you to reduce your cleaning to a minimum.<br><br>Written by a frugal living expert who practices Minimalism, this book provides practical tips and a lighthearted look at Minimalism and the Minimalist Method of house cleaning. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-minimalist-cleaning-method.html Grill Daddy GB91062C Grill Cleaning Tool Bundle With 2 Replacement Brushes http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/grill-daddy-gb91062c-grill-cleaning-tool-bundle-with-2-replacement-brushes.html <p><b>Grill Daddy GB91062C Grill Cleaning Tool.</b><br>- Cleans between grill grates & surfaces.<br>- Steams away baked-on food & grese.<br>- Leaves grill spotless and sanitary.<br>- Safe for steel, iron & porcelain grills got or cold.<br>- Easy to use preheat, rinse, sterilize.<p><b>Bundle Also Includes:</b><br>- 2 sets of Grill Daddy GB05522S Replacement Brush for Grill Daddy. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/grill-daddy-gb91062c-grill-cleaning-tool-bundle-with-2-replacement-brushes.html J-B Non-Embedding Bore Cleaning Compound http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/j-b-non-embedding-bore-cleaning-compound.html Paste cleaner gets bores sparkling clean without caustic liquids. Removes lead residue in just three passes. Cushioned abrasive action actually polishes your bore clean without damage. Used and trusted by precision shooters for over 40 years to clean their finest rifle bores. 2 oz. jar http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/j-b-non-embedding-bore-cleaning-compound.html Aqua Quick Swimming Pool Cleaning Vacuum Tool Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/aqua-quick-swimming-pool-cleaning-vacuum-tool-kit.html The AquaQuick Spa & Pool Vacuum is the all in one cleaning tool! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/aqua-quick-swimming-pool-cleaning-vacuum-tool-kit.html PM Company Perfection Credit/Debit Verification Roll Kit for Verifone 250 Printer, 1 Ribbon and Cleaning Card, 10 (2-Ply) White/Canary Rolls/Carton (09300) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pm-company-perfection-credit-debit-verification-roll-kit-for-verifone-250-printer-1-ribbon-and-cleaning-card-10-2-ply-white-canary-rolls-carton-09300.html Sold as a carton of 10 rolls, 1 ribbon, 1 cleaning card. 3 inches x 90 feet top quality, 2-ply white/canary, carbonless rolls. Provides duplicate copies with crisp, dark images. For the Verifone Tranz 420/460. Swipe-through cleaning card removes all dirt on machine feets card-reader mechanism. Black/red ribbon includes superior inks and nylons for long life and optimum performance. All rolls converted in the United States. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pm-company-perfection-credit-debit-verification-roll-kit-for-verifone-250-printer-1-ribbon-and-cleaning-card-10-2-ply-white-canary-rolls-carton-09300.html Giottos CL1001 Large Cleaning Kit with Small Rocket Blaster http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giottos-cl1001-large-cleaning-kit-with-small-rocket-blaster.html Large Cleaning Kit includes small Rocket Blaster and retractable two-position goat's hair brush as well as a dye-free microfiber cleaning cloth. Includes 30ml alcohol -free cleaning solution and 10 cotton swabs also. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giottos-cl1001-large-cleaning-kit-with-small-rocket-blaster.html 4819 GI M-16 Rifle Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/4819-gi-m-16-rifle-cleaning-kit.html 4819 GI M-16 Rifle Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/4819-gi-m-16-rifle-cleaning-kit.html Video Sunglasses - Stylish Elegant Design with Concealed Video Camera Recorder - Internal Memory + Micro SD Card Slot - Includes Case + Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/video-sunglasses-stylish-elegant-design-with-concealed-video-camera-recorder-internal-memory-micro-sd-card-slot-includes-case-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html <b>Record what you see--hands-free--with these video recording sunglasses.</b> <br><br>They're lightweight, making them great for traveling, skiing, and other outdoor activities, and they capture all the action without any hassle.Like ordinary sunglasses, these are designed with polarized lenses that provide UV protection. Plus, they feature innovative technology that allows a built-in video camera to record video and audio content for up to three hours on the internal memory. The camera is positioned over the bridge of the nose for minimal visibility, while still providing a wide recording range.<br><br>A Micro SD slot on the arm of the glasses allows you to input your own MicroSD memory card for more recording time--up to eight hours with a 2GB MicroSD card, (not included). When you're done, you can easily upload the video to your computer with the included USB cable.<br><br>Grab these glasses as a unique gift for the hard-to-shop-for on your list--their unisex design makes them a great pick for men and women. Or get them for kids to use when jumping on the trampoline, playing wiffle ball in the backyard, or bike riding. <br><br>Includes recording camera sunglasses, USB cable, carrying case, and polishing cloth <br><br><b>Specs</b><br>* 1gb internal memory <br>* Memory card slot holds up to 2GB MicroSD card, (not included) <br>* 320x240 resolution <br>* Records in 3GP format that is converted to mp4 format for uploading<br>* Built-in lithium battery - Charging time 6-8t hours <br>* High-tech ABS plastic with a modern glossy finish <br>* Measurements: Sunglasses 6 -1/2"W x 6 - 1/2"L x 1 - 1/2"H; Case 6- 1/2"L x 2-3/8"H x 3-1/4"W <br><br>What's in the Box:<br><br>- Recording Camera Sunglasses <br>- USB Cable <br>- Carrying Case <br>- Polishing Cloth <br><br>System Requirements:PC:Windows 2000 or higher500MHz Pentium processor or higher512MB RAM or higher, 1GB hard drive space or more, One USB port http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/video-sunglasses-stylish-elegant-design-with-concealed-video-camera-recorder-internal-memory-micro-sd-card-slot-includes-case-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html NorthStar Drain Cleaning Hose - 90Ft. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/northstar-drain-cleaning-hose-90ft.html Easily cleans even heavily plugged pipes, with no chemicals! Attaches to your 3000 max. PSI, 5 GPM pressure washer and uses 140deg F max. temperature water to clean out drains at a distance of up to 150 feet. Application: Drain cleaning, Hose Length (ft.): 90, Max. PSI: 3,000, Temperature Range ( deg F): 140 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/northstar-drain-cleaning-hose-90ft.html Micro Trombone Cleaning Snake http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/micro-trombone-cleaning-snake.html Flexible coiled wire with bristle brush on both ends. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/micro-trombone-cleaning-snake.html Omega Paw Paw-Cleaning Litter Mat, Tan http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/omega-paw-paw-cleaning-litter-mat-tan.html Cat owners appreciate the benefits of having the Paw Cleaning Litter Mat. The litter mat is designed to remove litter that becomes lodged in cat's paws. Angled louvers that run across the mat, capture and hide the litter from view as cats walk across it. For a clean and attractive solution to cat litter mess, choose the Omega Paw, Paw Cleaning Litter mat. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/omega-paw-paw-cleaning-litter-mat-tan.html Haan SI-35 Upright Slim & Light Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer, with 2 microfiber pads, carpet sanitizing tray, 1 resting pad & 1 measuring cup http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/haan-si-35-upright-slim-light-steam-cleaning-floor-sanitizer-and-vapor-steamer-with-2-microfiber-pads-carpet-sanitizing-tray-1-resting-pad-1-measuring-cup.html Equipped with a powerful 1200-watt heating system, this environmentally friendly steam cleaner heats up in less than three minutes and offers a chemical-free way to clean and sanitize hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, and any other sealed hard-floor surface throughout the home. It features 15 evenly spaced steam jets that release a steady stream of 212-degree F steam, which kills 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria. The unit's super-absorbent, multi-layer microfiber cleaning pads reduce friction, lock in dirt, and leave floors dry to the touch. Furthermore, a hook-and-loop system allows for hands-free attachment and removal of the machine-washable pads. The unit works with regular tap water, and its removable water tank provides up to 20 minutes of continuous steam before needing a refill. Other highlights include a low-profile swivel steam head; a nonslip ergonomic grip to reduce hand and wrist stress; an "on" indicator light; a pivoting power-cord holder; a power-cord management system to keep the pathway clear; a lightweight design at less than 4 pounds (with a full tank of water); and a convenient storage hook for hanging when not in use. One floor-protector pad, two ultra-microfiber pads, a gliding tray for sanitizing and refreshing carpeted areas, and a user manual come included. The floor cleaner measures approximately 6 by 13 by 45 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/haan-si-35-upright-slim-light-steam-cleaning-floor-sanitizer-and-vapor-steamer-with-2-microfiber-pads-carpet-sanitizing-tray-1-resting-pad-1-measuring-cup.html Thermal Print Head Cleaning Pen 5-pack http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/thermal-print-head-cleaning-pen-5-pack.html Primera Technology Printer cleaning kit 76922 Cleaning Kits http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/thermal-print-head-cleaning-pen-5-pack.html Vivitar LCD Screen Protector + Cleaning Cloth Accessory Kit for Apple iPad http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/vivitar-lcd-screen-protector-cleaning-cloth-accessory-kit-for-apple-ipad.html <p><b>Kit Includes:</b><br> 1) Vivitar LCD Screen Protector for Apple iPad<br> 2) Precision Design Microfiber Lens Cloth with Neoprene Pouch<br> 3) CleanDr Plasma/LCD Screen Microfiber Cleaning Cloth & Spray Cleaner<p>The <b>Vivitar LCD Screen Protector for Apple iPad</b> prevents scratching and eliminates glare. The screen protector will keep your screen looking new and protect it from scuffs, wear and damage. In addition, you can remove, clean and reapply the screen protector to ensure clear viewing at all times.<p>This <b>6x6-inch Microfiber Lens Cloth</b> includes an attached water-resistant <b>neoprene pouch</b> that keeps the cloth dry and protected from dust, dirt and other contaminants.<p>The <b>CleanDr Plasma/LCD Screen Microfiber Cleaning Cloth & Spray Cleaner</b> is the safe and quick way to remove dust, dirt and oil from plasma, LCD and all other types of screens. It is non-abrasive, machine washable and the UltraClear solution is perfect for cleaning electronics wet or dry. This cloth delivers a clean, glare-free screen every time! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/vivitar-lcd-screen-protector-cleaning-cloth-accessory-kit-for-apple-ipad.html Fiberglass Rust Brush Detail Prep & Cleaning Tool http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/fiberglass-rust-brush-detail-prep-cleaning-tool.html <p align="left">Brush Away Rust. Rust Brush has a tough fiberglass core that quickly and easily removes rust and dirt from chips and scratches. Essential before painting.</p> <div align="left"> <ul> <li>Cleans away wax, road film & rust. <li>Cleans & prepares an area for soldering. Cleans electrical connections, contacts, cable ends and tools. <li>Cleans & prepares any Metal surface for painting, gluing & any other type of restoration. <li>Cleans rivets and screws. <li>Excellent For Spot Sanding and Paint Chip Repairs. <li>If you have ever had trouble with paint chipping or flaking off after masking off and painting graphics, this tool will be a big help. You can scuff up the paint surface right up to the masking tape. No shiny surface will show. You get a much sharper edge and paint adherence. </ul> </div> <p align="left">The Detail Prep tool gets into the smallest areas to completely clean the designated area. Color of tool varies.</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/fiberglass-rust-brush-detail-prep-cleaning-tool.html UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/utg-9mm-pistol-cleaning-kit.html 9mm Cal. Pistol Cleaning Kit Includes 2-Piece Copper Cleaning Rod, 9mm Cal. Bore Brushes (Cotton Mop, Bronze, Nylon, 1PC Each), Copper Patch Loop, Black Plastic Box Packaging http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/utg-9mm-pistol-cleaning-kit.html ArmorAll 10863 Cleaning Wipes http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/armorall-10863-cleaning-wipes.html Cleans dash, vinyl and fabric, 7" x 9" disposable wipe. 6 per case. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/armorall-10863-cleaning-wipes.html Splat SPLAT-AC-3J Orange Auto-Clean Cleaning Putty - 3 oz. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/splat-splat-ac-3j-orange-auto-clean-cleaning-putty-3-oz.html Splat Auto Clean is a high viscosity gel which is applied to your cars nooks and crannies. Simply press and peel Splat and it will catch the dust and debris that collects in those hard to reach areas. Also works on leather, vinyl and upholstery. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/splat-splat-ac-3j-orange-auto-clean-cleaning-putty-3-oz.html Oakley Sunglasses Micro Fiber Soft Cloth Cleaning / Storage Bag http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/oakley-sunglasses-micro-fiber-soft-cloth-cleaning-storage-bag.html Oakley Sunglasses Micro Fiber Soft Cloth Cleaning / Storage Bag http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/oakley-sunglasses-micro-fiber-soft-cloth-cleaning-storage-bag.html Lyons Recorder Cleaning Rod (Standard) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lyons-recorder-cleaning-rod-standard.html Plastic cleaning rod for use with reorders. Use with small absorbent cloth (not included) to clean inside of the recorder.. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lyons-recorder-cleaning-rod-standard.html Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Infrared Shutter Remote Control + Nikon Cleaning Kit for D7000, D5000, D3000, D90, D80, D60, D40x & D40 Digital SLR Cameras http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-ml-l3-wireless-infrared-shutter-remote-control-nikon-cleaning-kit-for-d7000-d5000-d3000-d90-d80-d60-d40x-d40-digital-slr-cameras.html <P><B>Kit includes:</B><BR> 1) Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control<BR> 2) Nikon 3-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit<br> 3) Precision Design Deluxe Hurricane Blower<p> The <b>Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control</b> acts as a wireless shutter release capable of instantly triggering the shutter without disturbing the camera. It is ideal for taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach, or to minimize vibration for close-ups and time exposure. The <b>ML-L3</b> is powered by a CR-2025 3v battery (included).<p> The <b>Nikon 3-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit</b> contains everything you need to keep your lenses, optical equipment and other gear fresh and clean. Includes 1 fl. oz. Spray Bottle of Liquid Lens Cleaner, Pack of 3 Moist Lens Cleaning Cloths and a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.<p> The <b>Precision Design Deluxe Hurricane Blower</b> is very powerful and easy to use cleaning system. The super air stream <b>blows off dust particles</b>, even those attracted by static electricity, <b>without any physical contact</b>. It works great when used on digital camera sensors, lenses, telescopes, computer keyboards, microscopes, communications equipment, musical instruments and much more.<p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-ml-l3-wireless-infrared-shutter-remote-control-nikon-cleaning-kit-for-d7000-d5000-d3000-d90-d80-d60-d40x-d40-digital-slr-cameras.html Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/coffee-grinder-cleaning-brush.html Coffee Grinder Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/coffee-grinder-cleaning-brush.html Gilmour 75QGFMR Foamaster Adjustable Multi Ratio Cleaning Gun http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gilmour-75qgfmr-foamaster-adjustable-multi-ratio-cleaning-gun.html <ul><li>Accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals</li><li>Foaming attachment provides fan spray; solid streat without attachment</li><li>Chemical resistant polyethylene bottle</li><li>Adjustable to 1, 2, 4, 6, or 12 oz. per gallon</li><li>Made in USA.</li></ul><ul><li>Accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals</li><li>Foaming attachment provides fan spray; solid streat without attachment</li><li>Chemical resistant polyethylene bottle</li><li>Adjustable to 1, 2, 4, 6, or 12 oz. per gallon</li><li>Made in USA.</li></ul><ul><li>Accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals</li><li>Foaming attachment provides fan spray; solid streat without attachment</li><li>Chemical resistant polyethylene bottle</li><li>Adjustable to 1, 2, 4, 6, or 12 oz. per gallon</li><li>Made in USA.</li></ul><ul><li>Accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals</li><li>Foaming attachment provides fan spray; solid streat without attachment</li><li>Chemical resistant polyethylene bottle</li><li>Adjustable to 1, 2, 4, 6, or 12 oz. per gallon</li><li>Made in USA.</li></ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gilmour-75qgfmr-foamaster-adjustable-multi-ratio-cleaning-gun.html Naki Eliminator Cleaning Kit for Nintendo http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/naki-eliminator-cleaning-kit-for-nintendo.html In original plastic package, cleaning unit, 2 game cleaning swabs, cleaning solution and directions for cleaning NES game consoles. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/naki-eliminator-cleaning-kit-for-nintendo.html New Balance Suede Shoe Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/new-balance-suede-shoe-cleaning-system.html New Balance Suede Shoe Cleaning System removes stains and spots from your favorite shoes This cleaning system uses a unique dry cleaning bar and suede brush to clean and remove stubborn stains and spots from your suede shoes without water or chemicals. Note: Check for colorfastness. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/new-balance-suede-shoe-cleaning-system.html Cleaning My Gun http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-my-gun.html Cleaning My Gun http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-my-gun.html Economy Beer Line Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/economy-beer-line-cleaning-kit.html After each 1/2 keg or so you should clean your beer lines to make sure your beer tastes fresh and to remove debris that can cause foam. The included, easy to follow directions will have you cleaning your beer lines in a matter minutes. Video: Learn How to Clean Your Draft Beer Lines Click to download Cleaning Kit instructions. In stock and ready to ship. Features: One quart plastic jar and pump assembly. Faucet wrench. Faucet brush. Beer line cleaning solution. Detailed instructions included. Specs: Capacity: 4 oz cleaning solution bottle. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/economy-beer-line-cleaning-kit.html Apple iPad Screen Cleaning Cloth (Fits All Cases) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/apple-ipad-screen-cleaning-cloth-fits-all-cases.html Perfectly designed to fit easily into your iPad case. This ultra-soft microfiber screen cloth will keep your treasured iPad free of finger-marks! It hangs just right and is also a great way of quickly keeping prying eyes away.Fits all iPad cases.No need to stick things over this wonderful screen just keep it free of finger marks with this amazing product. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/apple-ipad-screen-cleaning-cloth-fits-all-cases.html Spring Cleaning (Getting Ready For Love) (2004 Remastered) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning-getting-ready-for-love-2004-remastered.html Spring Cleaning (Getting Ready For Love) (2004 Remastered) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning-getting-ready-for-love-2004-remastered.html Rapala Cleaning Board Combo http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/rapala-cleaning-board-combo.html Fillet fish with ease using the Rapala Fishn Fillet Board/Knife Combo. The board has a clamp for holding the fish tail which keeps the fish in place while you clean it. The V-grooved cutting surface cleans easily. The Rapala Fishn Fillet Board/Knife Combo also comes with the 6" Fishn Fillet Knife and a single stage sharpener for quick and easy blade sharpening. The fillet knife features a birch hardwood handle and stores in a groove in the side of the fillet board. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/rapala-cleaning-board-combo.html Spray Gun Cleaning Kit (DEV192212) Category: Paint Gun Cleaners http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spray-gun-cleaning-kit-dev192212-category-paint-gun-cleaners.html Item #: DEV192212. <p><b>Features & Benefits:</b><ul><li>Contains six precision tools designed to effectively clean spray guns</li><li>Can be easily hung in the gun cleaning area</li></ul><p><b>Includes:</b><ul><li>Spray gun lube</li><li>Cleaning instructions</li></ul> <br>Customers also search for: Discount Spray Gun Cleaning Kit, Buy Spray Gun Cleaning Kit, Wholesale Spray Gun Cleaning Kit, 658701018338, ToolWeb, Paint Gun Cleaners http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spray-gun-cleaning-kit-dev192212-category-paint-gun-cleaners.html Jewelry Cleaning Solution - 653WEB2 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/jewelry-cleaning-solution-653web2.html <BR><BR>Gem and Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate is a concentrated liquid solution that you mix with water to clean jewelry in jewelry cleaning machines and ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines. This special, non-toxic jewelry cleaning solution is for all types of cleaning machines! There are easy to use directions and a small amount will give you numerous uses. Try an 8 Oz. bottle today, or the goliath 1 Gallon bottle. Safe, non-toxic...this stuff works well as a refill for almost any thing. The advantages of this product are entirely up to you. This clear concentrate has a pleasant odor and smell, and won't harm your eyes, hands, body or pets! It can be used as a dip, in a machine, a spray bottle, and it even remove some stains from clothing! Use this cleaner on gold, platinum, diamond, ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, peridot and other non-porous precious and semi-precious gem jewelry!Available in 1 gallon or 8 fl. oz. Blitz Stock #654 gallon 10:1 Blitz Stock #653 8 fl. oz. 5:1 Safe, non-toxic, and easy to use!<BR> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/jewelry-cleaning-solution-653web2.html Airform Leather Case for NDS Lite Nitendo Console + Crystal Clear LCD Protector with Cleaning Cloth (Pink) + Crystal Clear LCD Protector with Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/airform-leather-case-for-nds-lite-nitendo-console-crystal-clear-lcd-protector-with-cleaning-cloth-pink-crystal-clear-lcd-protector-with-cleaning-cloth.html Airform Leather Case for NDS Lite Nitendo Console + Crystal Clear LCD Protector with Cleaning Cloth (Pink) + Crystal Clear LCD Protector with Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/airform-leather-case-for-nds-lite-nitendo-console-crystal-clear-lcd-protector-with-cleaning-cloth-pink-crystal-clear-lcd-protector-with-cleaning-cloth.html Embroidered Infant Rib Knit Beanie with the image of: cleaning logo http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-cleaning-logo.html <ul><li>4.7-ounce, 100% rib knit ring spun combed cotton</li><li>One Size Fits Most</li><li><b>Please note in the diagram that the picture that will be embroidered is the one blown up in the diagram - not the small image on the item.</b></li></ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-cleaning-logo.html Allegro 0350 Safety Glasses Lens Cleaning Wipes, Sold by the Box of 100 Wipes http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/allegro-0350-safety-glasses-lens-cleaning-wipes-sold-by-the-box-of-100-wipes.html Perfect for cleaning eyewear or computer screens, these 100 individually wrapped pre-moistened wipes feature anti-fog, anti-static, silicone-free cleaning. Excellent on glass or polycarbonate lenses, the large 5" x 8" wipes are stored in a wall-mounted cardboard dispenser. Dimensions: 4 3/4"w x 9"h x 2 5/8"d 100/BX http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/allegro-0350-safety-glasses-lens-cleaning-wipes-sold-by-the-box-of-100-wipes.html Sunshine Cleaning [Blu-ray] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sunshine-cleaning-blu-ray.html Academy Award Nominee Amy Adams, Golden Globe Winner Emily Blunt, and Academy Award WinnerAlan Arkin find an unexpected way to turn their lives around in this colorful, refreshingly quirky comic drama (Leah Rozen, People). Desperate to get her son into a better school, single mom Rose (Amy Adams) persuades her slacker sister Norah (Emily Blunt) to join her in the crime scene cleanup business to make some quick cash. With the help of their ill-fated salesman father (Alan Arkin), they climb the ranks in a very dirty job, finding themselves up to their elbows in murders, suicides, and specialized situations. But underneath the dust and grime they also come to discover a true respect for one another, and create a brighter future for the entire Lorkowski family. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sunshine-cleaning-blu-ray.html WhirlyWash TWI-9001 Water-Powered Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/whirlywash-twi-9001-water-powered-cleaning-system.html WhirlyWash is a revolutionary water-powered, gear-driven soft bristle brush that attaches to any garden hose to wash cars, trucks, RV's, boats, siding, patio furniture, windows and much more! The rotating inner brush is powered by water pressure and the outer brush prevents splashing. The multi-adjustable brush head makes it ideal for cleaning those hard to reach places and extends to over 57" when fully assembled. The bristles in the see thru brush head are made of super-soft nylon and are safe on even the finest car finish. WhirlyWash comes complete with a 5-pattern spray nozzle which can be used for rinsing and for high velocity cleaning of wheel wells, driveways, patios, decks, gutters, garbage containers and even 2nd story windows! Use the shower spray pattern to gently water plants, shrubs and flowers. A free squeegee is included! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/whirlywash-twi-9001-water-powered-cleaning-system.html Sonicscrubbers Llc TB Powered Toilet Scrubber With 2 Refill Cleaning Pads http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sonicscrubbers-llc-tb-powered-toilet-scrubber-with-2-refill-cleaning-pads.html Scrubbing Bubbles Sonic Scrubber, Powered Toilet Scrubber With 2 Refill Cleaning Pads, Powered Toilet Scrubber With 2 Refill Cleaning Pads, Push Button Discharge Of Scrubbing Pad, High Power & Torque, Makes Cleaning Easier Than Manual Scrubbing. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sonicscrubbers-llc-tb-powered-toilet-scrubber-with-2-refill-cleaning-pads.html The Wire: The Complete First Season http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-wire-the-complete-first-season.html WIRE: COMPLETE FIRST SEASON - DVD Movie http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-wire-the-complete-first-season.html Debra Lynn Professional Daily Cleaning & Disinfection Book http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/debra-lynn-professional-daily-cleaning-disinfection-book.html Debra Lynn Professional Daily Cleaning & Disinfection Book http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/debra-lynn-professional-daily-cleaning-disinfection-book.html OneStep CRT Screen Cleaning Wipes, Nonstreaking, Anti-Static, 75/Dispenser Tub RRTRR1409 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/onestep-crt-screen-cleaning-wipes-nonstreaking-anti-static-75-dispenser-tub-rrtrr1409.html Nonstreaking, anti-static solution cleans CRT, TV and micrographic screens. Evaporates in seconds. Not for use on nylon mesh or polarized anti-glare screens. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/onestep-crt-screen-cleaning-wipes-nonstreaking-anti-static-75-dispenser-tub-rrtrr1409.html Bissell 2X Ultra Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, 24 Ounces, 78H6 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bissell-2x-ultra-professional-deep-cleaning-formula-24-ounces-78h6.html 2X professional deep cleaning formula: superior cleaning outcleans all other formulas. Effective removal of tough stains and odors. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bissell-2x-ultra-professional-deep-cleaning-formula-24-ounces-78h6.html SC Johnson #70091 SB Toilet Cleaning Gel http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sc-johnson-70091-sb-toilet-cleaning-gel.html Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel, Cleans & Freshens With Every Flush, Contains One Dispenser Plus 6 Gel Discs, Each Disc Cleans Up To 7 Days, Easy To Use, Fresh Lasting Scent, 1 Full Dispenser Lasts Up To 500 Flushes. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sc-johnson-70091-sb-toilet-cleaning-gel.html Men Behaving Badly - Season 3 (British TV Series) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/men-behaving-badly-season-3-british-tv-series.html Crack open a beer, grab your remote control and gorge yourself on an extra-large helping of bad behavior, British style. Flatmates Gary and Tony were an inspiration to a generation of British men. No self-help books or caring and sharing for them. In their world, the '90s were a rude and crude pursuit of good times and sex. But the program inspired a generation of British women as well, proving what they had always known: that inside, all men were really overgrown children whose primary talent was the ability to rearrange their genitals in public. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/men-behaving-badly-season-3-british-tv-series.html Leather Hard Protector Case (Black Skin) for PANASONIC DMC-LX3 LX-3 & DMC-LX5 LX-5 (PANASONIC DMW-CLX3 & DMW-CLX5) + 3" LCD Soft Screen Protector + 1 Microfiber cleaning cloth(Blue) + 1 Ultra Fine Microfiber Cleaning Cloth GOJA Logo http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/leather-hard-protector-case-black-skin-for-panasonic-dmc-lx3-lx-3-dmc-lx5-lx-5-panasonic-dmw-clx3-dmw-clx5-3-lcd-soft-screen-protector-1-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-blue-1-ultra-fine-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-goja-logo.html <b>* 1) PU LEATHER HARD CASE </b> Camera Case designed for PANASONIC DMC-LX3 & DMC-LX5. Made of high quality PU leather with black lining and stitching designed to carry and protect your camera. Protects your camera against damages, dust and scratches, soft internal layer to protect the LCD screen from scratches and bumps.</br> <b> * 2) 3" LCD PROTECTOR</b> This high quality soft LCD protector is made specifically for 3 inch LCD screens. The manufacturer of your camera reports the LCD screen of you camera as 3 inches. You can check the size of the LCD screen of your camera by measuring the distance from the LEFT BOTTOM CORNER TO THE TOP RIGHT CORNER of the actual LCD screen when it is on. Please measure your LCD screen to make sure you like the way this LCD protector will fit your specific camera's LCD screen.</br> <b>* 3) 4) 2 MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS</b> Are made up of extremely fine fibers, usually of synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/leather-hard-protector-case-black-skin-for-panasonic-dmc-lx3-lx-3-dmc-lx5-lx-5-panasonic-dmw-clx3-dmw-clx5-3-lcd-soft-screen-protector-1-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-blue-1-ultra-fine-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-goja-logo.html Super-Scrub BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush - No Scratch http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/super-scrub-bbq-grill-cleaning-brush-no-scratch.html Super-Scrub Barbecue Grill Cleaning Brush - non abrasive way to get the gunk off your stainless steel & ceramic grill surfaces without scratching or abrading them. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/super-scrub-bbq-grill-cleaning-brush-no-scratch.html PSP Core Gamer UMD Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/psp-core-gamer-umd-cleaning-kit.html Make sure your favorite PSP games are always playable, with this special cleaning kit. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/psp-core-gamer-umd-cleaning-kit.html Self Cleaning Garlic Press http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/self-cleaning-garlic-press.html Self Cleaning Garlic Press. Made in Italy. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/self-cleaning-garlic-press.html Cobra Products 333 Drain Cleaning Water Bladder with Garden Hose Attachment, Large http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cobra-products-333-drain-cleaning-water-bladder-with-garden-hose-attachment-large.html Cobra Products 333 Drain Cleaning Water Bladder with Garden Hose Attachment, Large http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cobra-products-333-drain-cleaning-water-bladder-with-garden-hose-attachment-large.html Otis All-Caliber Rifle Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-all-caliber-rifle-cleaning-system.html The All Caliber Rifle Cleaning System is ideal for all rifles including lever actions, bolt actions, and autoloaders. This premium cleaning system will clean all rifles from .17 caliber through .45 caliber. This kit contains three Memory-Flex cleaning rods; a 30" cleaning rod, an 8" chamber cleaning rod, and a 34 small caliber cleaning rod with a forged brass slotted tip. Also included are two solid brass slotted tips, two brass obstruction removers to knock out mud, snow or a stuck case, a rod connector, a T-handle for added comfort when pulling a patch down the barrel, a .5oz tube of Otis O85 Ultra Bore Solvent, all-caliber cotton cleaning patches, and the .22 and .35 caliber bore brushes. The black nylon case comes standard with a locking zipper and belt loop attachment. Make your next hunt a success by using Otis. - Caliber/Gauge: .17 - .45 Caliber Rifles http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-all-caliber-rifle-cleaning-system.html Pro SPRAY GUN CLEANING KIT-HVLP Gravity-Detail-Airbrush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pro-spray-gun-cleaning-kit-hvlp-gravity-detail-airbrush.html Cleaning Kit Includes: 3 Mini End Brushes for cleaning the inside fluid tip and air cap or any area that requires a smaller stiffer brush. 1 Aluminum Holder for Mini End Brushes. A 5 Piece Mini-Brush Set give you size and brush firmness options for cleaning the center hole and horn holes of the air cap, fluid tip, baffle and other small passages. A Firm Brass Tube Cleaning Brush for Gun Body-air and fluid passages. 3 Sizes of Flexible Tube Cleaning Brushes for cleaning the fluid and air inlets, Gun Body-air and fluid passages, gravity cup outlet, and suction cup tube. 6 Micro Needle Picks to remove the needle packing, air cap retaining ring clip, internal gun seals, and cup gasket. 1 Aluminum Holder for Micro Needle Picks. 1 Large General Purpose Brush is included for areas such as the gun body, cup, air cap and ring, trigger, and gun controls. 1 Bottle of Spray Gun Lubricant for use after the gun has been cleaned. 1 Compartmentalized Storage Case http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pro-spray-gun-cleaning-kit-hvlp-gravity-detail-airbrush.html Cleaning Plain & Simple: A ready reference guide with hundreds of sparkling solutions to your everyday cleaning challenges http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-plain-simple-a-ready-reference-guide-with-hundreds-of-sparkling-solutions-to-your-everyday-cleaning-challenges.html Writing especially for the busy person, Smallin begins by asking Whats your cleaning style? Super cleaner? Speed cleaner? Green cleaner? Occasional cleaner? No matter what the style, she has tips for how everyone can be successful at achieving and maintaining a clean, inviting home environment. She covers every imaginable situation, with special advice for dual-career families with busy travel schedules, pet owners, families with small children, allergy sufferers, and homeowners with large outdoor living areas. <br><br>Endorsing the motto clean smarter, not harder, Smallin makes practical suggestions for cleaning routines for each area or room of the house, and breaks down the big tasks into simple, doable pieces with varying timeframes. She builds on her organizing roots and suggests a combination of plain & simple organizing practices combined with daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning practices to keep the home environment clean and clutter-freeleaving more time to enjoy life.<br><br>While keeping things simple, Smallin knows how to get into the nitty-gritty of cleaning. She can talk mops, squeegees, vacuuming, and the most effective products for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, and decluttering with the best of them. She has special tips for cleaning everything from flatware to computers, couch cushions to countertops, shower stalls to stereo speakers, and, of course, the kitchen sink. <br><br>Beyond the living areas, Smallin ventures into the basement, attic, and garage to address keeping storage areas orderly; cleaning bikes, skis, and other recreational equipment; and even the best ways to wash and wax the car, clean the battery, tires, engine, and air filter. Out in the yard, she tackles patios, decks, driveways, sidewalks, outdoor furniture, grills, garden tools, pools, gutters, siding, and trash cans. <br><br>Never before has cleaning been covered so comprehensivelyin such a plain & simple way, designed to appeal to every style of housekeeper. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-plain-simple-a-ready-reference-guide-with-hundreds-of-sparkling-solutions-to-your-everyday-cleaning-challenges.html Air Engine Cleaning Blow Gun 24" Wand http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/air-engine-cleaning-blow-gun-24-wand.html Air Blow Gun features 24" Wand. Excellent for cleaning and drying in hard-to-reach areas. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/air-engine-cleaning-blow-gun-24-wand.html sunshine cleaning - non c'e' sporco che tenga (Dvd) Italian Import http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sunshine-cleaning-non-c-e-sporco-che-tenga-dvd-italian-import.html In order to raise the tuition to send her young son to private school, a mom starts an unusual business -- a biohazard removal/crime scene clean-up service -- with her unreliable sister. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sunshine-cleaning-non-c-e-sporco-che-tenga-dvd-italian-import.html USA Gear DuraNeoprene dSLR FlexArmor for NIKON D7000 / D5000 / D3100 / D3000 / D700 / D300S / D300 / D90 / D80 / D70 / D60 / D50 / D40 / D40x ***Includes Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Memory Card Reader http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/usa-gear-duraneoprene-dslr-flexarmor-for-nikon-d7000-d5000-d3100-d3000-d700-d300s-d300-d90-d80-d70-d60-d50-d40-d40x-includes-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-and-memory-card-reader.html <b>USA Gear DuraNeoprene dSLR FlexArmor Camera Cover</b><br>Offering scratch, dust, lens, LCD, and low-impact bump protection, the DuraNeoprene FlexArmor dSLR Cover is a convenient, quick-release case solution for your digital SLR camera. It's great for outdoor shooting when you don't want to carry a large cumbersome case. When all you need is your body, lens, battery and memory card, this case is the perfect solution. If you are traveling and want to pack light, the DuraNeoprene FlexArmor offers great protection inside a bag with alol of your other travel items. You can feel safe about putting your dSLR camera in your suitcase without a large case to protect it. <br><br>The <b>DuraNeoprene FlexArmor</b> also works great as a permanent home for your dSLR camera when it's not in use. You will prolong the life and quality of your dSLR camera by protecting it from dust, scratches and low-impact bumps. It's an essential accessory for any dSLR camera owner. <br><br><b>It's FLEXIBLE, form-fitting design allows it to work with many models and brands listed below.</b><br><br><b>Compatible with:</b><br><br><b>Nikon</b> D7000 / D5000 / D3100 / D3000 / D700 / D300S / D300 / D90 / D80 / D70 / D60 / D50 / D40 / D40x http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/usa-gear-duraneoprene-dslr-flexarmor-for-nikon-d7000-d5000-d3100-d3000-d700-d300s-d300-d90-d80-d70-d60-d50-d40-d40x-includes-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-and-memory-card-reader.html Pyramex Canister with 100 Lens Cleaning Tissues LCC100 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pyramex-canister-with-100-lens-cleaning-tissues-lcc100.html Pyramex Canister with 100 Lens Cleaning Tissues LCC100 on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Pyramex Eyewear Accessories. Model: Pyramex Safety Canister withh 100 Lens Cleaning Tissues http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pyramex-canister-with-100-lens-cleaning-tissues-lcc100.html Pre-Moistened Towelettes for Cleaning and Conditioning White Boards, 50 Sheets SAN81850 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pre-moistened-towelettes-for-cleaning-and-conditioning-white-boards-50-sheets-san81850.html EXPO Cleaning Wipes for Dry Erase Boards. Low odor and AP Certified nontoxic. Pop-up container with EXPO cleaner solution keeps 50, 6 x 9 sheets moist. Storage area in top of dispenser preserves partially used sheets. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pre-moistened-towelettes-for-cleaning-and-conditioning-white-boards-50-sheets-san81850.html Precision Design 10-inch Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Large) with pouch - for Apple iPad http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/precision-design-10-inch-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-large-with-pouch-for-apple-ipad.html <p>The <b>Apple iPad</b> does not include a screen-wiping cloth. Despite its fingerprint-resistant coating, after a short time with your fingers all over its glossy LED screen, it will inevitably need to be cleaned. And you shouldn't wipe it down with whatever just happens to be handy like your shirt, tie, handkerchief, or tissues otherwise you risk scratching its surface and ruining the screen. <p>The <b>Precision Design Microfiber Cleaning Cloth</b> is designed using the latest 21st Century technology to clean fingerprints and smudges from the Apple iPad LED touch-screen 9.7-inch display as well as the LCD screen on Netbook and Notebook computers quickly, safely and easily.<p><b>Features:</b><br>Large size 10x10-inch microfiber cleaning cloth<br>Reusable washable with any mild dish soap or detergent<br>Stays clean as it conveniently and compactly stores inside its self-contained carrying pouch<br>Handy snap-hook clip makes it easy to go everywhere with you attaches to your keychain, belt loop, carry case or pocketbook<br>Safe for use on all optical equipment and surfaces<br>Gets rid of annoying fingerprints, greasy smudges, and distracting dust from all your LED and LCD Screens safely and easily to keep them sparkling clean</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/precision-design-10-inch-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-large-with-pouch-for-apple-ipad.html Park Tool CG-2 Chain Gang Chain Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/park-tool-cg-2-chain-gang-chain-cleaning-system.html A dirty drivetrain causes poor shifting and unnecessary wear to expensive parts. The Chain Gang contains everything needed to quickly and easily clean the chain, freewheel cogs, and chainrings. The Chain Gang includes a CM-5 Chain Scrubber, a GSC-1 GearClean Brush, and an 8oz bottle of CB-2 Citrus Chain Brite. The CG-2 works on all derailleur bikes and many 3-speed and coaster brake bikes. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/park-tool-cg-2-chain-gang-chain-cleaning-system.html Evriholder EvriStor n' More Portable Cleaning Caddy and Storage Unit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/evriholder-evristor-n-more-portable-cleaning-caddy-and-storage-unit.html This patented organizer is a wall mounted storage unit and portable cleaning caddy all in one. Holds recyclable grocery bags. Also organizes spray bottles, aerosols, flashlights, brushes, rags, and other common utility items. Available with a built in sponge holder and hooks for storing leashes, keys, and cloths. EvriStor N More wall mounts for easy access in the pantry, utility room, laundry, or garage - it also cabinet mounts or simply sits on a shelf ready for use. Simply lift from wall or cabinet mounts and the soft ergonomic carrying handle turns EvriStor N More into a portable caddy that can be used throughout the home. Also designed to fit under any standard sink in the kitchen or bathroom. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/evriholder-evristor-n-more-portable-cleaning-caddy-and-storage-unit.html Fellowes CRC 22020 Deluxe Laptop Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/fellowes-crc-22020-deluxe-laptop-cleaning-kit.html The FellowesDeluxe Laptop Cleaning Kit keeps your laptop and surrounding area sparkling clean. Includes 25ml cleaning spray to remove dust and dirt, a gentle micro fiber cloth that polishes and cleans without scratching, a USB port cleaning tool, a keyboard micro-brush for cleaning hard to reach places, and five hard surface wipes. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/fellowes-crc-22020-deluxe-laptop-cleaning-kit.html Replacement Cleaning Brushes http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/replacement-cleaning-brushes.html 620 These replacement cleaning brushes are the same cleaning brushes that come with each Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Baby Bottle, and are meant to replace worn or lost pieces so you can enjoy your Dr. Brown bottle longer. Features -Replacements -Designed for Dr. Brown Natural Flow bottles ***Please note that these products cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico. We apologize for the inconvenience - feel free to call us regarding alternatives! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/replacement-cleaning-brushes.html Hoppe's Cleaning Kit for .44, .45 Caliber Pistol, with Aluminum Rod, Clam http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hoppe-s-cleaning-kit-for-44.html Contains Hoppe's No. 9 solvent, lubricating oil, patches, pistol rod, knob and slotted ends and brushes. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hoppe-s-cleaning-kit-for-44.html Fluidmaster 8100 Flush 'N' Sparkle Toilet Bowl Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/fluidmaster-8100-flush-n-sparkle-toilet-bowl-cleaning-system.html 8100P8 Features: -Toilet bowl cleaning system. -Easy to install in tank system releases cleanser with every flush for instant, continues bowl cleaning. -Dispenser releases metered amount of cleanser directly into the bowl. -Reduces spread of viruses and bacteria. -No residue or chemicals in tank to damage parts or hamper operation. -Cleanser cartridge is safe to handle without gloves. -Cartridge 1.23 oz . -Carded. -Includes 1 dispenser, 1 cleanser cartridge, 2 flexible tubes and 1 clip. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/fluidmaster-8100-flush-n-sparkle-toilet-bowl-cleaning-system.html Cody's Data Cleaning Techniques Using SAS, Second Edition http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cody-s-data-cleaning-techniques-using-sas-second-edition.html Thoroughly updated for SAS 9, this second edition addresses tasks that nearly every SAS programmer needs to do - that is, make sure that data errors are located and corrected. Written in Ron Cody's signature informal, tutorial style, this book develops and demonstrates data cleaning programs and macros that you can use as written or modify for your own special data cleaning needs. Each topic is developed through specific examples, and every program and macro is explained in detail. <p> You'll learn how to <ul> <li>find and correct errors in character and numeric values <li>develop programming techniques related to dates and missing values <li>use SQL approaches to data cleaning <li>develop techniques for correcting your data errors <li>use integrity constraints and audit trails to prevent errors from being added to a clean data set </ul> <p> Novice and experienced SAS users will discover ways to detect and correct data errors while learning how to apply DATA step programming techniques and SAS procedures. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cody-s-data-cleaning-techniques-using-sas-second-edition.html Outdoor Cleaning with Pressure Washers: A Step-by-Step Project Guide http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/outdoor-cleaning-with-pressure-washers-a-step-by-step-project-guide.html <B>A Complete Guide to Using Power Washers.<B><P> <P>Briggs & Stratton's <I>Outdoor Cleaning with Pressure Washers</I> is the first and only book available on the new tool that is quietly revolutionizing the way homeowners care for their homes and property. <P> <P>Using simple, high-speed water spray, a pressure washer can be used to strip paint from metal and wood, renovate a faded deck, remove grease and oil from concrete slabs or metal engines, and keep tools and lawn equipment clean and shiny. With affordable models now widely available, pressure-washer sales are growing faster than any other power tool, and this is the one book every owner will need.<P> <UL><LI>Detailed step-by-step directions for every possible use of the tool. <LI>Complete maintenance and storage information. <LI>Tips for buying the right pressure washer.</UL> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/outdoor-cleaning-with-pressure-washers-a-step-by-step-project-guide.html EZ WAX 579221 DETAILER Waterless Cleaning Wax 4 PACK http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ez-wax-579221-detailer-waterless-cleaning-wax-4-pack.html EZ Wax Detailer#579221 Wax, Spray, Liquid, 17 oz., Set of 4. E05-579221-4PK Description:Premium EZ Detailer takes the place of several care car products from other leading manufacturers. This is an all in one car cleaner and wax. Best of all, it is non-abrasive to reduce swirl marks and imperfections in your car's finish. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ez-wax-579221-detailer-waterless-cleaning-wax-4-pack.html Cleaning (Kit Clayton's Peaches & Cream Remix) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-kit-clayton-s-peaches-cream-remix.html Cleaning (Kit Clayton's Peaches & Cream Remix) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-kit-clayton-s-peaches-cream-remix.html Herco HE90 Herco Lacquer Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/herco-he90-herco-lacquer-cleaning-cloth.html Chemically-treated double nap flannel cloth, used for cleaning lacquered brass instruments. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/herco-he90-herco-lacquer-cleaning-cloth.html Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Wet & Dry Cleaning Pad 1 ea http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/orange-glo-hardwood-floor-wet-dry-cleaning-pad-1-ea.html For use with Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Mop.<BR>Micro Fiber Grabsa, Traps & Cleans<BR>Orange Glo Microfiber: Pad contains millions of tiny, wedge-shaped microfibers that grab, trap and absorb messes for quick, easy and effective cleaning.<BR>Use with the Orange Glo Mop and Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Care products: 2-in-1 Clean & Shine and Everyday Cleaner.<BR>Questions? 1-800-781-7529 (weekdays)<BR>For more information visit our website at woodfloorcare.com<BR>Made in the U.S.A. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/orange-glo-hardwood-floor-wet-dry-cleaning-pad-1-ea.html Buffalo Industries 12-Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloths http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/buffalo-industries-12-pack-microfiber-cleaning-cloths.html Buffalo part # 65003 Microfiber Detailer Cloth 12Pk http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/buffalo-industries-12-pack-microfiber-cleaning-cloths.html HEARING AID CLEANING WIPES http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hearing-aid-cleaning-wipes.html Product DescriptionRemoves wax & debris from hearing aids and earmolds Designed specifically for hearing aids 30 individually wrapped wipes convenient for use at home or when traveling ***PLEASE NOTE-IF OPENED, THIS IS A NON-RETURNABLE ITEM DUE TO HEALTH DEPARTMENT REGULATIONS*** http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hearing-aid-cleaning-wipes.html Motorola CLIQ MB200 Clear LCD Screen Protector w/Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/motorola-cliq-mb200-clear-lcd-screen-protector-w-cleaning-cloth.html This screen protector's unique material can protect your wireless device against scratching and abrasion. The surface is not textured like other screen protectors, but the smooth feeling of your wireless device's display is left unchanged. The screen protector is very easy to apply and remove, and can give your device the special look and added protection it deserves. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/motorola-cliq-mb200-clear-lcd-screen-protector-w-cleaning-cloth.html O-27 Track Cleaning Car, Christmas http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/o-27-track-cleaning-car-christmas.html O-27 Track Cleaning Car, Christmas http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/o-27-track-cleaning-car-christmas.html 10" Cleaning Whisk http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/10-cleaning-whisk.html These thin strips of split bamboo gathered in a knot at the top are used in a swirling motion under running water to clean the wok. Can also be used as a decorative piece! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/10-cleaning-whisk.html Mentadent Fluoride Toothpaste Advanced Cleaning 5.25-Ounce Refills in 2-Count Boxes, Packaging May Vary (Pack of 3) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mentadent-fluoride-toothpaste-advanced-cleaning-5.html Mentadent Fluoride Toothpaste Advanced Cleaning fight cavities and removes plaque with proper brushing. Not only does this toothpaste offer the ingredients dentists recommend most for the care ofteeth and gums, but it's also clinically proven long-lastin http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mentadent-fluoride-toothpaste-advanced-cleaning-5.html Bodum Fyrkat Metal Grill/Barbeque Cleaning Brush, Black http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bodum-fyrkat-metal-grill-barbeque-cleaning-brush-black.html We all know that half the fun of barbecuing is playing with the BBQ toys. The FYRKAT Grill Tools will bring back childhood memories of rushing out to the sandbox with your new toys - eager to get to work. So, you've got your nipper, your fork and shovel, your BBQ oil brush and your BBQ brush to clean the grill with once your mission is accomplished. But hey, don't become a meat flipper just because you've got the tools for it - a good steak should only be flipped once for ultimate results in tenderness. The FYRKAT grill tools are made mainly from stainless steel and heat-resistant silicone so you stay safe while playing. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bodum-fyrkat-metal-grill-barbeque-cleaning-brush-black.html Dremel 760-04 Two-Speed Cordless Golf Cleaning Rotary Tool http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dremel-760-04-two-speed-cordless-golf-cleaning-rotary-tool.html We don't believe there's a golfer on the planet who wouldn't like a better score, and this little Dremel kit is a dream come true. Any compacted soil on your clubs can affect your trajectory; but a quick buzz with this neat little gizmo and your clubs are ready for the Masters. You can also clean off your golf spikes with the special bristle-brush attachments for a smooth pivot. The pros' caddies clean their clubs before every shot, and we think it'll be your habit, too, once you try out this handy kit. The carrying case clips neatly right to your golf bag and because it runs on good old AA batteries, there's never any recharging. Two smooth speeds deliver the power you want, and changing brushes is a snap. It's the perfect gift for the golfer who has everything except a perfect score. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dremel-760-04-two-speed-cordless-golf-cleaning-rotary-tool.html Cleaning and Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-and-cleaning.html Cleaning and Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-and-cleaning.html How to Start a Home-Based Housecleaning Business, 3rd: * Organize Your Business * Get Clients and Referrals * Set Rates and Services * Understand ... Cleaning Options (Home-Based Business Series) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/how-to-start-a-home-based-housecleaning-business-3rd-organize-your-business-get-clients-and-referrals-set-rates-and-services-understand.html <DIV><DIV>This book explains how to get started, develop a service manual, screen clients, serve customers, select cleaning products, learn from the competition, set up a home office, how to use the Internet to grow your business and more. </DIV></DIV> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/how-to-start-a-home-based-housecleaning-business-3rd-organize-your-business-get-clients-and-referrals-set-rates-and-services-understand.html ArmorAll 10848 Protectant/Cleaning Wipes 2pk. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-wipes-2pk.html Protectant Wipes are the quick and easy way to clean, shine and protect plastic and vinyl. Cleaning Wipes are the quick and easy way to clean auto surfaces. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-wipes-2pk.html Gilmour 75QGF4 Foamaster Cleaning Gun http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gilmour-75qgf4-foamaster-cleaning-gun.html Gilmour 75QGF4 Foamaster Cleaning Gun http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gilmour-75qgf4-foamaster-cleaning-gun.html Hello Kitty Cleaning Wipes Travel Pack: Lavender http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hello-kitty-cleaning-wipes-travel-pack-lavender.html Keep babies, kids and adults clean with Hello Kitty! These cleansing wipes contain a unique gentle cleansing formula and make staying clean when you travel a breeze. Babies will love the soft touch next to their delicate skin. So convenient and easy to pack in your bag when your going down the street or travelling across the ocean! <br><br>Contents: 3 individual packs<br><br>Material: Woven Rayon, Aloe Vera, Water.<br><br>And they're perfect for the whole family:<br>Alcohol-free and hypoallergenic<br>Large wipe for thorough cleansing and coverage<br>Clean, fresh scent<br>Soothing for sensitive skin<br>Provides a fresher clean than dry toilet paper.<br><br>For external use only. Keep out of reach of children, except under adult supervision.<br><br>Size: Each individual pack: 4 x 2.5 x .5 inches http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hello-kitty-cleaning-wipes-travel-pack-lavender.html DS Lite Mini Kit w/ Space Invaders Skin, Game Case, Stylus, Lanyard w/ Cleaning Pad, and Touch Screen Protector http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ds-lite-mini-kit-w-space-invaders-skin-game-case-stylus-lanyard-w-cleaning-pad-and-touch-screen-protector.html This DS Lite mini kits comes with all you need to enhance your gaming experience. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ds-lite-mini-kit-w-space-invaders-skin-game-case-stylus-lanyard-w-cleaning-pad-and-touch-screen-protector.html Denis Wick Lacquer Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/denis-wick-lacquer-cleaning-cloth.html Made of 100% cotton, this soft, yet durable, polish cloth quickly and efficiently removes dust, oily film and residue, leaving behind a brilliant shine. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/denis-wick-lacquer-cleaning-cloth.html Bausch & Lomb Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues, Box Of 100 - Packaging May Vary http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bausch-lomb-pre-moistened-lens-cleaning-tissues-box-of-100-packaging-may-vary.html Anti-fog, anti-static tissues for use on glass or plastic eyewear. Individually packaged. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bausch-lomb-pre-moistened-lens-cleaning-tissues-box-of-100-packaging-may-vary.html Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-this-gun-come-on-in-boy.html Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-this-gun-come-on-in-boy.html The Pressure Cleaning Bible: Marketing: Proven Secrets of the Pros for Winning Marketing Strategies http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-pressure-cleaning-bible-marketing-proven-secrets-of-the-pros-for-winning-marketing-strategies.html Whether you're just starting a pressure cleaning business or ready for unprecendented growth, The Pressure Cleaning Bible: Marketing provides proven methods for building a successful business. Inside you'll find: * A New Alternative from Guesswork * Guaranteed Results for Marketing Your Pressure Cleaning Business * Proven Strategies that Will Make You Money * Valuable Advice for Safe, Effective Advertising * New Tactics with Enormous Benefits * Right Steps to a Secure Future * Fun Techniques to Keep Your Phone Ringing Author Steve Stephens, owner of HydroTech Pressure Cleaning Technologies and founder of the HydroTech Pressure Cleaning Training Facilty, has been a leader in the pressure cleaning business for over 30 years. He is joined by co-author Allison Hester, award-winning writer and former Managing Editor of Cleaner Times Magazine. Together they share the proven, industry-specific marketing strategies for growing your pressure cleaning business. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-pressure-cleaning-bible-marketing-proven-secrets-of-the-pros-for-winning-marketing-strategies.html Dirt Devil Junior 12 Piece Play Cleaning Set http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dirt-devil-junior-12-piece-play-cleaning-set.html Clean up just like Mom and Dad! An educational and fun gift! This set is bright red and yellow. It includes 1 sponge mop that really works, 1 duster, 1 broom, 1 scrub brush, 2 cleaning bottles with moving levers, 1 dustpan, 1 dustpan brush, 3 play boxes and 1 wet floor sign. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dirt-devil-junior-12-piece-play-cleaning-set.html Shoe Gear SUEDE & NUBUCK Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/shoe-gear-suede-nubuck-cleaning-kit.html Eraser bar easily removes spots, scuffs and stains. For: boots, shoes, bags and garments. Brush restores nap, removes dirt, eliminates shiny spots. Fast and easy to use - our eraser bar removes most stains and spots with a few rubs. Safe on any color. Eraser bar can also remove crayon marks from walls, heel marks from floors and scuff marks on leather and vinyl shoes. The nylon bristles of our brush gently remove dirt and restore nap - won't damage delicate suede and nubuck like wire brushes. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/shoe-gear-suede-nubuck-cleaning-kit.html Car Mount with Flexible Gooseneck + 3.5mm Aux Cable (5 Ft.) for the verizon Motorola droid x - Incl. DBROTH Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/car-mount-with-flexible-gooseneck-3-5mm-aux-cable-5-ft-for-the-verizon-motorola-droid-x-incl.html Car kit includes the following,<br><br><b>1) Universal Adjustable Mount</b> <br><br>The easiest solution for your Droid X within your car. Simply attach to your windshield, dashboard or clip to your vehicle's horizontal vents and view your device while driving. Decent and stylish design keeps your car neat.See who is calling right away, never fumble for your call in your car again.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br><br>* Powerful suction cup with lever to activate and release suction<br>* Easily adjustable to any angle for optimal viewing<br>* Cushioned side arms hold your device securely and safely<br>* Includes two clips to attach to horizontal vents<br>* Strong flexible neck for minimal vibration<br>* Adjustable width holds devices from 48mm to 118mm<br>* Quick release button on the resting pad to release the grip of your iPhone/PDA/GPS<br>* The swivel pedestal can be rotated 360 degree which is controlled by a sliding switch<br>* Easy to install, no tools required<br><br><b>2) 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable</b><br><br>This 3.5mm Male to Male stereo cable enables you to listen to your device thru your car's sound system, just plug one end into your device's headphone jack and the other end into the car auxiliary jack <br><br><b>3) DBROTH Microfiber Cleaning Cloth</b> - Keeps your touch screen nice 'n' clean at all times. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/car-mount-with-flexible-gooseneck-3-5mm-aux-cable-5-ft-for-the-verizon-motorola-droid-x-incl.html GrillPro 40501 Grid Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/grillpro-40501-grid-cleaning-brush.html A Grill Brush is an accessory that every grill owner needs, it keeps your grill clean, and removes all of the excess grease and grim that is left over after you have cooked your delicious meals. By cleaning your grill with a quality grill brush after every use, you will prolong the life of your grill, and keep it in great condition all year long. Have you ever wondered how to get all of your baked on grease and food off of your cooking grid? This brush will be come your new must have tool. The GrillPro Grid Cleaning Brush fits perfectly in between your grid to clean each section thoroughly, the stainless steel bristles give a deep abrasive clean and is sure to get it looking like new. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/grillpro-40501-grid-cleaning-brush.html Otis Sportsmans Cleaning Mat http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-sportsmans-cleaning-mat.html With over 1001 uses, Otis introduces the water proof Sportsman's Cleaning Mat. The Sportsman's Mat makes for a great gun cleaning mat, and reload mat. It can be used as a seat in the woods, or to kneel on while cleaning your game. This non-slip pad is also great for precision work, resting your firearms on while at the range or on the tailgate of your pickup truck, and much, much more! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-sportsmans-cleaning-mat.html Hw Alto Recorder Cleaning Swab http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hw-alto-recorder-cleaning-swab.html This swab is sized for the alto recorder and uses a proprietary ultra wicking microfiber to effectively pull damaging moisture from the bore and tone holes of the recorder. The fiber then quickly lets the moisture evaporate. It will not leave fibers in the bore of your instrument. This product is washable and gets better with use. If you are serious about keeping your recorder clean you need this product. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hw-alto-recorder-cleaning-swab.html HEWC5709A - 4MM Drive Cleaning Cartridge http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hewc5709a-4mm-drive-cleaning-cartridge.html 4MM Drive Cleaning Cartridge http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hewc5709a-4mm-drive-cleaning-cartridge.html Oriental Stainless Steel Q-tip (Ear Cleaning Tool) - With Chinese Character Forgiveness http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/oriental-stainless-steel-q-tip-ear-cleaning-tool-with-chinese-character-forgiveness.html Oriental EAR WAX Remover tool, imporved shape, more easily for grabbing. more convenient to clean the ear. with Chinese character " Forgiveness". Once you try one time, you will absolutely love it :) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/oriental-stainless-steel-q-tip-ear-cleaning-tool-with-chinese-character-forgiveness.html Hanna Electrode Cleaning Solution- 500 ml http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hanna-electrode-cleaning-solution-500-ml.html We recommend calibrating digital pens weekly for readings you can trust. It's best to keep pH electrodes wet, and manufacturers recommend using Storage Solution to do this. Calibrate pH meters at both 4.0 and 7.0 to give your pen a "slope" reference. TDS pens must be calibrated with the appropriate reference solution based on brand and type. The Electrode Cleaner is for pH electrodes only. Use rubbing alcohol for TDS electrodes. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hanna-electrode-cleaning-solution-500-ml.html ColorfallsTM Cleaning Brush CFBRUSH http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/colorfallstm-cleaning-brush-cfbrush.html Quickly removes debris from the Colorfalls spillway. Size: 81/2"L x 1/4"W http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/colorfallstm-cleaning-brush-cfbrush.html Accessory Kit For The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 10.1 MP Digital Camera Includes 0.45X Professional Wide Angle HD Lens with Macro + 2x HD Telephoto Lens + Lens Adapter + Lens Pen Cleaning Kit + ButterflyPhoto MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/accessory-kit-for-the-panasonic-lumix-dmc-lx5-10-1-mp-digital-camera-includes-0.html <p>Product Description</p> <p>Kit Includes:<br /> 1) Sakar - High Def. 52MM Wide Angle Lens Black<br /> 2) Sakar - 52mm High Definition Pro 2x Telephoto Lens Black<br /> 3) Bower - LENS ADAPTOR TUBE FOR PANASONIC LX5 (52mm)<br /> 4) Zeikos - Zeikos ZE-LPF LCD/LENS CLEANER<br /> 5) ButterflyPhoto - ButterflyPhoto Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth</p> <p>When your digital camera can't get you quite close enough to the action, this2x telephotoaccessory lens will bring the action twice as close to you. It's perfect for all your long-distance photos of sporting events; candid portrait shots; as well as nature and wildlife photography.</p> <p>When you've run out of room and your back's against the wall and you can't seem to squeeze everything you want in the shot, just put on this wide angle lens attachment to get it all in the picture.This0.45x wide angleattachment more than doubles your camera's wide angle field-of-view.<br /> </p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/accessory-kit-for-the-panasonic-lumix-dmc-lx5-10-1-mp-digital-camera-includes-0.html Mikise FFT Filter Flosser Tool Cartridge Cleaning Tool http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mikise-fft-filter-flosser-tool-cartridge-cleaning-tool.html The Filter Flosser provides a powerful evenly dispersed spray that gets in between the pleats of your cartridge filter, acting like a water pick; it also generates a water and air agitation action that works out the dirt deposits down deep in the cartridge. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mikise-fft-filter-flosser-tool-cartridge-cleaning-tool.html Cleaning Up the Streets http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-up-the-streets.html Cleaning Up the Streets http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-up-the-streets.html Buffing Pad Cleaning Spur For Polishing Bonnets & Pads http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/buffing-pad-cleaning-spur-for-polishing-bonnets-pads.html THIS BUFFING PAD CLEANING SPUR extends the life of all buffing pads and bonnets without taking them off the polisher. Cleans and revitalizes in one operation. Removes glazed surface and fluffs packed wool. Brings pads and bonnets back to like new condition in seconds. Minimizes washing. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/buffing-pad-cleaning-spur-for-polishing-bonnets-pads.html Rich Diesslins Funny General - Editorial Cartoons - Issues of the Real Spiderman - Cleaning - Coffee Gift Baskets - Coffee Gift Basket http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/rich-diesslins-funny-general-editorial-cartoons-issues-of-the-real-spiderman-cleaning-coffee-gift-baskets-coffee-gift-basket.html Issues of the Real Spiderman - Cleaning Coffee Gift Basket is measuring 9x9x4. Contains 15oz mug, BONUS free set of 4 coasters, biscotti and 5 blends of gourmet coffee. French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate and Italian Roast Espresso elegantly presented in our signature black planet coffee gift box. A very nice and thoughtful gift for any occasion. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/rich-diesslins-funny-general-editorial-cartoons-issues-of-the-real-spiderman-cleaning-coffee-gift-baskets-coffee-gift-basket.html Griot's Garage 11145 Paint Cleaning Clay Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/griot-s-garage-11145-paint-cleaning-clay-kit.html Regardless of how clean you think your paint is, there are still contaminants stuck on the paint that you need to remove before waxing or polishing your paint. Paint cleaning clay leaves behind an ultra-smooth surface that will make your wax adhere better and last longer. It also makes the wax much easier to remove, reducing your elbow grease substantially. Clay is safe for all paint and also works great on glass to get it squeaky clean. To use, just remove the clay from the wrapper, spray the paint's surface with Speed Shine (acts as a lubricating fluid), and rub the clay back and forth until there is no drag. This means your paint is clean. Unlike other cleaners and polishes, no buffing or hard circular motions are necessary. Takes literally one fourth the time as it would using paint cleaner. Follow up with best of show wax and your paint will look stunning. The large 8 ounce (226 gram) bar cleans about 7 vehicles, depending on the amount of surface contamination. Try this clay - the results are amazing. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/griot-s-garage-11145-paint-cleaning-clay-kit.html Shark Steam Duster Microfiber Cleaning Pads, Set of 2, XT3501SD http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/shark-steam-duster-microfiber-cleaning-pads-set-of-2-xt3501sd.html Steam clean and dust at the same time. 2-Sides of dusting and cleaning on each pad. Steam duster loops attract, loosen and lock in dirt and dust. Dusting loops extend into corner and crevices that traditional mops miss. Gentle on all sealed floor surfaces, against baseboards and around furniture. Machine washable and reusable. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/shark-steam-duster-microfiber-cleaning-pads-set-of-2-xt3501sd.html Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G VR DX AF-S ED Zoom-Nikkor Lens with HB-57 Hood & Pouch Case + Filter + CapKeeper + Cleaning Kit for D40, D60, D90, D300s, D3000, D3100, D5000 & D7000 Digital SLR Cameras http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/4-5-5.html <P> <B>Kit includes:</B><BR> 1) Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G VR DX AF-S ED Zoom-Nikkor Lens<BR> 2) Vivitar 58mm UV Glass Filter<BR> 3) CapKeeper 2<BR> 4) Precision Design Deluxe 6 Piece Lens & Digital SLR Cleaning Kit<p> <p>The <b>Nikon AF-S 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G VR DX ED Zoom-Nikkor Lens</b> is a compact 5.5x zoom lens for DX-format D-SLR cameras. Its equivalent focal length in FX-format is 82.5-450mm. This lens is an excellent choice for travel, landscapes, portraits, and distant subjects. The lens focuses to 4.6' at every focal length - this versatility ensures stunning close-up shots of subjects near and far.<p> The VR II image stabilization allows you to handhold the your camera at up to 4 shutter speeds slower than would otherwise be possible, assuring dramatically sharper still images and stable video capture. Other features include the silent wave motor (SWM) for quiet accurate autofocusing, and a rounded 9-blade diaphragm that offers stunning out-of-focus highlights. The lens elements have been treated with Nikon's Super Integrated Coating - an optical lens coating process that maximizes light transmission while enhancing clarity and contrast.<p> This <b>Vivitar UV Filter</b> is a multi-purpose, fine-weather filter that is designed to optimize your photography experience. UV filters block out unwanted ultraviolet light and prevents the UV fogging/haze effect, which can result in inaccurate color and lower the apparent sharpness. This filter is also ideal for protecting your valuable lens from scratches and dust.<p> Keep your lens cap securely attached to your lens with the convenient, simple-to-use <b>CapKeeper</b>. Never lose a lens cap again!<p> This <b>6-piece cleaning kit</b> contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including a Hurricane Air Blower, Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Brush and Cotton Swabs.<p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/4-5-5.html NorthStar Drain Cleaning Hose - 30Ft. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/northstar-drain-cleaning-hose-30ft.html Easily cleans even heavily plugged pipes, with no chemicals! Attaches to your 3000 max. PSI, 5 GPM pressure washer and uses 140deg F max. temperature water to clean out drains at a distance of up to 150 feet. Application: Drain cleaning hose, Hose Length (ft.): 30, Max. PSI: 3,000, Temperature Range ( deg F): 140 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/northstar-drain-cleaning-hose-30ft.html Cleaning Sounds Is a Filthy Business [Vinyl] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-sounds-is-a-filthy-business-vinyl.html Cleaning Sounds Is a Filthy Business [Vinyl] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-sounds-is-a-filthy-business-vinyl.html GHS A8 String Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ghs-a8-string-cleaning-cloth.html Treated cloth for all metal guitar or bass strings to clean strings while restoring and preserving tone. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ghs-a8-string-cleaning-cloth.html Scojo Sport SX Polorized Bi Focal Sun Reader http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/scojo-sport-sx-polorized-bi-focal-sun-reader.html The Sport SX Polarized (bifocal) Sunreader is a stylish frame made with unparallel craftsmanship. The Sport SX Sunreader is made out of extremely durable TR-90 surgical material. The Sport SX features polarized polycarbonate bifocal lenses that eliminate glare and protect against scratches. Two great colors are available for the Sport SX. 100% UV protected Sport Sx is available in the following powers: +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50. Includes protective case. .Here's the optical sizing scoop: Lens: 59mm, Bridge: 15mm, Temple: 135mm http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/scojo-sport-sx-polorized-bi-focal-sun-reader.html Life Tree Cleaning Products - Laundry Liquid 1 Gallon - Original Premium Laundry Liquid http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/life-tree-cleaning-products-laundry-liquid-1-gallon-original-premium-laundry-liquid.html Lifetree Original Premium Laundry Liquid is a nice way to keep your clothes and your planet looking good. Made with only safe, biodegradable and completely vegetable derived ingredients that breakdown quickly. Gentle on fabrics and colors. Concentrated, low - sudsing formula is perfect for both front and top loading machines. UPC: 045048033030 Front Label Panel: Lifetree Biodegradable Phosphate Free Up To Does Up To 256 Loads Original Premium Laundry Liquid Made From Vegetable + Pure Essential Oils Super Concentrated Only 1/8Th Cup Per Load 100% Natural Our House Is A Very, Very, Very Green House 1 Gallon Instructions: Directions: Top Load - Use 1/8 To 1/4 Cup For A Full Load. For Heavily Soiled Items, Use Up To 1/2 Cup. Front Load - Use Only 1 To 2 Tablespoons (1/16 To 1/8Th Cup); Up To 1/4 Cup For Heavily Soiled Laundry. Pre-Treat: Pour Directly On Tough Stains And Allow To Soak Before Washing. Note: Always Test For Colorfastness By Applying To Inside Seam Before Pre-Treating Stains. Safe For Hand Washables. Caution: Eye Irritant In Case Of Eye Contact, Flush Well With Water. Call A Physician. If Swallowed, Drink A Glass Of Water To Dilute. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Ingredients: Premium Laundry Liquid Is A Blend Of Purified Water, Pure Vegetable Derived Surfactants, And Pure Essential Oil Fragrance. No Animal Testing Or Ingredient. Supplemental Facts: Here Is A Nice Way To Keep Your Clothes And Your Planet Looking Good. We Use Only Safe And Biodegradable Ingredients That Breakdown Quickly For A Healthy Ecosystem. Keeps White And Colors Bright And Sweet-Smelling. Concentrated, Low Sudsing Formula Is Perfect For Both Front And Top Loading Machines. Environmentally Safe: All Life Tree Products Are Formulated To Biodegrade Quickly And Completely. Contains No Phosphates, Chlorine, Dyes Or Other Environmentally Harmful Ingredients. Safe For Use In Septic Systems. Super Concentrated/Use Less: Many Laundry Products Require 4 Fluid Ounces Per Wash. Life Tree P http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/life-tree-cleaning-products-laundry-liquid-1-gallon-original-premium-laundry-liquid.html Gun Cleaning Made Easy http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gun-cleaning-made-easy.html World renowned gunsmith and competition shooter J. Michael Plaxco demonstrates easy-to-follow gun cleaning techniques that will help you keep your guns in top condition for accuracy and good looks. This video shows what to do and what not to do, and covers pistols (revolvers and automatics), rifles (bolt action and semi-automatic) and shotguns (pump and semi-automatic). Plus, a complete look at the gun cleaning products. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gun-cleaning-made-easy.html iKross 3-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for iPod touch (Clear) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ikross-3-pack-premium-reusable-lcd-screen-protector-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-for-ipod-touch-clear.html Inspire's Clear Overlay Protector for iPod Touch offers a virtually transparent protective shield for your entire iPod screen. Protect your iPod from scratches and minor damages. Easily apply to your screen and device without adhesive. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ikross-3-pack-premium-reusable-lcd-screen-protector-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-for-ipod-touch-clear.html Engine CLEANING Gun SOLVENT AIR Pressure Washer Sprayer http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/engine-cleaning-gun-solvent-air-pressure-washer-sprayer.html Hook up your air compressor, drop the 72" feed tube into a bottle of solvent and blast the dirt and road grime off your engine. The included solvent filter is made of solid metal to help keep the feed tube submerged. Can be used with a wide variety of solvents and degreasers. <br><br> Features: <br><br> <ul> <li>Fitting for 1/4in NPT. air line <li>1/4in. O.D. Chemical Hose Barb Fitting <li>Chemical Hose: 7/32in. I.D. x 6 ft. Long <li>Sprays kerosene, soap & other solvents under high pressure </ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/engine-cleaning-gun-solvent-air-pressure-washer-sprayer.html Embroidered Infant Rib Knit Beanie with the image of: cleaning tooth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-cleaning-tooth.html <ul><li>4.7-ounce, 100% rib knit ring spun combed cotton</li><li>One Size Fits Most</li><li><b>Please note in the diagram that the picture that will be embroidered is the one blown up in the diagram - not the small image on the item.</b></li></ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-cleaning-tooth.html Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleaning Astringent, 8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/clean-clear-advantage-acne-cleaning-astringent-8-ounce-bottles-pack-of-4.html Salicylic acid acne medication removes excess oil. A powerful acne-fighting formula to help treat and prevent breakouts. Made in Canada. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/clean-clear-advantage-acne-cleaning-astringent-8-ounce-bottles-pack-of-4.html Bargaincell- Retail Packing ClearTouch Crystal Scratch Resistant Screen Guard Protector LCD Shield With Lint Cleaning Cloth For Sony PSP http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bargaincell-retail-packing-cleartouch-crystal-scratch-resistant-screen-guard-protector-lcd-shield-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-for-sony-psp.html <BR/> <B></B> 3 full face screen protectors. Made from a tough self-adhesive polymer, they prevent fingerprints, dirt, dust and scratches from marking up your Phone. The screen protection is both easy to apply and remove and will not leave disrupt the touchscreen function of the Phone. Screen protection comes in packs of three with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and applicator card. <br/> <br/>Model #: <br/>Compatible Brands: Sony <br/>Compatible with: PSP <br/>Condition: New <BR/> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bargaincell-retail-packing-cleartouch-crystal-scratch-resistant-screen-guard-protector-lcd-shield-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-for-sony-psp.html Vacuum Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/vacuum-cleaning.html Vacuum Cleaning by Salvor<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i></p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/vacuum-cleaning.html I Understand the Concept of Cooking and Cleaning Just not How it Applies to ME! Mouse Pad. Retro Design MousePad http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/i-understand-the-concept-of-cooking-and-cleaning-just-not-how-it-applies-to-me-mouse-pad.html This Retro design Mouse Pad is a perfect accent for home or office. The inscription reads "I Understand the Concept of Cooking and Cleaning. Just not How it Applies to me!". The Mouse Pad measures 9" x 8" is 100% Polyester face, 100% urethane backing, permanently dye printed & fade resistant.. Whether for yourself or a novelty gift for a friend or co-worker, this is sure to get a laugh and will make an ideal conversation piece. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/i-understand-the-concept-of-cooking-and-cleaning-just-not-how-it-applies-to-me-mouse-pad.html YCC Total Immersion Brush Cleaning Jar http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ycc-total-immersion-brush-cleaning-jar.html YCC Total Immersion Brush Cleaning Jar keeps brushes clean and ready to use. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ycc-total-immersion-brush-cleaning-jar.html Roe: Family Tree, music for children http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/roe-family-tree-music-for-children.html Roe: Family Tree, music for children http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/roe-family-tree-music-for-children.html Mario Kart Fuwa Fuwa Plush Cleaning Cloth Mascot Keychain Bullet Bill http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mario-kart-fuwa-fuwa-plush-cleaning-cloth-mascot-keychain-bullet-bill.html This is a wonderful figure / keychain featuringBullet Bill! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mario-kart-fuwa-fuwa-plush-cleaning-cloth-mascot-keychain-bullet-bill.html Cobra Products 400 Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cobra-products-400-zip-it-drain-cleaning-tool.html Zip It, Drain Cleaning Tool, Used To Unclog Sinks, Showers and Bathtub Drains, Environmentally Safe, Strong Ploy Construction. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cobra-products-400-zip-it-drain-cleaning-tool.html Urnex Tabz Tea Equipment Cleaning Tablets Two Pack http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/urnex-tabz-tea-equipment-cleaning-tablets-two-pack.html <p>Tabz Tea Clean Tea Equipment Cleaning Tablets are specifically designed to offer the functionality of one-step cleaning for Iced Tea Dispensers. By running a brew cycle with a Tabz Tea Clean tablet in the basket, users can simultaneously clean tea stains from both the brew basket and server beneath. Daily cleaning of tea dispensers with Tabz Tea Clean ensures fresh tasting tea and properly maintained equipment. We believe that Tabz. Tea Clean represents an exciting new delivery concept for cleaning tea equipment, and we hope to build on this innovation in our efforts to help our customers continue to serve the best tasting beverages possible.</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/urnex-tabz-tea-equipment-cleaning-tablets-two-pack.html Party Decoration Necktie with body, individuals, individual, fear, humans, woman, person, cleaning, human, persons, cat, people, vacuum, house http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/party-decoration-necktie-with-body-individuals-individual-fear-humans-woman-person-cleaning-human-persons-cat-people-vacuum-house.html Party decoration necktie with sublimated artwork. High quality, silky touch, snow white polyester. Ideal birthday gift. Sublimation and shipping might take 6-10 business days. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/party-decoration-necktie-with-body-individuals-individual-fear-humans-woman-person-cleaning-human-persons-cat-people-vacuum-house.html Premium Carrying Case (JPCase) for Apple iPad with cleaning cloth and writing pad, black leather, microfiber cleaning cloth, additional pocket for cable and other accessories, maximum protection and functionality http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-carrying-case-jpcase-for-apple-ipad-with-cleaning-cloth-and-writing-pad-black-leather-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-additional-pocket-for-cable-and-other-accessories-maximum-protection-and-functionality.html A very practical carrying case for your iPad. Designed to hold iPad while you are taking notes, holding other accessories for your iPad including the cable, cleaning cloth, notepad, stylus, and others you want to carry while you are on the go. It provides optimal utility, convenience, and style. It holds the iPad on one side of the case with its framed carrying slot, it holds a writing pad on the other side for quick notes and sketch, and it provides extra space for other accessories including pen, iPad cable, and cleaning cloth. The specifically carved iPad carrying frame provides access to all of iPad features including charging, speaker, earphone, and other switches. It measures 10 by 13 by 1.5 inches. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-carrying-case-jpcase-for-apple-ipad-with-cleaning-cloth-and-writing-pad-black-leather-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-additional-pocket-for-cable-and-other-accessories-maximum-protection-and-functionality.html Kala Ukulele Stand, Digital Tuner, Cleaning Cloth Package http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/kala-ukulele-stand-digital-tuner-cleaning-cloth-package.html Includes:Kala Folding Ukulele StandKala Digital Clip-On Chromatic TunerKala Micro-Fiber Polish Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/kala-ukulele-stand-digital-tuner-cleaning-cloth-package.html Barbeque Grill Motorized Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/barbeque-grill-motorized-cleaning-brush.html 75-4631 Features: -Barbeque grill motorized cleaning brush. -Bristle construction: Brass . -Cordless brush. -Sure grip ergonomic handle. -Heavy duty stainless steel scraper for extra tough build ups . -Requires 8 AA batteries. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/barbeque-grill-motorized-cleaning-brush.html Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Blue frost http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/microfiber-cleaning-cloths-blue-frost.html GJO48261 Microfiber cleaning cloths provide excellent lint-free cleaning for any surface. Ideal for countertops, porcelain, chrome, glass and wood. Ultra fine densely bundled microscopic fibers form a cleaning surface 40 times greater than regular cotton fiber to remove substantially more dust, dirt and bacteria than conventional cleaning products. Towels are color-coded. Blue suede towel is specially designed and knitted for cleaning glass and mirrors. Other towels in green, pink and yellow are designed for general purpose cleaning. Towels trap dirt and dust and can be laundered extensively, but not with fabric softener. No chemicals are required for cleaning with microfiber towels. -Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.-Lint-free.-16''x16''.-Assorted. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/microfiber-cleaning-cloths-blue-frost.html Precision Design 6-inch Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Medium) with pouch - for Apple iPad http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/precision-design-6-inch-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-medium-with-pouch-for-apple-ipad.html <p>The <b>Apple iPad</b> does not include a screen-wiping cloth. Despite its fingerprint-resistant coating, after a short time with your fingers all over its glossy LED screen, it will inevitably need to be cleaned. And you shouldn't wipe it down with whatever just happens to be handy like your shirt, tie, handkerchief, or tissues otherwise you risk scratching its surface and ruining the screen. <p>The <b>Precision Design Microfiber Cleaning Cloth</b> is designed using the latest 21st Century technology to clean fingerprints and smudges from the Apple iPad LED touch-screen 9.7-inch display as well as the LCD screen on Netbook and Notebook computers quickly, safely and easily.<p><b>Features:</b><br>Medium size 6x6-inch microfiber cleaning cloth<br>Reusable washable with any mild dish soap or detergent<br>Stays clean as it conveniently and compactly stores inside its self-contained carrying pouch<br>Handy snap-hook clip makes it easy to go everywhere with you attaches to your keychain, belt loop, carry case or pocketbook<br>Safe for use on all optical equipment and surfaces<br>Gets rid of annoying fingerprints, greasy smudges, and distracting dust from all your LED and LCD Screens safely and easily to keep them sparkling clean</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/precision-design-6-inch-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-medium-with-pouch-for-apple-ipad.html GLAM Rhinestone Travel Contact Lens Case: Contact Case, Cleaning Solution, Tweezers & Mirror http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/glam-rhinestone-travel-contact-lens-case-contact-case-cleaning-solution-tweezers-mirror.html Have you ever unexpectedly spent the night out, only to have to sleep in your contracts? Now, you don?t have to worry about the hassle of carrying your solution, cleaner, and case everywhere you go! Triple C has taken the work out of wearing contacts with this adorable portable contact case. The fun and funky design on the outside doesn?t take away from the function inside- you will find a standard size contact case marked R and L, teeny plastic tweezers, and two small solution bottles marked in purple and green to differentiate. All of these items are secured with a molded holder, so they will stay put instead of rattling around like they would in a bag. This case springs open with a clasp on the side and features a large mirror on the inner panel ? you don?t even have to find a bathroom to relieve your tired eyes! Measuring 3.45? long, 2.5? wide, and .90? deep, this contact case is small enough to fit in a purse or glove compartment and comes with a faux-leather pouch to protect against wear and scrapes. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/glam-rhinestone-travel-contact-lens-case-contact-case-cleaning-solution-tweezers-mirror.html Audio Cleaning Lab 3.0 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/audio-cleaning-lab-3.html For those looking for an inexpensive and easy way to clean old recordings from records or cassettes and then convert them to a digital format, your search is over. Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 3.0 not only cleans and converts recordings, but also lets you add effects with tools such as a compressor, a brilliance enhancer, reverb, or echo.<p> Upon initial launch of the software you are given the option of watching two videos that take you through the major features and tools, and introduce you to the interface. The interface is well laid out, easy to understand, and puts everything you'll need right in front of you, except for the music, of course.<p> Importing material to work with is simple, although you'll need an RCA cable for connecting a stereo to your PC's sound card. Once connected, you can start recording music to the hard drive. Everything about the process is straightforward, but Magix has included a booklet with tutorials for each type of recording, plus instructions on how best to use the cleaning tools.<p> For vinyl records, the most helpful tools were the decrackler, declicker, and denoiser, and for cassettes there's a dehisser. A cleaning wizard can take you through the options if you're unsure what to tweak. However, since all changes happen in real time, it's just as easy to play around with the settings and see what works best. The software worked well with vinyl and cassette tape, at the very least quieting all extraneous noise. But while the software was able to clean those, it had little effect on the digital bleeps that appear on poorer-quality MP3s. After your tracks are clean, take advantage of the several mastering effects to further improve the sound. When you have the sound you want, you can burn your project to a CD or save the project on your hard drive as an MPEG, WMA, or WAV file. MP3s can also be made, but only 20 of them. If you want to encode more, you're going to need to pay for an upgrade.<p> Audio Cleaning Lab does exactly what it claims to do. While it won't digitally remaster your vinyl and cassettes, it will remove some pretty undesirable noises and allow you to enjoy your collection with improved quality. <I>--Joshua Goldman</I> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/audio-cleaning-lab-3.html Gillette Shampoo, Deep Cleaning 12.2 fl oz (362 ml) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gillette-shampoo-deep-cleaning-12.html all day clean you can feel<BR>Charged Cleaning System + Our highest level of cleansing agents = An All Day clean you can feel<BR>Made in U.S.A. of U.S. and/or imported ingredients<BR>Questions? 1-866-412-4714<BR>gillette.com http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gillette-shampoo-deep-cleaning-12.html Nintendo Ds Lite Crsytal Clear Screen Protector Kit - 2 Piece of Upper and Lower Screens with Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nintendo-ds-lite-crsytal-clear-screen-protector-kit-2-piece-of-upper-and-lower-screens-with-cleaning-cloth.html NOTE: Please apply the screen protector gently in order to avoid too much pressure onto the screen http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nintendo-ds-lite-crsytal-clear-screen-protector-kit-2-piece-of-upper-and-lower-screens-with-cleaning-cloth.html Evercare Mega Cleaning Roller Refill, 50 Sheets 1 ea http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/evercare-mega-cleaning-roller-refill-50-sheets-1-ea.html NOTE: Actual product packaging may differ from image shown due to packaging updates by manufacturer.<BR>250% Wider Adhesive Surface & EZ Peel Tape <BR>EZ-Peel Colored Edge Finder!<BR>Autos <BR>Furniture <BR>Carpets<BR>Adhesive Roller Quickly Picks Up Lint, Dust, Dirt and Pet Hair From Any Surface<BR>Fits all Evercare 10" Large Surface Rollers<BR>Colored Tape Finds Edges Fast!<BR>Questions? 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