www.CleaningFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.CleaningFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2018 CleaningFunStore.com Wed, 15 Aug 2018 11:56:57 -0500 BAL8574GM - Sight Savers Premoistened Lens Cleaning Tissues http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bal8574gm-sight-savers-premoistened-lens-cleaning-tissues.html Sight Savers Premoistened Lens Cleaning Tissues http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bal8574gm-sight-savers-premoistened-lens-cleaning-tissues.html Grill Daddy GB91062C Grill Cleaning Tool http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/grill-daddy-gb91062c-grill-cleaning-tool.html The Grill Daddy is a revolutionary grill-cleaning tool that sterilizes as it cleans to keep food tasting great. Just turn on the grill, fill the Grill Daddy with water, and begin cleaning. Steams away baked-on food, grease, and black residue. It's fun and easy to use, eliminating hard scraping and dangerous chemicals with steam-cleaning and stainless steel bristles. Works on all grills, including stainless steel, iron, and porcelain enamel. Made from NSF-approved materials. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/grill-daddy-gb91062c-grill-cleaning-tool.html PAP70520 - Pink Pearl Self-Cleaning Smudge-Free Rubber Eraser http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pap70520-pink-pearl-self-cleaning-smudge-free-rubber-eraser.html Pink Pearl Self-Cleaning Smudge-Free Rubber Eraser http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pap70520-pink-pearl-self-cleaning-smudge-free-rubber-eraser.html Embroidered Infant Rib Knit Beanie with the image of: cleaning tooth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-cleaning-tooth.html <ul><li>4.7-ounce, 100% rib knit ring spun combed cotton</li><li>One Size Fits Most</li><li><b>Please note in the diagram that the picture that will be embroidered is the one blown up in the diagram - not the small image on the item.</b></li></ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-cleaning-tooth.html Endust Cleaning Kit with 10 Oz Electronics Duster and Anti-Static Wipes (70 Ct) (2 Pack) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/endust-cleaning-kit-with-10-oz-electronics-duster-and-anti-static-wipes-70-ct-2-pack.html 2 Pack Cleaning Kit With 10 Oz Electronics Duster And Anti-Static Wipes (70 Ct) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/endust-cleaning-kit-with-10-oz-electronics-duster-and-anti-static-wipes-70-ct-2-pack.html Griot's Garage 11354 Microfiber Glass and Window Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/griot-s-garage-11354-microfiber-glass-and-window-cleaning-kit.html Perfectly clean, haze-free glass--it's a simple thing that makes driving safe and fun, but it isn't always easy to achieve. Perfectly clean windows also allow your windows to defrost much quicker. Griot's Garage window cleaner contains no dyes, perfumes, or any other chemicals to contaminate your window surface. This is very important, as contaminants contribute to hazing. When used with the included microfiber window cloths, there is not another system that will give you a cleaner, clearer, lint-free view. These washable microfiber cloths grab and trap dirt and grease, and are reusable so they're environmentally friendly. This kit includes a 35-ounce bottle of window cleaner, the finest Griot's Garage sprayer, and four microfiber cloths. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/griot-s-garage-11354-microfiber-glass-and-window-cleaning-kit.html AccTech Cleaning Pads, Alco-Pad http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/acctech-cleaning-pads-alco-pad.html skin-care-products http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/acctech-cleaning-pads-alco-pad.html Gilmour 95QGFMR Foamaster II Cleaning Sprayer http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gilmour-95qgfmr-foamaster-ii-cleaning-sprayer.html Gilmour 95QGFMR Foamaster II Cleaning Sprayer http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gilmour-95qgfmr-foamaster-ii-cleaning-sprayer.html OTIS TACTICAL GUN CLEANING SYSTEM http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-tactical-gun-cleaning-system.html The wold famous Tactical Cleaning System was engineered for the shooter who has a variety of firearms. The system is equipped to clean all rifles, pistols , shotguns, and in-line muzzleloaders. The Kit includes: three forged brass tips, two obstruction removers, T-handle, .5oz OTIS Bore cleaner, All-caliber patches, shotgun brush adapter, two patch savers, 5 bore brushes and a bore reflector. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-tactical-gun-cleaning-system.html Injen Technology X-1030 Air Filter Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/injen-technology-x-1030-air-filter-cleaning-kit.html Keep you Injen filter clean with this charger kit. The cleaning solution included in the kit will clean all the dirt and debris from the filter while not affecting the integrity of the cotton gauze of the filter element. The filter oil is specifically formulated to trap even the smallest particles from entering your intake system. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/injen-technology-x-1030-air-filter-cleaning-kit.html SHOP VAC MICRO-CLEANING http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/shop-vac-micro-cleaning.html Micro Cleaning Kit, Adapts To 1-1/4" Hose, Includes Straight Wand, Curved Wand, Crevice Tool, Round Brush, Oval Brush, 1-1/4" Adapter, Use For Cleaning Computers, VCRs, Car Stereos. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/shop-vac-micro-cleaning.html Giardinelli I Love My Clarinet Cleaning Mitt (Standard) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giardinelli-i-love-my-clarinet-cleaning-mitt-standard.html The Giardinelli I Love My Clarinet Cleaning Mitt is a great little hand mitt to spruce up your horn and make it look shiny instead of shopworn! Soft cloth mitt makes cleaning and polishing your clarinet easy.. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giardinelli-i-love-my-clarinet-cleaning-mitt-standard.html Cole-Parmer Micro-90 cleaning solution, 1 quart bottle http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cole-parmer-micro-90-cleaning-solution-1-quart-bottle.html Use this concentrated cleaning solution for critical applications. Solution cleans glass, most metals, plastic, rubber, fabric, and is safe for all your ultrasonic cleaners. Radioactive contaminants will not reduce cleaning capability. Solution works at any concentration and rinses clean; most applications require only 1.25 to 2.5 fluid ounces per gallon of water. Solution is environmentally friendly-contains no phosphates, CFCs, ODCs, or borates. It safely replaces chromic acid to remove protein from glassware. Note: Do not use on zinc, magnesium, or aluminum. 18100-30 shipped FOB Burlington, NJ, USA. Micro-90 is a mild, yet powerful, free-rinsing cleaner for use in critical cleaning and general purpose applications. This cleaner removes oil, grease, wax, flux, particulates, hard water stains and biological debris from glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, precision parts, labware, processing equipment and filter membranes. Radioactive contaminants will not reduce cleaning capability. Solution is environmentally friendly - contains no phosphates, CFCs, ODCs or borates. Safely replaces chromic acid to remove protein from glassware. Designed for use in CIP, ultrasonic and immersian applications. Can be used in validated processses. A 1% to 2% solution is effective in most applications. Typical pH: 9.5. NSF-Registered for USDA A1 use. Note: May etch sinc, magnesium and aluminum. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cole-parmer-micro-90-cleaning-solution-1-quart-bottle.html The Spring Cleaning Murders: An Ellie Haskell Mystery (Ellie Haskell Mysteries) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-spring-cleaning-murders-an-ellie-haskell-mystery-ellie-haskell-mysteries.html A brand-new Ellie Haskell mystery from the doyenne of malice domestic-- "wickedly witty . . . outrageous plotting" (<i>Chicago Sun-Times</i>). <br> <br>For thirteen years, Dorothy Cannell, the award-winning author of <i>The Thin Woman</i> and <i>The Widows' Club</i>, has enchanted readers who relish Nancy Atherton, Carolyn Hart, and Diane Mott Davidson. Now she brings us her inimitable Ellie Haskell--heroine of the weight-loss wars and busy mother of twins--in a mystery that fizzes with deadly wit. <br> <br>Spring cleaning fever has Ellie nearly scrubbing the Merlin's Court chandeliers with a toothbrush. But when yet another member of the Chitteron Fells Charwomen's Association bites the dust, Ellie swaps scrubbing for sleuthing to find out who has more than dust bunnies and dirty dishes to hide. With Ellie and a madcap cast that includes her handsome husband Bentley, her feckless cousin Freddy, and caustic home helper Mrs. Malloy, <i>The Spring Cleaning Murders</i> is Cannell at her best.<br> "If there's anybody funnier than Dorothy Cannell, I don't want to meet her until my sides stop aching." --Nancy Pickard http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-spring-cleaning-murders-an-ellie-haskell-mystery-ellie-haskell-mysteries.html Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers Premoistened Lens Cleaning Tissues - 100 Count, 2 pk. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bausch-lomb-sight-savers-premoistened-lens-cleaning-tissues-100-count-2-pk.html Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers lens-cleaning towelettes are silicone free. Pre moistened for glass or plastic lenses. Cleans safety glasses without fogging or leaving static residue on lenses. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bausch-lomb-sight-savers-premoistened-lens-cleaning-tissues-100-count-2-pk.html <b>Citranox </b> Cleaning Detergent, one-gallon bottle http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/b-citranox-b-cleaning-detergent-one-gallon-bottle.html White powder Alconox, Alcojet, and Terg-A-Zyme cleaners rinses off completelywith no residue. Alconox cleaner is biodegradable; Alcojet cleaner is low-sudsing; Terg-A-Zyme cleaner combines the original Alconox power with protein enzymes. Liqui-Nox cleaner is biodegradableuse to remove soil, grease, blood, chemicals, and solvents. All cleaner are safe, odorless, and FDA certified. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/b-citranox-b-cleaning-detergent-one-gallon-bottle.html Woodwind Mycro Fiber Universal Cleaning Cloth (12 X 12) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/woodwind-mycro-fiber-universal-cleaning-cloth-12-x-12.html Originally designed for the medical industry, these microfiber cloths are the gentlest, most effective and most environmentally friendly. Use on wood, lacquer, or silverplate.. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/woodwind-mycro-fiber-universal-cleaning-cloth-12-x-12.html Mario Kart Fuwa Fuwa Plush Cleaning Cloth Mascot Keychain Bullet Bill http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mario-kart-fuwa-fuwa-plush-cleaning-cloth-mascot-keychain-bullet-bill.html This is a wonderful figure / keychain featuringBullet Bill! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mario-kart-fuwa-fuwa-plush-cleaning-cloth-mascot-keychain-bullet-bill.html Best eBook on Shortcuts on How To Clean The House - 51 House Cleaning Shortcuts http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/best-ebook-on-shortcuts-on-how-to-clean-the-house-51-house-cleaning-shortcuts.html Its time to clean your houseagain. Housecleaning can be very overwhelming. Dont know where to begin?<br>51 House Cleaning Shortcuts can help! <br><br>Did you know<br><br> * A balled up pair of pantyhose is great for fast pet hair clean up<br><br> * Boiling water in your microwave makes cleaning it easier<br><br> * Vinegar makes a great window and mirror cleaner<br><br> * Filling the kitchen sink with hot soapy water before you start cooking can cut cleaning time in half<br><br>Find all these tips and more! Start cleaning easier today! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/best-ebook-on-shortcuts-on-how-to-clean-the-house-51-house-cleaning-shortcuts.html Heckler & Koch HK USP Gun Cleaning Armorers Bench Mat http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/heckler-koch-hk-usp-gun-cleaning-armorers-bench-mat.html The perfect cleaning and repair mat for your HK-USP. Have fun and learn while you work on your favorite handgun. The soft top protects your gun from scratches while the neoprene rubber backing protects your work surface from chemicals while keeping everything in place.<br><br>This isn't your ordinary gun cleaning mat! Show your pride for your firearm while using this high quality neoprene rubber backed and cloth top gun cleaning mat to protect your gun bench, desk, kitchen table, or whatever surface you usually clean or maintain your gun on. You likely keep your gun in a soft padded case or maybe a gun cabinet with a felt lined rack or something similar to protect it so why would you scratch your gun while cleaning or repairing it by setting it on a hard surface that could easily scratch your firearm?<br><br>PROTECT YOUR GUN AND WORK AREA<br><br>The soft polyester top will ensure your gun doesn't get scratched while the neoprene rubber backing on the mat will keep everything in place and prevent your work surface from sliding around. This mat will also keep harmful chemicals, oil and dirt from penetrating down to your desk, bench or the area where you normally clean and work on your firearms. After the mat begins to accumulate too much dirt, chemicals, or oil just throw it in the wash on a gentle cycle, allow to air dry and it will be virtually like new.<br><br>ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL<br><br>With the exploded view drawings and accompanying parts list, making repairs, disassembling your firearm, or basic cleaning can be done much faster and with greater enjoyment. Guns are extremely fascinating and the drawings and data that is printed on each mat will keep you entertained while educating you on how your firearm operates.<br><br>DIMENSION<br><br>This gun cleaning and parts mat measures 11 inches by 17 inches and is 1/8 of an inch thick. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/heckler-koch-hk-usp-gun-cleaning-armorers-bench-mat.html HERCO LACQUER CLEANING CLOTH HE90 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/herco-lacquer-cleaning-cloth-he90.html Chemically-treated double nap flannel cloth used for cleaning lacquered brass instruments! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/herco-lacquer-cleaning-cloth-he90.html Ahh-Some Pool & Spa Filter Cleaner 2oz - 4+ Filter Cleanings, Reuse Filters http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ahh-some-pool-spa-filter-cleaner-2oz-4-filter-cleanings-reuse-filters.html <p>Ahh-Some Pool & Hot Tub Filter Cleaner is a safe, effective and fast-acting gel cleanser that purges sediment, algae, bacteria, oils and other particulates from your filter cartridges and grids. Just add 1/4 of container (2 teaspoons) to 5 gallons of water, and soak your cartridge or grid completely for 15 minutes. Then just rinse off and your filter will be restored to "like new" condition.</p><p>Ahh-Some Pool & Hot Tub Filter Cleaner comes in a 2-oz container (4 cleanings per jar). It also works great on other hard-to-clean surfaces, too. Watch it unleash its powerful scrubbing action, without toil or time from you. This gel is absolutely fantastic.</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ahh-some-pool-spa-filter-cleaner-2oz-4-filter-cleanings-reuse-filters.html Delicate Gem and Pearl Jewelry Cleaning Solution by Blitz Manufacturing http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/delicate-gem-and-pearl-jewelry-cleaning-solution-by-blitz-manufacturing.html <b>Blitz </b>Delicate Gem & Pearl Jewelry Cleaner is a unique NON-TOXIC cleaner formulated for the special care of Emeralds, Coral, Onyx, Opals, Turquoise, Tiger Eye, Lapis, Pearls and other soft or porous gemstone jewelry.<br/><br/><b>Made in USA</b> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/delicate-gem-and-pearl-jewelry-cleaning-solution-by-blitz-manufacturing.html Haan FS-30-Plus Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/haan-fs-30-plus-steam-cleaning-floor-sanitizer.html Haan FS-30-Plus Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer Ergonomically designed for frequent use in homes of all sizes; HAANs FS30PLUS includes the Deluxe Sanitizing Tray. The Floor Steamer is a lightweight workhorse that harnesses the power of steam to effectively clean; deodorize and sanitize any hard surface floor / without chemicals; for a natural approach to clean. In less than 3 minutes; you will have steam in excess of 212F with the power to kill dust mites; germs and bacteria; virtually on contact. The HAAN Floor Sanitizer uses nothing but tap water and emits 20 minutes of steam without a refill; so you can clean all of your hard floors in one quick session. Patented superabsorbent; multilayer UltraMicrofiber cleaning pads are engineered to reduce friction and dry floors instantly. Plus they feature a hook and loop touchless attachment system and can be machine washed to use time and time again. Weighing less than 4-pound. with a full tank of water; the HAAN Floor Sanitizer is engineered to outperform nearly every steamer in any class. Using superior quality materials and stringent manufacturing practices; HAAN sets the standard for durability and performance in steam cleaning. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/haan-fs-30-plus-steam-cleaning-floor-sanitizer.html Volcano Vaporizer Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/volcano-vaporizer-cleaning-brush.html Help keep your Volcano Vaporizer filling chamber (Easy or Solid) clear of debris with this handy cleaning utensil. Made in Germany and distributed by Storz & Bickel with the Easy Valve Starter Set and with the Solid valve Set.Use regularly to prevent excess buildup and keep your Volcano running at peak efficiency!Delivery Includes:1 pc. Volcano Vaporizer Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/volcano-vaporizer-cleaning-brush.html Spring Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning.html Spring Cleaning by A.D.D (FEATURING, Mac Lethal & Efftupp)<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i></p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning.html Urnex Tabz Tea Equipment Cleaning Tablets Two Pack http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/urnex-tabz-tea-equipment-cleaning-tablets-two-pack.html <p>Tabz Tea Clean Tea Equipment Cleaning Tablets are specifically designed to offer the functionality of one-step cleaning for Iced Tea Dispensers. By running a brew cycle with a Tabz Tea Clean tablet in the basket, users can simultaneously clean tea stains from both the brew basket and server beneath. Daily cleaning of tea dispensers with Tabz Tea Clean ensures fresh tasting tea and properly maintained equipment. We believe that Tabz. Tea Clean represents an exciting new delivery concept for cleaning tea equipment, and we hope to build on this innovation in our efforts to help our customers continue to serve the best tasting beverages possible.</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/urnex-tabz-tea-equipment-cleaning-tablets-two-pack.html Cerama Bryte 47616 Stainless Steel Cleaning Polish http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cerama-bryte-47616-stainless-steel-cleaning-polish.html Cerama Bryte 47616 stainless steel cleaning polish http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cerama-bryte-47616-stainless-steel-cleaning-polish.html 18 Bonghit Cleaning Party (feat. The Talking Pomegranate) [Explicit] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/18-bonghit-cleaning-party-feat.html 18 Bonghit Cleaning Party (feat. The Talking Pomegranate) [Explicit] http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/18-bonghit-cleaning-party-feat.html Kid's Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers- BLUE http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/kid-s-slipper-genie-microfiber-cleaning-slippers-blue.html Kid's Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers- Assorted ColorsJust slip on Slipper Genie and they'll do the cleaning for you on hardwood, linoleum and tile flooring. Chenille soles provide an extra soft dusting material and are removable for cleaning in the washing machine.Get the kids in on the action! They'll love walking around in these fun slippers and you'll love how clean your floor will be. These slippers eliminate the need to bend over, so they're perfect for just about anyone! It can be used over and over again on virtually any surface with the same stunning results. Just have your little ones slip on the Kid's Slipper Genie and they'll do the cleaning on hardwood, linoleum and tile flooring. Much easier to maneuver than a floor duster or broom, your feet do all the work while you just stroll around the house. The chenile soles provide an extra soft cleaner that lifts dust, lint, pet hair and so much more without damaging your surfaces. There is no need for chemicals. The Slipper Genie is washing machine safe. Fits Kids sizes 3-7 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/kid-s-slipper-genie-microfiber-cleaning-slippers-blue.html DRY WIPE DISPOSABLE CLEANING WIPES http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dry-wipe-disposable-cleaning-wipes.html <UL><LI>Disposable 2.5" x 5" dry cleaning wipes for use on silver, gold and platinum.<LI>Non-Abrasive and Non-Toxic silver cleaning wipes .<LI>Jar features pop-up dispenser in lid.</LI></UL> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dry-wipe-disposable-cleaning-wipes.html Lenspen DSLR PRO Cleaning Kit for Lenses and Filters http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lenspen-dslr-pro-cleaning-kit-for-lenses-and-filters.html The DSLR Pro lens and filter cleaning Kit is designed for cleaning lenses and filters on digital cameras . http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lenspen-dslr-pro-cleaning-kit-for-lenses-and-filters.html (2) CTA CGA-S006 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries + Mini Battery Charger + Cleaning Kit for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7, FZ8, FZ18, FZ28, FZ30 & FZ50 Digital Cameras http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/2-cta-cga-s006-rechargeable-li-ion-batteries-mini-battery-charger-cleaning-kit-for-panasonic-lumix-dmc-fz7-fz8-fz18-fz28-fz30-fz50-digital-cameras.html <P><B>Kit includes:</B><BR> 1) CTA CGA-S006 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack<BR> 2) Additional CTA CGA-S006 Battery Pack<BR> 3) Mini Battery Charger for CGA-S006<BR> 4) Precision Design 5-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit<P>Increase your shooting capacity with these powerful CTA <b>CGA-S006</b> Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.<p>This <b> Mini Rapid Multi-voltage Charger</b> plugs directly in to your wall outlet or your car's cigarette lighter and charges the battery included with this kit in approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Its unique flat pin, foldable design allows easy storage and makes it the most compact battery charger on the market!<P>This <b>5-piece cleaning kit</b> contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Blower Brush and Cotton Swabs.<p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/2-cta-cga-s006-rechargeable-li-ion-batteries-mini-battery-charger-cleaning-kit-for-panasonic-lumix-dmc-fz7-fz8-fz18-fz28-fz30-fz50-digital-cameras.html PlayStation 2 DVD Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/playstation-2-dvd-cleaning-kit.html For optimum performance of games and DVDs. Use on PS2 games, DVDs, CDs, CD-Roms and Drives. Automatically cleans all different types of discs in 25 seconds. Can be used up to 60 times without diminished effectiveness. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/playstation-2-dvd-cleaning-kit.html DS Lite Mini Kit w/ Space Invaders Skin, Game Case, Stylus, Lanyard w/ Cleaning Pad, and Touch Screen Protector http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ds-lite-mini-kit-w-space-invaders-skin-game-case-stylus-lanyard-w-cleaning-pad-and-touch-screen-protector.html This DS Lite mini kits comes with all you need to enhance your gaming experience. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ds-lite-mini-kit-w-space-invaders-skin-game-case-stylus-lanyard-w-cleaning-pad-and-touch-screen-protector.html Premium Amazon Kindle (1st Generation ONLY) Silicone Skin Case + LCD Screen Shield and Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth (Amazon Kindle Reading Device NOT included) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-amazon-kindle-1st-generation-only-silicone-skin-case-lcd-screen-shield-and-micro-fiber-cleaning-cloth-amazon-kindle-reading-device-not-included.html 1 Year Warranty http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-amazon-kindle-1st-generation-only-silicone-skin-case-lcd-screen-shield-and-micro-fiber-cleaning-cloth-amazon-kindle-reading-device-not-included.html Jean Baptiste Trumpet Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/jean-baptiste-trumpet-cleaning-brush.html Gets to those hard to reach places, and removes buildup inside the bore and valves. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/jean-baptiste-trumpet-cleaning-brush.html Spring Cleaning: The Spirit of Keeping Home http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning-the-spirit-of-keeping-home.html Whatever the season, Spring Cleaning celebrates the rewarding ritual of refreshing your home from top to bottom. Here is clear and practical advice for how to shake the dust from the cushions, chase cobwebs from the corners, and throw open those squeaky-clean windows to let in the clean, fresh breeze. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning-the-spirit-of-keeping-home.html Cleaning a coin Ep http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-a-coin-ep.html Cleaning a coin Ep http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-a-coin-ep.html Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Blue frost http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/microfiber-cleaning-cloths-blue-frost.html GJO48261 Microfiber cleaning cloths provide excellent lint-free cleaning for any surface. Ideal for countertops, porcelain, chrome, glass and wood. Ultra fine densely bundled microscopic fibers form a cleaning surface 40 times greater than regular cotton fiber to remove substantially more dust, dirt and bacteria than conventional cleaning products. Towels are color-coded. Blue suede towel is specially designed and knitted for cleaning glass and mirrors. Other towels in green, pink and yellow are designed for general purpose cleaning. Towels trap dirt and dust and can be laundered extensively, but not with fabric softener. No chemicals are required for cleaning with microfiber towels. -Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.-Lint-free.-16''x16''.-Assorted. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/microfiber-cleaning-cloths-blue-frost.html Festool 454770 Industrial Cleaning Set http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/festool-454770-industrial-cleaning-set.html Get the most out of your CT Dust Extractor investment by supplementing it with a Festool cleaning set. The Industrial Cleaning Set is an ideal solution for commercial settings with larger debris and heavier cleanup needs. Keep this set within easy access for quick and easy cleanup, helping you to leave a cleaner, safer work environment. The Industrial Cleaning Set features large diameter (50mm), ridgid polypropylene construction. Includes: 50mm x 2.5m non-Antistatic hose (452887), 50mm polypropylene extension tubes (qty 2)(440412), 50mm polypropylene worksop floor nozzle (452909), 50mm polypropylene square nozzle (440416), 50mm polypropylene large crevice nozzle (452912), and 50mm polypropylene suction brush (440419). http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/festool-454770-industrial-cleaning-set.html Weber 7409 One-Touch Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/weber-7409-one-touch-cleaning-system.html Replacement One-Touch cleaning system kit, 22-1/2-inch http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/weber-7409-one-touch-cleaning-system.html Perrin Foam Filter Cleaning Kit: Universal #7474 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/perrin-foam-filter-cleaning-kit-universal-7474.html The powerful cleaner spray will quickly strip away the grease and dirt, yet won't damage the air filter element. Just spray it on, let it soak and rinse off with regular tap water. Air dry and then use the spray on filter oil to recharge the filter. Simple and easy.<br /> This two piece kit includes aerosol cleaner and spray oil. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/perrin-foam-filter-cleaning-kit-universal-7474.html Draft Beer Line Hose Cleaning Brush: 3/16" diameter http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/draft-beer-line-hose-cleaning-brush-3-16-diameter.html Keeping your beer lines free of bacteria is very important to maximize taste. These brushes are made for cleaning the inside of your beer lines. Brushing your lines regularly removes yeast and sugar build ups so they don't make their way to your glass. Video: Learn How to Clean Your Draft Beer Lines. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Removes build up. Helps keep beer tasting fresh. . Specs: Dimensions: 66"L. Choose 3/16", 1/4" or 3/8" depending on the Inside Diameter of your beer lines. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/draft-beer-line-hose-cleaning-brush-3-16-diameter.html Chef BuddyT Cordless Motorized Outdoor Grill Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/chef-buddyt-cordless-motorized-outdoor-grill-cleaning-brush.html <p>This Chef BuddyT Cordless Motorized Outdoor Grill Cleaning Brush is the fastest and easiest way to clean your grill. You will never have to clean your grill one stroke at a time with this brush, just push the button and heavy duty rotating brass bristles quickly polish away your normal cookout residue. </p><p>For extra-tough buildups, the motorized brush comes with a built in stainless steel scraper to get that grill extra clean. </p><p>BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush is fast, clean and convenient to use with its one touch button and sure-grip ergonomically designed handle. Stop slaving over a hot grill and let the Cordless Motorized BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush do the work for you!</p><p>Features Include:</p><p>Grill brush is the effortless way to keep your grill's surface clean </p><p>Brass-bristle rotary brush spins to quickly strip away cooked on food residues from your grill </p><p>Sure-grip ergonomic handle for comfort </p><p>One touch operation</p><p>Heavy duty stainless steel scraper for extra-tough build-ups </p><p>Brush measures a full 1.5 inches wide</p><p>Measures 4.25 x 12 x 2.75 inches</p><p>Requires 8 "AA" batteries, not included</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/chef-buddyt-cordless-motorized-outdoor-grill-cleaning-brush.html Gunslick Pro Roll-Up Gun Cleaning Mat http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gunslick-pro-roll-up-gun-cleaning-mat.html Now serious shooters have a handy way to clean all their firearms whether in the field or at home. Simply unroll Gunslick's Roll-up Gun Cleaning Mat and have the ability to clean virtually any gun, anywhere. Rifles, shotguns, handguns-this cleaning station is perfect for the active shooter on the go and rolls up for easy storage. From plinking to competitive shooting, big game hunting to waterfowling, budget-minded cleaning to top-of-the-line care, Gunslick has the right cleaning kit for the job. Includes: Gunslick Ultra-Lube, Ultra-Klenz, muzzle guard, cleaning tips, and cotton patches. In the gun care industry - among gunsmiths, firearm technicians and shooters - Gunslick has earned a sterling reputation for providing precision products that serve the active shooter. Third party testing shows Gunslick products exceed the performance of their competition in both corrosion protection and wear reduction. These test also demonstrate Gunslick's unwavering dedication to producing technologically advanced gun care products for today's shooters. This season, let Gunslick Pro do the work for you. Select a product and see how Gunslick hasn't sacrificed the ability to perform when simplifying the process. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gunslick-pro-roll-up-gun-cleaning-mat.html Ezy Dose By Apothecary Products, Inc. Ezy Dose 1 Tea-spoon-dropper With Cleaning Brush (Pack of 6) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ezy-dose-by-apothecary-products-inc.html Ezy Dose 1 tsp. Spoon Dropper Includes a cleaning brush. Ideal for giving liquid medication to infants and toddlers, the 1 tsp. Spoon-Dropper delivers an accurate dose safely and easily. Large easy to read calivrations in teaspoon and ml help ensure an accurate dosage every time. The Cleaning Vrush keeps your dripper clean, safe and sanitary as it removes medicine residue. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ezy-dose-by-apothecary-products-inc.html Disney Princess Snow White Musical Cleaning Set (Open Card) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/disney-princess-snow-white-musical-cleaning-set-open-card.html Disney Princess Snow White Musical Cleaning Set (Open Card) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/disney-princess-snow-white-musical-cleaning-set-open-card.html Pimp Stixxx Component Cleaning and Detailing System for Motorcycles http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pimp-stixxx-component-cleaning-and-detailing-system-for-motorcycles.html Ever wrap a rag around a screwdriver to clean something? Pimp out your Ride with Pimp Stixxx Detailing Component System. Pimp Stixxx are a patent pending detailing technology, utilizing a series of various straight and angled component handles, 7 component cleaning heads, and a cloth, to help clean tight, hard-to-reach areas that cannot easily be reached using conventional tools or by hand. This kit is much more than a bunch of Q-tips! It is totally re-useable and should last for many seasons. The 4 head cleaner was designed to clean and polish between the cooling fins of the heads, but will bend 180 degrees to either side and snap back to retain it's original shape and is perfect for flexing around valve lifters, behind the oil filter and top of the oil tank, and around the starter, wires, and transmission. The cone/pick head is perfect for getting into and around bolts. Chisel and Block cleaning heads are great for cleaning and polishing the motor around the exhaust pipes and the top of the rocker boxes. It's time to make your busted knuckles and scratched chrome a thing of the past!!! Pimp Stixxx are safe to use on chrome, billet aluminum, powder coating, and painted surfaces provided they are used as directed. The component handles are made of tempered aluminum coated with chemical resistant vinyl, allowing for a sturdy working device, while providing the safety of a non-marking hand tool. The component heads are made from self-lubricating, non-marking, high-density plastic that is resistant to petroleum and chemicals to insure a quality product and a lasting integrity. Each kit includes: 4 Vinyl Coated Component handles, 7 Non-Marking Component heads, 2 Connectors, 2 But-end Caps, 1 Pimpin' Bag (tool pouch) and 1 Pimpin' Rag. Pimp Stixxx are made in the USA and come with a 30-day money back guarantee. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/pimp-stixxx-component-cleaning-and-detailing-system-for-motorcycles.html Premium Reusable Full Body Lcd Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for Apple Ipod Nano 3rd Generation 4gb 8gb 16gb http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-reusable-full-body-lcd-screen-protector-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-for-apple-ipod-nano-3rd-generation-4gb-8gb-16gb.html Premium Reusable Full Body Lcd Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for Apple Ipod Nano 3rd Generation 4gb 8gb 16gb http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/premium-reusable-full-body-lcd-screen-protector-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-for-apple-ipod-nano-3rd-generation-4gb-8gb-16gb.html Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Pro Digital Lens Hood (Flower Design) (58mm) + Nwv Direct Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/3-5-5-6-is-pro-digital-lens-hood-flower-design-58mm-nwv-direct-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Pro Digital Lens Hood (Flower Design) (58mm) + Nwv Direct Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/3-5-5-6-is-pro-digital-lens-hood-flower-design-58mm-nwv-direct-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html KAI Baby Nose Cleaning Tweezers (Made in Japan) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/kai-baby-nose-cleaning-tweezers-made-in-japan.html Use this nose tweezers to pickup solids in the nose or roll a sheet of wet wipe or tissue paper at the tips to clean around the nostrils. The baby tweezers is a great little handy tool. 100% Made in Japan.KAI is a renowned Japanese company producing high quality beauty care products. Selling in all over the world and for nearly 100 years, the company has earned a reputation for safety and reliability around the world. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/kai-baby-nose-cleaning-tweezers-made-in-japan.html Kaz K14-3P Dynafilter Air Cleaning Replacement Cartridge (3-Pack) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/kaz-k14-3p-dynafilter-air-cleaning-replacement-cartridge-3-pack.html Kaz Dyna, Filter Air Cleaning Cartridges, Fit All Vicks & Kaz Cool Mist Humidifiers, Fits Model #V400. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/kaz-k14-3p-dynafilter-air-cleaning-replacement-cartridge-3-pack.html Eyeglass Accessory Pack - Neck Cord - Card Magnifier - Cleaning Storage Sack http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/eyeglass-accessory-pack-neck-cord-card-magnifier-cleaning-storage-sack.html The Boomer Eyeware Eyeglass Accessory Pack contains a neck cord, cleaning storage sack and a wallet size credit card magnifier. All for one great price. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/eyeglass-accessory-pack-neck-cord-card-magnifier-cleaning-storage-sack.html Cleaning And Working http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-and-working.html Cleaning And Working http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-and-working.html Hillary Clinton 1st Cleaning Lady Toilet Scrubber - Bowl Buddy http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hillary-clinton-1st-cleaning-lady-toilet-scrubber-bowl-buddy.html Hillary Clinton 1st Cleaning Lady Toilet Scrubber - Bowl Buddy http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hillary-clinton-1st-cleaning-lady-toilet-scrubber-bowl-buddy.html ProTec PC-1 Humidifier Tank Cleaning Cartridge (Pack of 2) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/protec-pc-1-humidifier-tank-cleaning-cartridge-pack-of-2.html Model PC-1. Your humidifier stays cleaner, longer. Simply drop in tank for fresh, clean mist; Works in all humidifiers; Keeps cleaning for 3 days; Safe and non-toxic. Concentrated antimicrobial cartridge. Continuous protection against slimy build-up in humidifier. The Protec Cleaning Cartridge features a patented antimicrobial Aquastat, to continually inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and mold in the cartridge as well as help prevent the buildup of slime in your humidifier. In addition the Protec Cartridge provides peace of mind that the mist is fresh and clean. Safe, non-toxic the Protec Cartridge uses the same antimicrobial that has been used for years in the food and drinking water industry to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The Protec Cleaning Cartridge is antimicrobially treated to help prevent the growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and odor-causing bacteria on the cartridge. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/protec-pc-1-humidifier-tank-cleaning-cartridge-pack-of-2.html Geek DVD: Virus Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/geek-dvd-virus-cleaning.html We'll teach you proven techniques and provide you with the software professionals use. These "self proclaimed" professionals easily charge up to $200 for the same cleaning. In some cases even more, just look... Geek Squad (Best Buy) | $199.99 in-store | $299.99 in-home Firedog (Circuit City) | $99.99 in-store | $159.99 in-home Local Computer Shop | $99-$125 per hour The pricing above is only good for one time and backed with a limited warranty that only covers infections they may have missed. Also keep in mind that you could wait 3-10 days for service depending on backlog. Why bother? Do it yourself for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time. Not just one time, every time you get infected.Antivirus and Antispyware software DO NOT WORK! Honestly, there is no software, paid or free, on the market today that can effectively prevent a virus/spyware infection. So there is no point in subscribing to one.Trust us, we have repaired computers running brand new updated antivirus and antispyware software completely full of viruses and spyware. Sometimes the antivirus software recognizes an infection but can't remove or quarantine it. Quite frustrating. The bottom line is, don't waste your time and money on software not guaranteed to work.Our DVD will teach you how to clean your pc quickly and easily, Guaranteed or Your Money Back!.What you will get with your purchase:80min Instructional DVD (Region Free) Software tools included on DVD Cleaning Checklist Tips to optimize and keep optimized Unlimited email support Free Worldwide Shipping http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/geek-dvd-virus-cleaning.html Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two, Deep Cleaning, 10.14-ounce http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/paul-mitchell-shampoo-two-deep-cleaning-10.html Shampoo Two http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/paul-mitchell-shampoo-two-deep-cleaning-10.html HO Track Cleaning Tank Car, Oxide Red http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ho-track-cleaning-tank-car-oxide-red.html HO Track Cleaning Tank Car, Oxide Red http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ho-track-cleaning-tank-car-oxide-red.html FAIP Powerwasher 80003 Universal Pressure Washer Gutter/Eave/Undercarriage Cleaning Accessory Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/faip-powerwasher-80003-universal-pressure-washer-gutter-eave-undercarriage-cleaning-accessory-kit.html FAIP Powerwasher 80003 Universal Pressure Washer Gutter/Eave/Undercarriage Cleaning Accessory Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/faip-powerwasher-80003-universal-pressure-washer-gutter-eave-undercarriage-cleaning-accessory-kit.html Krups 0055001 Espresso/Cappucino Cleaning Tablets ( Due to a design change with the tablet it may be http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/krups-0055001-espresso-cappucino-cleaning-tablets-due-to-a-design-change-with-the-tablet-it-may-be.html The Krups 0055001 Espresso/Cappucino Cleaning Tablets ( Due to a design change with the tablet it may be necessary to cut the tablet in half in order to fit it into some of the newer units.) fits models 889 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/krups-0055001-espresso-cappucino-cleaning-tablets-due-to-a-design-change-with-the-tablet-it-may-be.html Griddle Cooking and Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/griddle-cooking-and-cleaning-kit.html Kit includes flexible griddle scraper - high-heat griddle scrubber - heavy duty tongs - spatula - and two egg rings All utensils are constructed from stainless steel Scraper can be used as a second spatula High-heat scrubber is dishwasher safe Overall Dimensions are 3in H x 4in W x 16in D http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/griddle-cooking-and-cleaning-kit.html Sonic Wave Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner - Cleans Jewelry, Optics, Eyeglass, and Other Delicate Items + Blitz Jewelry & Gem Cleaner (Concentrate 8oz.) + Professional 100% Cotton Flannel All-in-one Jewelry Cleaning, Buffing and Tarnish Shielding Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sonic-wave-professional-ultrasonic-cleaner-cleans-jewelry-optics-eyeglass-and-other-delicate-items-blitz-jewelry-gem-cleaner-concentrate-8oz.html <br><br> Clean your fine <b>jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, electric shaver heads, Photo or Video Lenses, Eyeglasses, Retainers,</b> and many more household items with this Proffesional Ultrasonic Cleaner. <br>The stainless steel cleaning chamber has a 16-ounce capacity and uses ordinary tap water. <br><br><b><i>Simply fill the tank with water and and get professional cleaning results. <br><br></b></i>The quiet, solid state circuitry creates <b> 42,000 ultrasonic energy waves per second,</b> bringing your items to a clean, bright shine without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing. <br>The extreme vibrations created by the device cleans even the toughest dirt or grime. <br>Millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles clean in ways no hand or brush could match ! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/sonic-wave-professional-ultrasonic-cleaner-cleans-jewelry-optics-eyeglass-and-other-delicate-items-blitz-jewelry-gem-cleaner-concentrate-8oz.html Earlex SGCK1 Spray Gun Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/earlex-sgck1-spray-gun-cleaning-kit.html For use on all Earlex HVLP Series Spray Stations Guns. Kit Includes: Five (5) Brushes and Two (2) Nozzle Cleaners for fast, efficient clean-up http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/earlex-sgck1-spray-gun-cleaning-kit.html <b>Liqui-Nox </b> cleaner for general purpose cleaning, 1 quart bottle, case of 12 bottles http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/b-liqui-nox-b-cleaner-for-general-purpose-cleaning-1-quart-bottle-case-of-12-bottles.html White powder Alconox, Alcojet, and Terg-A-Zyme cleaners rinses off completelywith no residue. Alconox cleaner is biodegradable; Alcojet cleaner is low-sudsing; Terg-A-Zyme cleaner combines the original Alconox power with protein enzymes. Liqui-Nox cleaner is biodegradableuse to remove soil, grease, blood, chemicals, and solvents. All cleaner are safe, odorless, and FDA certified. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/b-liqui-nox-b-cleaner-for-general-purpose-cleaning-1-quart-bottle-case-of-12-bottles.html Thexton (THX467A) High Pressure Air/Water Cleaning Wand http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/thexton-thx467a-high-pressure-air-water-cleaning-wand.html <ul>New, improved High Pressure Air/Water Cleaning Wand reaches 24-inches between radiator and condensor, under mowing decks, etc. to clean away dirt and debris.<br>Made of zinc-plated steel with adjustable valve assembly.<br>Special tips deliver air or water at a 90 degree angle. Blow gun meets OSHA<br>requirements for blasting away bugs, dirt and debris, and easily converts to a high pressure spray wand for finish cleaning. Also available is a 12-inch extension (Part No. 467E) to increase reach to 36 inches.</ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/thexton-thx467a-high-pressure-air-water-cleaning-wand.html Action Cleaning Pond Pack http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/action-cleaning-pond-pack.html This contains both the Pond Block and the Pond Clear Zyme. Pond Block helps control algae growth in ponds up to 3000 gallons of water. Helps clear cloudy water and removes algae. Pond Clear Zyme contains billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that quickly break down the unsightly wastes that accumulate on the bottom of the pond as a sludge layer. Ideal for use during both spring set up and fall shut down. Pond Clear is safe for all plants and fish. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/action-cleaning-pond-pack.html Zwipes Microfiber 36-Pack of Cleaning Cloths http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/zwipes-microfiber-36-pack-of-cleaning-cloths.html Zwipes microfiber is a great new technology, with many applications that includes your automobile, boat, RV or motorcycle. Cleaning with microfiber products is fast, easy and environmentally friendly. It is sometimes described as having a magnetic attraction to dirt and dust. Zwipes products attract and instantly remove dust like a magnet. From Glass, stainless steel, chrome, paint, plastic, and wood you can clean with a simple rubbing motion. The miraculous fiber eliminates the need for cleaning solutions. Microfiber contains over 90,000 fibers per square inch, and is the softest and thickest of all microfibers. It is especially effective for trapping particles with static electricity, thus eliminating the need for cleaners and detergents. It is designed to adhere to a surface, literally clinging to grease, oils and film. Each cleaning cloth measures 12" x16". Perfect for the garage and even in the kitchen. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/zwipes-microfiber-36-pack-of-cleaning-cloths.html Diaper Bag - Zebra Print- Includes Changing Pad and Accessories Bag - Laminated For Easy Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/diaper-bag-zebra-print-includes-changing-pad-and-accessories-bag-laminated-for-easy-cleaning.html This Adorable Zebra Print diaper bag will be the envy of your friends. Diaper bag has three front pockets, rear zippered pocket, magnetic closure. Inside there is lots of room with one zippered pocket and two additional pockets for your cell phone and what not. Comes with matching changing pad and accessories bag. All done in a laminate zebra print for easy clean up, metal feet on the bottom. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/diaper-bag-zebra-print-includes-changing-pad-and-accessories-bag-laminated-for-easy-cleaning.html Klear Screen High Definition Screen Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/klear-screen-high-definition-screen-cleaning-kit.html Klear Screen High Definition Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/klear-screen-high-definition-screen-cleaning-kit.html Hoppe's Gun Cleaning Patch for .22 - .270 Caliber No. 2, 60 Pack, Poly Bag E/F http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hoppe-s-gun-cleaning-patch-for-22-270-caliber-no.html In reusable polyethylene bag. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hoppe-s-gun-cleaning-patch-for-22-270-caliber-no.html The Sadness of a Cleaning Woman at Midnight (Institutional Use - Colleges/Universities) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-sadness-of-a-cleaning-woman-at-midnight-institutional-use-colleges-universities.html "The Sadness of a Cleaning Woman" is an early quasi-reality film about a Serbian cleaning woman who loses her way home from work one night when she falls asleep on a subway train. She spends the rest of the night with a cab driver trying to find her way home, which remains just beyond reach.<br/><br/>The film emphasizes naturalistic settings and casting. A real cleaning woman and cab driver were cast in their respective roles. The stories that they tell are autobiographical, and the dialogue is based on their own words.<br/><br/>Milo Yelesiyevich's directorial treatment interprets the story and characters in film noir style, which resonates against the naturalism of the casting and dialogue, and gives them unexpected depth and timelessness.<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-sadness-of-a-cleaning-woman-at-midnight-institutional-use-colleges-universities.html Beer Faucet Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/beer-faucet-cleaning-brush.html Very sturdy, 8.5 inches overall. For cleaning faucets when you disassemble them. Keeps mold from growing. Video: Learn How to Clean Your Draft Beer Lines. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Measures 8.5" L. Soft bristles for safe cleaning. Removes build up. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/beer-faucet-cleaning-brush.html Griot's Garage 11153 Paint Cleaning Clay http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/griot-s-garage-11153-paint-cleaning-clay.html Regardless of how clean you think your paint is, there are still contaminants stuck on the paint that you need to remove before waxing or polishing your paint. Paint cleaning clay leaves behind an ultra-smooth surface that will make your wax adhere better and last longer, too. It also makes the wax much easier to buff out, reducing your elbow grease substantially. Clay is safe for all paint and also works great on glass to get it squeaky clean. To use, just remove the clay from the wrapper, spray the paint's surface with Speed Shine (acts as a lubricating fluid), and rub the clay back and forth until there is no drag. This means your paint is clean. Unlike other cleaners and polishes, no buffing or hard circular motions are necessary. Takes literally one fourth the time as it would using paint cleaner. Follow up with Best of Show Wax and your paint will look stunning. The large 8 ounce (226 gram) bar cleans about 7 vehicles, depending on the amount of contamination your surface is covered with. The results are amazing. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/griot-s-garage-11153-paint-cleaning-clay.html Golf Club Cleaning Brush With A Retractable Reel http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/golf-club-cleaning-brush-with-a-retractable-reel.html The brush measures about 7" long and the retractable reel measures about 1 1/4" diameter x 3/8" thick. The reel is made of durable black plastic and has a strong nylon cord. With the use of the attached split ring it can be clipped onto your golf bag or belt for easy access when needed. It will clean the dirt and grass from the club head, and in the grooves, which allows full performance of the club as it was intended. The brass bristles will not harm the metal irons for brass is softer than other metals. With the reel, it is a very unique and convenient utility to have for your golf game. Please see our other Key/ID/Badge/Reels Accessories and Dice under Collectors Dice. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/golf-club-cleaning-brush-with-a-retractable-reel.html OSTER Professional Products Blade Wash Cleaning Soultion 18oz/532ml http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/oster-professional-products-blade-wash-cleaning-soultion-18oz-532ml.html Excellent for flushing hair accumulated between upper and lower cutting blades. Removes congealed factory applied preservatives from new blades. Provides lubrication for cutting blades. NOTE: Immerse blades only in solution. Do not immerse any part of clipper. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/oster-professional-products-blade-wash-cleaning-soultion-18oz-532ml.html Embroidered Infant Rib Knit Beanie with the image of: carpet cleaning logo http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-carpet-cleaning-logo.html <ul><li>4.7-ounce, 100% rib knit ring spun combed cotton</li><li>One Size Fits Most</li><li><b>Please note in the diagram that the picture that will be embroidered is the one blown up in the diagram - not the small image on the item.</b></li></ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/embroidered-infant-rib-knit-beanie-with-the-image-of-carpet-cleaning-logo.html PARTS CLEANING BASKET FOR ULTRASONIC CLEANERS http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/parts-cleaning-basket-for-ultrasonic-cleaners.html Holds small parts during cleaning. Reverse spring action handles prevent accidental loss of contents. Measures 6" x 2" x 2" (152 x 51 x 51 mm). For our complete line, visit our Amazon site: http://b2bprofessionaltools.net http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/parts-cleaning-basket-for-ultrasonic-cleaners.html Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaning Starter Kit, Clean Breeze Scent 1 kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dryel-at-home-dry-cleaning-starter-kit-clean-breeze-scent-1-kit.html New and Improved!<BR>Ultracleaning Cloths!<BR>Dry Cleaning results at home guaranteed!<BR>Cleans with Steam<BR>No Harsh Chemicals!<BR>Clean Breeze Scent<BR>Cleans up to 12 garments<BR>Fabric Protection Bag<BR>protects against shrinking & fading! <BR>3 Dryer-Activated Ultracleaning Cloths<BR>safe for special care clothes! <BR>Fine Fabric Stain Remover Kit<BR>safely removes even the toughest stains!<BR>Dryel is a safe, convenient way to care for dry clean clothes, delicates and handwashables such as wools, silks, rayons, linens, cottons and other special care fabrics.<BR>Safely Cares for: sweaters, blouses, suits, dresses, slacks, skirts, jackets, scarves, vests, small blankets and pillows. (When used as directed)<BR>Environmentally Friendly<BR>Contains no phosphates, Prechloroethylene (PERC), or Trichloroethylene. The Dryel Fine Fabric Liquid Stain Remover contains water, biodegradable cleaning agents and preservatives. The Dryel dryer-activated Ultracleaning Cloth contains water, preservatives, a fiber protection agent and perfume.<BR>The Dryel Fabric Protection Bag is specially designed for use in household or laundromat - style clothes dryers. The Dryel Fabric Protection Bag lasts up to 50 loads. Dryel will not shrink, fade or stretch your garments.<BR>Contents:<BR>Dryel Instruction Pamphlet. <BR>1 Reusable Dryel Fabric Bag. <BR>1 Bottle of Dryel Fine Fabric Stain Remover. <BR>4 Dryel Stain Remover Absorbent Pads. <BR>4 Dryel Ultracleaning Cloths.<BR>Dryel is not formulated for use on leather, velvet, suede, fur, lambskin, feathers, chiffon, or other organza materials.<BR>Questions? Comments? 1-888-334-4890 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/dryel-at-home-dry-cleaning-starter-kit-clean-breeze-scent-1-kit.html GHS Gorgomyte Fret Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ghs-gorgomyte-fret-cleaning-cloth.html The GHS Gorgomyte Fret and Fingerboard Cleaning and Conditioning Cloth works on both your frets and your fingerboard. Developed by world-renowned guitar tech Jimmy Johnson, the Gorgomyte cloth is used by professional guitar techs everywhere!Here's how to maximize your use of Gorgomyte Cleaning Cloths: cut the polishing cloth into 2" squares. Use one square for the entire neck. Store the remaining squares in the resealable bag for future cleaning and conditioning.The frets and fingerboard of your guitar get more hands-on use, and often abuse, than any other area of the instrument. The fine wood gets gummed up with finger oils and dirt. The frets collect these impurities too, making them dull and less than smooth.Yet, this is the one area we seem to neglect when it's cleanup time. The reason is that it has always been a messy, delicate and time-consuming job. Getting the wood back to its original luster and the frets shining meant using potentially damaging and abrasive products like steel wool. Turn an hour-long task into just a few minutes and get results you never thought possible with Gorgomyte. You WILL be amazed. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ghs-gorgomyte-fret-cleaning-cloth.html Apple IPhone 3G Replacement Front Glass and Digitizer -2 Tools, Suction Tool, Adhesive and Exclusive Microfiber Super Deal Cleaning Cloth Included - Repair Your Cracked Glass http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/apple-iphone-3g-replacement-front-glass-and-digitizer-2-tools-suction-tool-adhesive-and-exclusive-microfiber-super-deal-cleaning-cloth-included-repair-your-cracked-glass.html Apple IPhone 3G Replacement Front Glass and Digitizer -2 Tools, Suction Tool, Adhesive and Exclusive Microfiber DBROTH Cleaning Cloth Included - Repair Your Cracked Glass - with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/apple-iphone-3g-replacement-front-glass-and-digitizer-2-tools-suction-tool-adhesive-and-exclusive-microfiber-super-deal-cleaning-cloth-included-repair-your-cracked-glass.html Bausch & Lomb FogShield XP Pre-Moist Lens Cleaning Tissue http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bausch-lomb-fogshield-xp-pre-moist-lens-cleaning-tissue.html 2-step process combines effective cleaning and anti-fog protection in extreme temperature environments. Cleans glass and plastic lenses. Anti-static, anti-fog formula. 25/2-packs pre-moistened tissues http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bausch-lomb-fogshield-xp-pre-moist-lens-cleaning-tissue.html Hyundae Bidet HB-3000 Non-Electric Seat Attachment Hot/Cold Temperature Control Dual Nozzle with Nozzle Cleaning, http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hyundae-bidet-hb-3000-non-electric-seat-attachment-hot-cold-temperature-control-dual-nozzle-with-nozzle-cleaning.html Dual nozzle, Temperature control, Nozzle cleaning. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hyundae-bidet-hb-3000-non-electric-seat-attachment-hot-cold-temperature-control-dual-nozzle-with-nozzle-cleaning.html Oxy Maximum Deep Cleaning Face Wash, 6-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/oxy-maximum-deep-cleaning-face-wash-6-ounce-bottles-pack-of-3.html Questions? Call toll-free 1-877-636-2677 MON-FRI 9am - 5pm (EST) or visit us online at www.oxynation.com http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/oxy-maximum-deep-cleaning-face-wash-6-ounce-bottles-pack-of-3.html Cafetto Espresso Clean "Barista Kit" for Cleaning Professional Espresso Machines http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cafetto-espresso-clean-barista-kit-for-cleaning-professional-espresso-machines.html <BR>Getting new users started in the right direction has never been easier with our Cafetto Barista Cleaning Kits. Available with either Espresso Clean or EVO, our Barista Cleaning Kits are suitable for professional semi-automatic espresso machines. These kits are a fantastic way to introduce new users to the espresso machine cleaning process. With easy to follow instructions, the kit includes all of the essential items to complete the daily clean of any professional espresso machine. <BR> Each Cafetto Espresso Clean Barista Kit contains:<BR> 1x 500g Cafetto Espresso Clean - Espresso Machine Cleaner <BR> 1x Blind Filter<BR> 1x Head Cleaning Brush <BR> 1x Cafetto Microfibre ClothThis espresso machine cleaning kit and more specifically the backflush disc included is meant for standard 58mm size portafilters.Cafetto Espresso Clean has been<BR>tested by NSF and<BR>complies with it's protocol. This specifies that Cafetto Espresso Clean<BR>does not taint the coffee and is not corrosive to the espresso machine<BR>when used according to the instructions.<BR>Cafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for coffee brewing and dispensing equipment. Cafetto's range includes descaling and cleaning tablets and milk line cleaners for bean to cup super automatic as well as traditional espresso machines and smaller home and office machines. We also have approved organic cleaners. <BR> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cafetto-espresso-clean-barista-kit-for-cleaning-professional-espresso-machines.html Euro-Pro Shark XLT3501 XL Microfiber Cleaning Pads for the Steam Pocket Mop, Set of 4 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/euro-pro-shark-xlt3501-xl-microfiber-cleaning-pads-for-the-steam-pocket-mop-set-of-4.html The open area mop head replacement pads have 33-percent more surface cleaning area than the all purpose cleaning pockets. It is the perfect application for cleaning large rooms and larger floor areas. The absorbent micro-fiber pocket loosens lifts and locks in dirt. When you are finished just toss the reusable mop head in the washer. The included finger loops make it easy to put on and remove the mop head. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/euro-pro-shark-xlt3501-xl-microfiber-cleaning-pads-for-the-steam-pocket-mop-set-of-4.html When Im Cleaning Windows http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/when-im-cleaning-windows.html Some of George's recordings were originally banned by the BBC because of their lyrical content, with 'When I'm Cleaning Windows' being banned because it was deemed voyeuristic! Despite the bans, George's songs have proved popular more than four decades after his death. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/when-im-cleaning-windows.html Lighthouse Cleaning Bath for Coins http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lighthouse-cleaning-bath-for-coins.html Please note that cleaning coins may decrease their value. We advise you to contact a numismatic professional prior to using any chemical or cleaning product on a coin. If assured that using the product will not adversely impact the coin, follow the instructions precisely and exercise extreme caution. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lighthouse-cleaning-bath-for-coins.html Giottos CL1001 Large Cleaning Kit with Small Rocket Blaster http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giottos-cl1001-large-cleaning-kit-with-small-rocket-blaster.html Large Cleaning Kit includes small Rocket Blaster and retractable two-position goat's hair brush as well as a dye-free microfiber cleaning cloth. Includes 30ml alcohol -free cleaning solution and 10 cotton swabs also. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giottos-cl1001-large-cleaning-kit-with-small-rocket-blaster.html 3G 3GS Iphone Anti-glare Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth(Single Pack) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/3g-3gs-iphone-anti-glare-screen-protector-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-single-pack.html 3G 3GS Iphone Anti-glare Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth(Single Pack) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/3g-3gs-iphone-anti-glare-screen-protector-with-lint-cleaning-cloth-single-pack.html Crosley Record Cleaning Kit - AC20 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/crosley-record-cleaning-kit-ac20.html HAND-RUBBED OAK FINISH; FELT RECORD CLEANING BRUSH; RECORD CLEANING SOLUTION; PAPRIKA http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/crosley-record-cleaning-kit-ac20.html Ultrasonic Silver Cleaning Kit - 20762 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ultrasonic-silver-cleaning-kit-20762.html <BR><BR>Ultrasonic Silver Cleaning Kit<BR>This is how you clean silver or silver jewelry with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. This Kit consists of the special re-useable Silver Cleaning Plate and 4 Activator Packets. Mix 10:1 ratio with HOT tap water or distilled water in the ultrasonic cleaner and turn the machine "on" for 3 minutes WITH the cleaning plate in the tray. This will help to de-gas the solution. Be sure that the solution amount does not exceed the max line in the tank. Then put your silver jewelry on top of the silver cleaning plate. Turn the machine on for at least 3 minutes. The process of turning the machine on with silver jewelry in it can be repeated several times with very dirty or heavily tarnished silver and silver jewelry. If the water / solution becomes dirty, you must rinse the tank and repeat the process, as dirty solution does not clean properly. Please note that the silver cleaning plate is suitable to be used more than once. You simply will need more of the packets, which can be purchased at any time. WARNING: Soft and porrous stones, or any other gems may not be suitable for an ultrasonic cleaner. Do not store the silver cleaning plate in the solution between uses.<BR> Blitz Stock #20762<BR> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ultrasonic-silver-cleaning-kit-20762.html Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent Oil-fighting, 8-Ounce (Pack of 2) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/clean-clear-deep-cleaning-astringent-oil-fighting-8-ounce-pack-of-2.html Astringent http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/clean-clear-deep-cleaning-astringent-oil-fighting-8-ounce-pack-of-2.html Cuisinart DCC-1150BK 10-cup Coffee Maker Plus Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets And a Set of Two White Porcelain 12oz. Coffee Mug's http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cuisinart-dcc-1150bk-10-cup-coffee-maker-plus-coffee-brewer-cleaning-tablets-and-a-set-of-two-white-porcelain-12oz.html * Cuisinart DCC-1150BK Cuisinart 10-cup Thermal Programable Coffeemaker Black. * Cuisinart performance and style, now with a thermal carafe to keep coffee hot for hours. * Ten-cup black and stainless coffee maker features 24-hour programming, brew pause, self-clean and 60-second automatic reset and auto shut-off. * Also features a special setting for brewing small pots (one to four cups). --PLUS-- Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets, Set of 2 White Porcelain 12oz. Coffee Mug's http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cuisinart-dcc-1150bk-10-cup-coffee-maker-plus-coffee-brewer-cleaning-tablets-and-a-set-of-two-white-porcelain-12oz.html Cleaning: Conservation Science Teaching Series, Volume 2 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-conservation-science-teaching-series-volume-2.html No description available http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-conservation-science-teaching-series-volume-2.html Canon Optical Lens and Digital SLR Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/canon-optical-lens-and-digital-slr-cleaning-kit.html Features Canon Cleaning Kit with Brush, Microfiber Cloth, Fluid & Tissue http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/canon-optical-lens-and-digital-slr-cleaning-kit.html Lighthouse Cleaning Bath for Copper & Brass Coins http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lighthouse-cleaning-bath-for-copper-brass-coins.html Please note that cleaning coins may decrease their value. We advise you to contact a numismatic professional prior to using any chemical or cleaning product on a coin. If assured that using the product will not adversely impact the coin, follow the instructions precisely and exercise extreme caution. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lighthouse-cleaning-bath-for-copper-brass-coins.html Paradise Horse Stable Cleaning Set http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/paradise-horse-stable-cleaning-set.html The Paradise HorsesTM Stable Cleaning Set has all the tools necessary to keep your horse's stall clean and the barn tidy. The set includes a wheelbarrow, muck tub, manure and bedding fork, broom and shovel, and scrub brush (not shown). Ages 5+ years Size: 6.5" http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/paradise-horse-stable-cleaning-set.html Oakley Sunglasses Micro Fiber Soft Cloth Cleaning / Storage Bag http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/oakley-sunglasses-micro-fiber-soft-cloth-cleaning-storage-bag.html Oakley Sunglasses Micro Fiber Soft Cloth Cleaning / Storage Bag http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/oakley-sunglasses-micro-fiber-soft-cloth-cleaning-storage-bag.html Cleaning Fairies Funny Dark T-Shirt by CafePress http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-fairies-funny-dark-t-shirt-by-cafepress.html I just hate cleaning fairies out of the lawn mower - screamingly funny gifts for the man in your life Funny Tee, TShirt, Shirt. About our Dark T-Shirt: Look cool without breaking the bank. Our durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirt is what to wear when you want to go comfortably casual. Preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.5.6 oz. 100% cotton. Standard fit.. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-fairies-funny-dark-t-shirt-by-cafepress.html How To Start a Foreclosure Cleanup-Property Preservation Business: EARN UP TO $100,000 per Year CLEANING OUT FORECLOSED HOMES http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/how-to-start-a-foreclosure-cleanup-property-preservation-business-earn-up-to-100-000-per-year-cleaning-out-foreclosed-homes.html RIDE THE WAVE OF FORECLOSURES TODAY! LEARN HOW TO START A FORECLOSURE CLEANUP-PROPERTY PRESERVATION BUSINESS NOW! Banks desperately NEED vendors to Clean, Repair, & Maintain their Foreclosed Homes! Banks Pay Literally Millions Of $$$ Each & Every Year For Foreclosure Cleaning & Property Preservation Services! The Average Vendor Cleans 8-20 Homes per Week and the Average Pay Ranges from $250 to Upwards of $2500 Per Property!!! EXCELLENT Hombased Business! Start Your New Business Part-Time or Full-Time! Become Your Own Boss and Set Your Own Hours! There is HUGE Income Potential in the Booming Foreclosure Cleaning Business! GET STARTED NOW! How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup-Property Preservation Business book teaches you how to Successfully Start & Run a Foreclosure Cleaning Business Immediately! It provides step by step detailed instructions for rekeys, boardups, lawn maintenance, trashouts, and more. Learn how to price your foreclosure cleaning bids for success! It comes complete with Over 40 REO Bank Direct Contacts to Sign Up with to get you up and running right away! Also, included in this book guide: *Top of the Line Industry REO Contacts *Expert Marketing Tips to Grow and Expand your New Business *Teaches you how & where to get the Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts *Includes HUD Guideline Tables to help you accurately price your bids This booming business has been showcased on Oprah, 20/20, & many news stations across the US! DON'T WAIT-Banks NEED People Now To Work On Their Foreclosures! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/how-to-start-a-foreclosure-cleanup-property-preservation-business-earn-up-to-100-000-per-year-cleaning-out-foreclosed-homes.html Gamo .177 Cleaning Kit for air rifles and pistols http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gamo.html Easy to use collapsible rifle stand is designed for quick assembly/disassembly. It fits compactly into carrying box so you can do repairs or adjustments in the field, at the range or on hunting trips. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/gamo.html simplehuman Stainless Steel Cleaning Mitt, Microfiber http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/simplehuman-stainless-steel-cleaning-mitt-microfiber.html Keep stainless steel clean without harsh damaging chemicals. Simply dampen one side of the mitt with water to clean, and flip over to buff and polish with the dry side. Machine washable. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/simplehuman-stainless-steel-cleaning-mitt-microfiber.html (2) CTA BLM-1 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries + Mini Battery Charger + Cleaning Kit for Olympus E-30, E-3, E-1, EVOLT E-300, E-330, E-500, E-510 & E-520 Digital SLR Cameras http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/2-cta-blm-1-rechargeable-li-ion-batteries-mini-battery-charger-cleaning-kit-for-olympus-e-30-e-3-e-1-evolt-e-300-e-330-e-500-e-510-e-520-digital-slr-cameras.html <P><B>Kit includes:</B><BR> 1) CTA BLM-1 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack<BR> 2) Additional CTA BLM-1 Battery Pack<BR> 3) Mini Battery Charger for BLM-1<BR> 4) Precision Design 5-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit<P>Increase your shooting capacity with these powerful CTA <b>BLM-1</b> Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.<p>This <b> Mini Rapid Multi-voltage Charger</b> plugs directly in to your wall outlet or your car's cigarette lighter and charges the battery included with this kit in approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Its unique flat pin, foldable design allows easy storage and makes it the most compact battery charger on the market!<P>This <b>5-piece cleaning kit</b> contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Blower Brush and Cotton Swabs.<p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/2-cta-blm-1-rechargeable-li-ion-batteries-mini-battery-charger-cleaning-kit-for-olympus-e-30-e-3-e-1-evolt-e-300-e-330-e-500-e-510-e-520-digital-slr-cameras.html George Foreman GFSP3 Indoor Grill Cleaning Sponge - 3 pack http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/george-foreman-gfsp3-indoor-grill-cleaning-sponge-3-pack.html Features: 3 pack of 4" x 3.5" durable sponges. Combines a cleaning polyester sponge with scouring pad. Pad creates a versatile cleaning tool. Sponge will not scratch or mar surfaces. Grooves designed to fit easily into all foreman grill plates. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/george-foreman-gfsp3-indoor-grill-cleaning-sponge-3-pack.html Spring Cleaning 4.0 (10-pack) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning-4.html Spring Cleaning 4.0 (10-pack) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning-4.html Vacuum Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/vacuum-cleaning.html Vacuum Cleaning by Salvor<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i></p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/vacuum-cleaning.html Downy Snuggle Bear: Super DX Plush House Cleaning Ver. Type-A Blue. (13 inches) Imported from Japan. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/downy-snuggle-bear-super-dx-plush-house-cleaning-ver-type-a-blue-13-inches-imported-from-japan.html Downy Snuggle Bear: Super DX Plush House Cleaning Ver. Type-A Blue. (13 inches) Imported from Japan. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/downy-snuggle-bear-super-dx-plush-house-cleaning-ver-type-a-blue-13-inches-imported-from-japan.html Miele : 05626080 Cleaning Tablets (Packet of 10) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/miele-05626080-cleaning-tablets-packet-of-10.html Miele Coffee Cleaning Tablets (10 Count) - 07616440. Cleaning Agent Tablets For CVA. For Cleaning The Coffee Pathway Of The Coffee System. 10 Count. Decalcify To Avoid Unpleasant Odors Or Taste http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/miele-05626080-cleaning-tablets-packet-of-10.html The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-complete-idiot-s-guide-to-cleaning.html <B><I>Make those rooms sparkle </I></B> <BR><BR> Most people hate it, but everyone has to clean. So why not do it right? This guide takes readers through the house, room by room, demonstrating how to clean each one thoroughly and efficientlyeven the bathroom and the garage. Plus, it provides an A-to-Z treasure trove of hints to make cleaning even easier. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-complete-idiot-s-guide-to-cleaning.html SecureHOLD GPS Auto Dash Friction Mount - Removable - Mount and Protect your GPS on the Dashboard of your Car Without Adhesive! ***Includes Accessory Bag, Micro Fiber Cloth and Cleaning blower brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/securehold-gps-auto-dash-friction-mount-removable-mount-and-protect-your-gps-on-the-dashboard-of-your-car-without-adhesive-includes-accessory-bag-micro-fiber-cloth-and-cleaning-blower-brush.html <h2>Securely Hold Your GPS Unit On Your Dash!</h2><br>The Auto Dash Bean Bag Mount from Accessory Power is your simple and effective solution for portable on-dash GPS display. Beginning with a solid weighted dashboard grip design, the Auto Dash Mount stays securely in place on your dash. The 360-degree rotating head allows you to choose from several different viewing angles and there is also a double-jointed adjustable neck for even more viewing angle customization. The Head has cushioned feet and side wings to protect your device from scratches while mounted and is extremely adjustable! The Head adjusts vertically, horizontally and also expands outward to fit your device JUST right (The Dash Mount is versatile enough to hold you Cell Phone or MP3 Player as well)! The Dash Mount also features cushioned feet and side wings to support your device without scratching it. <b><i>Protect your device safely and securely today!</b></i> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/securehold-gps-auto-dash-friction-mount-removable-mount-and-protect-your-gps-on-the-dashboard-of-your-car-without-adhesive-includes-accessory-bag-micro-fiber-cloth-and-cleaning-blower-brush.html Towntalk Sterling Long Lasting Effect Gold Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/towntalk-sterling-long-lasting-effect-gold-cleaning-cloth.html Established 1895 in England, Towntalk is remarkable brand of polish and cleaning material for jewelry. This is made from the finest materials available and each one has been specially formulated to keep your prized posessions looking as new forever. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/towntalk-sterling-long-lasting-effect-gold-cleaning-cloth.html Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning.html Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning.html Hall Crystal Flute In D Cleaning Rod http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hall-crystal-flute-in-d-cleaning-rod.html Hall Crystal Flute In D Cleaning Rod http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hall-crystal-flute-in-d-cleaning-rod.html 4" x 6.5" Gold and Silver Jewelry Instant Cleaning and Polishing Cloth Restores Shine http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/4-x-6.html <p><font face="Verdana" size="2">Cleans Silver and Gold Jewelry. A good buy to keep your Jewelry Fresh.</font></p><p><font face="Verdana" size="2">Dimension of this Jewelry Cleaning cloth is </font> <font style="font-family: Arial,Verdana,Sans-Serif; font-size: 10pt;">4" x 6.5"</font></p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/4-x-6.html Lifestyles Music for Spring Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lifestyles-music-for-spring-cleaning.html Lifestyles Music for Spring Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/lifestyles-music-for-spring-cleaning.html The Great Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-great-cleaning.html The Great Cleaning http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-great-cleaning.html Nikon EN-EL14 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery with Cleaning Kit for Coolpix P7000 & D3100 Digital SLR Camera http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-en-el14-rechargeable-li-ion-battery-with-cleaning-kit-for-coolpix-p7000-d3100-digital-slr-camera.html <P><B>Kit includes:</B><BR> 1) Nikon EN-EL14 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery<BR> 2) Precision Design Deluxe 6-Piece Lens & Digital SLR Camera Cleaning Kit<BR> 3) Digital Camera LCD Monitor Screen Protectors<P> Provide your camera an extra <b>1030mAh of power</b>, this spare <b>EN-EL14</b> will not put constraints on how you want to shoot and can be typically charged over 1000 times. <p>This <b>6-piece cleaning kit</b> contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including a Hurricane Air Blower, Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Brush and Cotton Swabs. <p>Reduce glare, enhance your view, and prevent scratching with this set of <b>LCD screen protectors</b>. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/nikon-en-el14-rechargeable-li-ion-battery-with-cleaning-kit-for-coolpix-p7000-d3100-digital-slr-camera.html Vivier Deep Cleaning Astringent http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/vivier-deep-cleaning-astringent.html <p style="padding-bottom: 10px"> Ideal for combination, oily or acne-prone skin <strong>Vivier's Deep Cleaning Astringent </strong>medical grade formulation helps restore the skin's pH while controlling oiliness, breakouts, inflammation and redness, leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed.</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/vivier-deep-cleaning-astringent.html Fast Axe Multipurpose Guitar Cleaning Brush, Black http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/fast-axe-multipurpose-guitar-cleaning-brush-black.html The flexible handle allows you to apply pressure to the double-sided felt stripping so you can clean the body of the guitar evenly and thoroughly. Can be used with polish to clean smudges and residue build-up. For quick dust and static removal you can use the felt-stripping with out polish spray. The firm nylon bristle will allow you to clean many areas on the guitar, and is especially valuable for deep cleaning the fret board. Removes build-up on the fretboard & strings. Will not scratch or damage the neck.IMPORTANT:Make sure to use an oil-based fretboard conditioner to clean the fretbord. Bristle will also clean the back of the neck, and is safe enough to use on the body. It will not scratch up the finish. Cleans off the hardware on electric and acoustic guitars (bridge & saddle pieces). Perfectly contoured to clean sides of guitars, and ideal for cleaning the head stock. You won't have to worry about poking your fingers on excess string from the post. Simply brush over the post with the bristle. Fast Axe is safe to use on other stringed instruments. Also good for use on CDs and DVDs and other home electronics.Try it with optional Fast Axe Fire Power Guitar Polish Spray! (See accessory box on this page.) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/fast-axe-multipurpose-guitar-cleaning-brush-black.html Otis Tactical Cleaning System with 6 Brushes http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-tactical-cleaning-system-with-6-brushes.html What started in a shoe polish tin called The Whole Kit & Caboodle, Otis has engineered into the most popular firearm cleaning system on the market today. The world famous Tactical Cleaning System was engineered for the shooter who has a variety of firearms. The Tactical Cleaning System is equipped to clean all rifles, pistols, shotguns, and in-line muzzleloaders. It has the essential tools to clean rifles .17 to .50 caliber, handguns .17 to .50 caliber, shotguns .410 to 12/10 gauge, and all in-line muzzleloaders. The system includes three Memory-Flex cleaning rods with over 750lb tensile strength, three forged slotted brass tips, two obstruction removers to knock out obstructions such as mud, snow, or even a stuck bullet or case , T-handle for added comfort, .5oz. tube of Otis O85 Ultra Bore cleaner, lubricant and preservative, all-caliber cotton cleaning patches for .223 caliber and larger, small caliber patches for .17 to .223 caliber, shotgun brush adapter and rubber Patch Savers to get 360 degree coverage in your shotgun barrels, six high quality bore brushes, and a bore reflector/flag safety. Protect your investments; use Otis. - Caliber/Gauge: .17 - .50 Caliber Rifles; .17 - .50 Caliber Pistols; .410 - 12/10 Gauge Shotguns; In-Line Muzzleloaders http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/otis-tactical-cleaning-system-with-6-brushes.html 52MM Hard Flower Designed Lens Hood For NIKON D3100 D5000 D3000 D60 D700 D60 D80 D40X D90 CANON SX20 SX10 SX1 IS SONY DSC-V1 PENTAX K200D K20D K10D KM KX + 1 Ultra Fine Microfiber Cleaning Cloth GOJA Logo http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/52mm-hard-flower-designed-lens-hood-for-nikon-d3100-d5000-d3000-d60-d700-d60-d80-d40x-d90-canon-sx20-sx10-sx1-is-sony-dsc-v1-pentax-k200d-k20d-k10d-km-kx-1-ultra-fine-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-goja-logo.html <b>* 1) LENS HOOD</b> - You should generally always use a lens hood on your camera. It helps prevent the lens flare you can see. We all know that starburst effect you get when the sun is in the picture, that's called lens flare. It's usually (but not always) a bad thing.<b>Screw Mount Lens Hood</b></br></br> <b>* 2) MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH</b> - As the name suggests, microfiber cleaning cloths are made up of extremely fine fibers, usually of synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester. They are very durable and strong and have a tremendous water holding capacity.</br></br> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/52mm-hard-flower-designed-lens-hood-for-nikon-d3100-d5000-d3000-d60-d700-d60-d80-d40x-d90-canon-sx20-sx10-sx1-is-sony-dsc-v1-pentax-k200d-k20d-k10d-km-kx-1-ultra-fine-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-goja-logo.html N Cleaning Head Replacement Set http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/n-cleaning-head-replacement-set.html N Cleaning Head Replacement Set http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/n-cleaning-head-replacement-set.html Falcon Compressed Gas (152a) Jumbo Disposable Cleaning Duster 1 Count, 17oz. Can (DPSJMB) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/falcon-compressed-gas-152a-jumbo-disposable-cleaning-duster-1-count-17oz.html Falcon Dust-Off Aerosol Compressed (152a) Disposable Cleaning duster 1 count 17oz. Great fpr large cleaning jobs around home and office. Contains a bitterant to help discourage inhalant abuse http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/falcon-compressed-gas-152a-jumbo-disposable-cleaning-duster-1-count-17oz.html HEWC5709A - 4MM Drive Cleaning Cartridge http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hewc5709a-4mm-drive-cleaning-cartridge.html 4MM Drive Cleaning Cartridge http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hewc5709a-4mm-drive-cleaning-cartridge.html Cleaning out the Closet of your Mind http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-out-the-closet-of-your-mind.html Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth is a series of 8 CDs designed to allow you to relax, release, and let go of old negative beliefs that have held you back from living a life of financial success and unlimited abundance. With the power of proven, successful techniques, this series will enhance your ability to succeed. By removing blocks to your success, releasing old ideas and beliefs, gaining freedom from fears, and letting go of the past, you can capitalize on the space you've created by bringing in new, powerful, positive beliefs and experiences that will accelerate your success at creating wealth and abundance. Attracting Abundance, #5 in a series of 8, is designed to help you eliminate the struggle from achieving your goals to bring you abundance in all areas of your life. By using the power of the process of attraction, you will be able to tap into the forces that will naturally draw what you desire to you. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-out-the-closet-of-your-mind.html The New Cleaning & Cooking Fish: The Complete Guide to Preparing Delicious Freshwater Fish (The Freshwater Angler) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-new-cleaning-cooking-fish-the-complete-guide-to-preparing-delicious-freshwater-fish-the-freshwater-angler.html Covers all types of dishes, from appetizers to main courses. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/the-new-cleaning-cooking-fish-the-complete-guide-to-preparing-delicious-freshwater-fish-the-freshwater-angler.html Audiovox Surface SURF200KIT Screen and Lens Cleaning Kit for Home Theater and AV Components http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/audiovox-surface-surf200kit-screen-and-lens-cleaning-kit-for-home-theater-and-av-components.html SURF200KIT large screen and lens cleaner kit contains a readily biodegradeable solution recommended for cleaning home theater components, plasma and LCD TVs, remote controls, computer and office equipment and digital picture frames. Eco friendly washable and reusable microfiber cloth cleans without scratching and solution reduces static. Kit includes 200 ml bottle of panel cleaner and 200 ml bottle of component cleaner with 12 x 12 inch microfiber cloth and free 8 ml travel size screen/lens cleaner spray all in convenient plastic case. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/audiovox-surface-surf200kit-screen-and-lens-cleaning-kit-for-home-theater-and-av-components.html GHS A8 String Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ghs-a8-string-cleaning-cloth.html Treated cloth for all metal guitar or bass strings to clean strings while restoring and preserving tone. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ghs-a8-string-cleaning-cloth.html End Brush for Cleaning Vases, Coffee Decanters and Jugs http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/end-brush-for-cleaning-vases-coffee-decanters-and-jugs.html Excellent for cleaning bottoms, walls, and lips. For coffee decanters, water jugs, tea pots, and flower pots. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/end-brush-for-cleaning-vases-coffee-decanters-and-jugs.html Spring Cleaning Personal Edition http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning-personal-edition.html <p><b><font color="#000080">Secure Your Privacy, Boost Performance, ProtectInformation</font></b><br><br><img src="http://img.productinformation.net/images/images/prodinfo.gif" width="500" height="17"><br><br>It's time to clear out the clutter. Programs and pictures, folders andfiles, it's amazing how quickly a hard disk fills up! When the time comes toclean up, let Spring Cleaning carry the load. From deleting duplicates toarchiving programs, Spring Cleaning puts a suite of easy-to-use tools andone-click solutions at your fingertips. Spring Cleaning is a safe way toregain disk space, boost performance, and protect privacy. Spring Cleaning'sspecialized tools make it easy to get the job done.</p><p><br><img src="http://img.productinformation.net/images/images/highlights.gif" border="0" width="500" height="17"></p><p><b>Regain disk space</b><br>Let the Duplicates Finder? quickly find and sweep away unwanted and unneededfiles! Regain megabytes of disk space purging unneeded duplicates, outdatedmaterial or incorrect versions.</p><p><b>Organize to optimize</b><br>Uninstall, backup, and compress files to reduce processing time.</p><p><b>Clean with confidence</b><br>If you're unsure about items you've removed, the undo feature lets you put themright back.</p><p><b>Protect your privacy</b><br>Spring Cleaning helps you clear out internet-related clutter that risks privacyand slows down your computer.<br><br><br><img src="http://img.productinformation.net/images/images/prodfeat.gif" width="500" height="17"></p><ul> <li>Find and remove duplicate files, folders and applications <li>XP and OS X compatible <li>Easily uninstall old software <li>Built-in safety with complete undo feature <li>Backup, restore, and archive programs <li>Remove browser cookies <li>Customized file cleanup <li>Choose your level of cleaning <li>Graphically view disk space <li>Wipe away Internet tracks <li>Clear cache and history files <li>Purge corrupt files <li>and more!</li></ul> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/spring-cleaning-personal-edition.html Cleaning Up The Business http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-up-the-business.html Cleaning Up The Business http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/cleaning-up-the-business.html ICON iPad Microfiber Cleaning Cloth http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/icon-ipad-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html Ideal for mobile devices, eyeglasses, cameras, computer screens and delicate surfaces, the ICON microfiber cleaning cloth removes smudges and fingerprints without scratching your screen. The threads of the material are split into microfibers and woven into small loops allowing the cloth to trap and remove particles off the surface of your device. Dimensions: 9.25 x 9.5 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/icon-ipad-microfiber-cleaning-cloth.html 35 Piece Deluxe Universal Gun Cleaning Kit in a wooden presentation box - DAC Technologies UGC76W, Firearm Accessories Cleaning Products http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/35-piece-deluxe-universal-gun-cleaning-kit-in-a-wooden-presentation-box-dac-technologies-ugc76w-firearm-accessories-cleaning-products.html - 35 Piece Deluxe Universal Gun Cleaning Kit in a wooden presentation box by DAC Technologies, model UGC76W, UPC , in Firearm Accessories Cleaning Products, Weight = 0 lbs. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/35-piece-deluxe-universal-gun-cleaning-kit-in-a-wooden-presentation-box-dac-technologies-ugc76w-firearm-accessories-cleaning-products.html Giottos Rocket-Air Blower Professional AA1900 Large + Lenspen Lens Pen Cleaning System + Accessory Kit for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony Digital SLR Cameras http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giottos-rocket-air-blower-professional-aa1900-large-lenspen-lens-pen-cleaning-system-accessory-kit-for-canon-nikon-olympus-pentax-and-sony-digital-slr-cameras.html <P><B>Kit includes:</B><BR> 1) Giottos Rocket-Air Blower Professional AA1900<BR> 2) Lenspen Lens Pen Cleaning System<BR> 3) Precision Design 5-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit<BR> 4) Cameta Microfiber Cleaning Cloth<P>The <B>Giottos Rocket-Air Blower</B> is very powerful and easy to use cleaning system. The super air stream blows off dust particles, even those attracted by static electricity. Giottos' patented and unique rocket base design allows the Rocket-Air to stand by itself and prevents accidental blocking of the inlet valve as well as making it easy to store. The inlet valve prevents back flow from the air tube. This air blower is an excellent way to remove dust off sensitive equipment parts without physical contact. It works great when used on digital camera sensors, lenses, telescopes, computer keyboards, microscopes, communications equipment, musical instruments or just about any precision equipment.<p>The <B>LensPen</B> is one of the most invaluable accessories a photographer can own. Its unique design makes cleaning your lens fast, simple and effective. On one end, a retractable soft brush sweeps dust and loose particles away from the glass. On the other end, a special dry cleaning compound is used to gently remove fingerprints and spots.<p>This <B>5-piece cleaning kit</B> contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Blower Brush and Cotton Swabs.<p>Keep your camera and lenses smudge-free with this handy <B>microfiber cleaning cloth</B>.<p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/giottos-rocket-air-blower-professional-aa1900-large-lenspen-lens-pen-cleaning-system-accessory-kit-for-canon-nikon-olympus-pentax-and-sony-digital-slr-cameras.html Super Nintendo Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/super-nintendo-cleaning-kit.html The Super NES Cleaning Kit maintains the contact points of your Control Deck and game paks for peak performance. Regular use can extend the life of your Super NES system. Correct minor TV screen malfunctions caused by dirty connectors. Avoid empty or scrambled TV screens during game play. The Super NES Cleaning Kit is quick and easy to use! http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/super-nintendo-cleaning-kit.html NorthStar Drain Cleaning Hose - 30Ft. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/northstar-drain-cleaning-hose-30ft.html Easily cleans even heavily plugged pipes, with no chemicals! Attaches to your 3000 max. PSI, 5 GPM pressure washer and uses 140deg F max. temperature water to clean out drains at a distance of up to 150 feet. Application: Drain cleaning hose, Hose Length (ft.): 30, Max. PSI: 3,000, Temperature Range ( deg F): 140 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/northstar-drain-cleaning-hose-30ft.html Magic Valve Magic Slide Trombone Slide Cleaning Brush, Set http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/magic-valve-magic-slide-trombone-slide-cleaning-brush-set.html The Magic Valve Trombone Slide Cleaning Brush is the same brush included with the Magic Valve Trombone Slide Cleaning Kit. The Slide Cleaning Brush features a large nylon bristle head and wire shaft with a wood handle for comfort. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/magic-valve-magic-slide-trombone-slide-cleaning-brush-set.html Carpet and Window Cleaning Business http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/carpet-and-window-cleaning-business.html Business ebook http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/carpet-and-window-cleaning-business.html Bausch & Lomb Anti Fog Treatment and Lens Cleaning System, 10 applicator cloths and 1 micro 8485 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bausch-lomb-anti-fog-treatment-and-lens-cleaning-system-10-applicator-cloths-and-1-micro-8485.html Bausch & Lomb Anti Fog Treatment and Lens Cleaning System, 10 applicator cloths and 1 micro 8485 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/bausch-lomb-anti-fog-treatment-and-lens-cleaning-system-10-applicator-cloths-and-1-micro-8485.html Old Spice Dry Skin Defense Body Wash, Cleaning + Hydration, Double Impact 12 fl oz (355 ml) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/old-spice-dry-skin-defense-body-wash-cleaning-hydration-double-impact-12-fl-oz-355-ml.html Old Spice Dry Skin Defense combines Cleaning and Hydration. <BR>It's TWO Things. <BR>Skin Hydrator: Yes, ladies like a guy with skin that looks healthy and smooth after 5 days of use. (Disclaimer: This product does nothing to prevent excess skin flab). <BR>Advanced Cleanser: It removes the toughest dirt - leaving your skin feeling clean and smelling fresh...all layered together in 1 bottle.<BR>Cleaning + Hydration <BR>Skin Hydrator <BR>Advanced Cleanser <BR>Hydrating Current visibly improves skin's appearance in just 5 days<BR>Questions? 1-800-925-0633 http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/old-spice-dry-skin-defense-body-wash-cleaning-hydration-double-impact-12-fl-oz-355-ml.html Digital SLR Camera 6 Piece Cleaning Kit with Booklet of Lens Cleaning Tissues, Cloth, Cleaning Liquid, Air Blower and Cotton Swabs http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/digital-slr-camera-6-piece-cleaning-kit-with-booklet-of-lens-cleaning-tissues-cloth-cleaning-liquid-air-blower-and-cotton-swabs.html It's obvious that the cleaner the lens, the sharper your pictures will be. Dirt, dust, and fingerprints will degrade the image quality of even the finest optics. However, it's equally important to avoid using incorrect cleaning materials which can permanently damage your photo equipment. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/digital-slr-camera-6-piece-cleaning-kit-with-booklet-of-lens-cleaning-tissues-cloth-cleaning-liquid-air-blower-and-cotton-swabs.html Black Neo-Cushion Protective Cover Sleeve for Amazon Kindle Wireless ebook Reader (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle) ***Includes Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth** http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/black-neo-cushion-protective-cover-sleeve-for-amazon-kindle-wireless-ebook-reader-fits-6-display-latest-generation-kindle-includes-microfiber-screen-cleaning-cloth.html Keep your new <b><i>Amazon Kindle</b></i> E-Reader looking as good as the day you bought it with the <i>USA Gear</i> <b>Kindle</b> cover.<br><br>This neoprene sleeve is a great way to protect and store your <b><i>Amazon Kindle</i></b> E-Reader.<br>Made out of dense neoprene that protects your <b>Kindle</b> E-Reader from bumps, drops, scratches, and scrapes.<br>It also comes with an additional accessory pocket that can fit tons of your accessories like memory cards, card readers, chargers and charging accessories <br>The sturdy handle on the back allows for easy transportation. Protect your delicate <b>Amazon Kindle</b> E-Reader and buy our neoprene sleeve today! <b><i><br><br><br>Fits Barnes & Noble NOOK, Amazon Kindle (latest generation), and Sony PRS</i></b><br><br>Dimensions: 8.25"L x5.5"W http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/black-neo-cushion-protective-cover-sleeve-for-amazon-kindle-wireless-ebook-reader-fits-6-display-latest-generation-kindle-includes-microfiber-screen-cleaning-cloth.html Clean Screen Multi-Purpose Display Cleaning Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/clean-screen-multi-purpose-display-cleaning-kit.html <p>CLEAN SCREEN helps you safely clean your valuable electronics anytime so you can always enjoy the best possible picture quality. Works great with flat screen TVs, regular TVs, cameras, laptops, projection TVs, portable DVD players and other electronics.</p><p>The CLEAN SCREEN alcohol-free, ammonia-free solution and special cloth gently polishes your electronic displays without scratching or damaging them. Unlike ordinary glass-cleaners, CLEAN SCREEN resists dripping into delicate electronics. Plus, the CLEAN SCREEN solution is specially formulated to reduce the static electricity that attracts dust.</p><p>With the CLEAN SCREEN Display Cleaning Kit, you get one large bottle of CLEAN SCREEN solution and a special cleaning cloth, so all your electronic displays can stay free of dust, fingerprints and streaks. Get all the performance you paid for from your home theater and multimedia equipment.</p><p>Features include:</p><p>Removes dust and fingerprints for maximum definition and brightness</p><p>Won't drip or leave streaks, stains or residue like ordinary cleaners</p><p>Safe, alcohol-free formula to clean LCD and Plasma TVs safely</p><p>Large 6.76 fl. oz. bottle of CLEAN SCREEN solution</p><p>Cleaning cloth dimensions: 16 x 16 inches</p><p>Includes retail packaging</p> http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/clean-screen-multi-purpose-display-cleaning-kit.html MCR Crews LCT Premoistened Antistatic Lens Cleaning Towelettes (Box of 100) http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mcr-crews-lct-premoistened-antistatic-lens-cleaning-towelettes-box-of-100.html 135-LCT This item features: -Anti-static, anti-fog cleaning. -Quantity: 100 per box. -Price is for 1 Box. Unit Sold is in measure of 1 Box http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/mcr-crews-lct-premoistened-antistatic-lens-cleaning-towelettes-box-of-100.html GE 22557 LCD/Plasma TV Screen Cleaning System http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ge-22557-lcd-plasma-tv-screen-cleaning-system.html LCD/Plasma TV Screen Cleaning System enhances the brilliance of your LCD/Plasma TV display. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/ge-22557-lcd-plasma-tv-screen-cleaning-system.html Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/motorized-grill-cleaning-brush.html Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush. No scrubbing, no chemicals! The Brookstone Motorized Grill Brush is the effortless way to keep your grill's cooking surface clean. A powerful motor and two brass-bristle rotary brushes quickly strip away cooked-on food residue. It does the tough job of removing grime so you don't have to. A built-in stainless steel scraper lets you work on extra-tough buildup. Full-size, well-balanced handle reduces wrist strain. Push-button control is located on top of handle, enabling one-handed operation. Uses 4 C batteries (not included). Rugged and practical, our Motorized Grill Brush saves time, helps increase the lifespan of your grill surface, and even helps make food taste better. Makes the perfect BBQ grill gift. Order yours today. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/motorized-grill-cleaning-brush.html Hoppe's Gun Cleaning Patch for .270 - .35 Caliber No. 3, 50 Pack, Poly Bag E/F http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hoppe-s-gun-cleaning-patch-for-270-35-caliber-no.html Gun Cleaning Patches - No 3 270 to 35 Cal 50 packManufacture ID: 1203For 270 to 35 Caliber (Per 50)Warranty: Warranted against manufacturers defects. http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/hoppe-s-gun-cleaning-patch-for-270-35-caliber-no.html Screen Cleaning Care Kit http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/screen-cleaning-care-kit.html ELM101X1 The Sanus Elements ELM101 is a complete screen care system contained in a reusable storage case. Its alcohol- and ammonia-free gel gently cleans TVs without harming screens or discoloring bezels. Micro-Mist technology provides a targeted spray for accurate application. The unique dual-sided cleaning tool features a microfiber wiping handle for quick, even window-style cleaning and an anti-static brush to lift dust and debris. Also included is a microfiber cloth to clean screens and bezels without leaving behind lint. Features: -For use with all TVs; safe for use with plasma, LCD and DLP TVs, monitors, laptops, portable DVD players and more. -Alcohol- and ammonia-free gel gently cleans TVs without harming screens or discoloring bezels. -Micro-mist bottle provides targeted non-streaking gel spray. -Lint-free microfiber cleaning cloth removes smudges, fingerprints and oils. -Microfiber wiping handle allows for quick and even window-style cleaning. -Antistatic brush safely removes dust and debris between cleanings. -Product Dimensions: 5.63'' H x 6.63'' W x 2.38'' D. User Manual http://www.cleaningfunstore.com/screen-cleaning-care-kit.html